We deliver same experience from Chandigarh to Chennai: K S Narayanan
We deliver same experience from Chandigarh to Chennai: K S Narayanan

We live in exciting times where change is constant. Talking to Restaurant India, K S Narayanan, CEO, Pan India Foods Solutions, shares his insights on the restaurant trend that is going to rule the Indian F&B industry.

You have a vast experience of working with different industries, how do you see the Indian F&B industry in that context?

I have a remarkable journey from farm to fork. From last 15-20 years, I have seen tremendous progress happening across sectors, across trends, across technologies. There are great happenings by leaps and bounds which is really helpful in building this industry further.

Where do you see Indian F&B industry in 2014?

The Indian F&B industry is growing at a rapid pace, though there are some problems with the supply chain. But this industry would never stop from growing. The major factor that is letting this industry grow is the young age average customer who is helping drive change in business, out of the home eating culture and the urbanisation of people. Globalisation is helping people go out, experiment and bring in new concepts to their country. In long term, this industry has a huge growth potential.

Pan India Foods run different formats. Which type of cuisine is more demanding among all the restaurants?

Indian cuisine is most popular of all the cuisine amongst Indians followed by Chinese and Italian popularised by pizzas and pastas. In addition, there will be a lot of speciality items that will be ruling the customer’s preference like Japanese, Mexican and a lot of new concepts would come in the mainstream, but the same would take some time and the preference would remain around Indian and Chinese cuisine.

What is the reason that PEs are today keen on sharing opportunity with fine dine segment?

There is a fine line between fine dining and casual dining segment. If you look at a fine dine segment, there is a certain level of service, product, delivery etc which need to be given in 5 star hotels. I believe, it is a question of who your consumers are and what are their demands?

What is your strategy in meeting customers’ demands?

We are very clear in terms of standardising our brand format. From Chandigarh to Chennai, we try and deliver the same experience to our customers. Supply chain, backend, training and every other important thing is taken care of. The second thing is that social media which helps bridging the gap between customers and the brand is well maintained. We try to take a lot of feedback through one-on-one interaction with our customers and have a very robust feedback mechanism.

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