"We focus on old ideals for consistent delivery of great food and service"

The brand


First Punjab Grill was established in the year 2008 and since its inception, Punjab Grill has become one of the most critically acclaimed North Indian fine dining restaurants in India and in the neighbouring countries. The cuisine is inspired by erstwhile Punjab. The idea behind launching the restaurant was to offer consumers a fine dining experience with some great food from the region. Over the years, Punjab Grill has grown by eons and has achieved supreme heights of success. The idea behind the launch was to give patrons a real taste of Punjabi cuisine with recipes from the region with ultra large portions, truly Punjabi style.


The response has been phenomenal and over time it has become a sought after brand. Initiating from its home region, Punjab Grill soon became a global brand with overseas presence in Singapore, Bangkok, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi. Punjab Grill recently got its name highlighted in the Singapore Michelin Guide as a special mention for North Indian cuisine in the country.

Located at the most plush locations in these countries apart from India, Punjab Grill has a massive fan following, thus making it #1 restaurant in whole of Bangkok on Trip Advisors out of 9000 odd restaurants.



Punjab Grill not only refabricates experiences by making it richer and modernised, but also keeps the old ideals intact for maintaining consistent delivery of great food and service. The dishes that we offer have been derived from the land of five rivers, incorporating the authentic flavours. Indeed, Punjab Grill has retained the essence of the origin of the cuisine.

The design


As a fine dining restaurant, Punjab Grill is elegantly designed with a great emphasis on comfort and great food. Though it is a Fine Dine, but a semi-formal ambience gives a wonderful eating out experience and is perfect for a memorable meal with your friends and family. Great food is an absolute pre-requisite for us and we ensure consistency across all our outlets.

Menu design


Menu of Punjab Grill is the soul of the brand. Punjab Grill aims to take you on a culinary journey into the grandeur of undivided Punjab. It is an exploration of the wonderful diversity of the Frontier Food and rich streams of Hindu, Sikh, Pathan and Punjab cuisine; a tradition flown downstream through the immigrants of West Punjab, who have lovingly cherished and preserved it.

From Salmon Tikka to Tandoori Guchchi, from Champ Taajdaar to Raan-E-Sikandari, we offer a huge spread of some of the best North Indian cuisines that takes you beyond the typical dal makhni and butter chicken.

The menu engineering at every Punjab Grill outlet is done on basis of location, city and the season. For instance Punjab Grill Singapore has a fine selection of Sea food. This helps us in serving the right cuisine to the right clientele.

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