What We Can Learn From West in Promoting Our Restaurant
What We Can Learn From West in Promoting Our Restaurant

Restaurant industry is a very flimsy business. And, people are gaining experience these days in terms of technology. With this restaurants are really willing to give customers what they want. They want to connect with their guests via Facebook and other social platforms so that they can get every data about customers making it easier for them to know about their customers. And, this helps in branding and reputation.

According to experts, restaurant owners and chef should always do social media marketing by themselves instead of involving a third party as it is incredible to understand their market face to face. Brands like Levi’s and BMW has stopped putting add on television rather they are investing on social media marketing and are responding to one on one query via social platforms. And, when one interacts with their customers they are telling you what kind of market research they want. So, if you are adding 300 rupees in Facebook ad your revenue goes up to 300 per cent by this.

Increases Efficiency: Technology and social media has helped a lot in promoting your restaurant. With advent of social networks like Facebook and Instagram where it is easy to post content and videos. Post contents and stories that you customers can relate to. Connect with different community, organise engaging activities, games and offers via your Facebook and Twitter pages to let customers come back to you. “I think social media is a great platform for branding especially with food industry.

Makes it Cool: Instagram and Snapchat is catching more attention than people have thought of. They have become a great medium to let the world know about their latest innovations. Similarly, Instagram being more visual and creative posting videos and photos about a new menu, its preparation, current offers, promotions and chef specials can tempt them to try at your restaurant. It is very easy to put your brand and promote the various services and dishes that you want to offer. It also helps receive feedback from customers.

Adds Value in Terms of Saving People Cost: As it is more quick and instant, people can order food on the tip of their fingers without investing money. Places like Domino’s and other global brands which are taking orders via Facebook or Whatsapp are a big hit among customers and people are going crazy about it as it is creating a sense of value among customers with more viability options.

A land of choice: Since, it gives customers an option its is more viable among customers. Ensure that your restaurant is viable in search places on Facebook where someone check-ins for a a location. This also gets an idea to their friends and circles where they are hanging out and this may benefit you in terms of getting the new customers. These days the maximum promotion for any segment is through social media. And, restaurant these days are updated with the social media branding and considers it as the most essential part of the business as nowadays print comes later but things get viral on Social media platforms first.

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