6 marketing ideas for your restaurant
​Hospitality industry is growing at a very fast rate as everyday a new restaurant comes up with some unique concept. To sustain in the market, it…
How to market your cloud kitchen business
According to the Digital Marketing Institute, 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations that could lead to sales.
How Partnership Will Benefit Your Restaurant Business
Successful restaurant partnership requires a clear business plan, complete trust in each other and clearly defined roles.
4 Ways to protect your Restaurant's Online Reputation
You can also add your recognitions, awards and accomplishments, which gives consumers a detail picture of who you are.
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IReC 2024
29-30 Apr - Hotel Sheraton Grand, Bengaluru
IReC 2024
D2C INDIA 2024
29-30 Apr - Hotel Sheraton Grand, Bengaluru
D2C INDIA 2024
Franchise India 2024 Delhi
18-19 May - (IICC) India International Convention and Expo Centre, Delhi, India
Franchise India 2024 Delhi
India EV Show
29-30 June - Hall No. 3, Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai
India EV Show
29-30 June - Hall No. 2, Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai
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Know What it Takes to Manage Your Restaurant
Managing and serving customer expectations in any business can be challenging.
Restaurant Marketing 2.0: Never Avoid Customer Reviews
25% of people have at least one restaurant app on their phone.
Why Restaurants are Designing Their Spaces As per Social Need
Instagramming has helped in many ways to bring evolution in India's hospitality industry.
"The Idea Is To Create An Experience Rather Than Profits"
In an interaction with Restaurant India Rakshita Srivastava, Owner, The Saffron Boutique talks about her journey in the world of food.
How Social Media Marketing is Working as Indirect Sales Booster
Various brands are organizing various contests and giveaways causing a two-way conversation between customers.
What We Can Learn From West in Promoting Our Restaurant
Restaurant owners and chef should always do social media marketing by themselves instead of involving a third party as it is incredible to understand…
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What it takes to own a successful restaurant
What usually works for the restaurant is the strategy to think global and act local.
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How to market your brand right
Knowing how to communicate in case of crisis and being a quick solver are the keys to having them come back.
How can you make your brand newfangled in the market
Therefore, innovation takes place keeping all the four aspects in view. A brand can stay fresh and young following the principle of relevance and…
How menu tweaks help in sales?
Rescheduling of menu is also significant, since it maintains a needed change and tries to cater for quality products.
How restaurants are engaging with customers today?
Also, restaurateurs thinking on an app, if someone 'like'the restaurant or tag it on Facebook, will help in grow the restaurant business.
How clicking a selfie is becoming a new trend in restaurants
We are creating some 'Mad' deals as the name suggest. The unique feature is the 'Mad Selfie Corner', which is inspired by the raging trend of selfies these days shared Vikram Rana, Owner of Caffe Mad House.
5 creative marketing ideas that restaurants could benefit from this Festive Season
Restaurant marketing has come a long way from all that jazz. And, since the festive season is at its advent, restaurants have started gearing up with new ways to market themselves.
Chef Anahita Dhondy's Expert Advice On How To Make Diners Revisit the Restaurant
In an interview with Restaurant India, Chef Anahita Dhondy gives expert tips on how to make diners remember the cuisines and revisit the restaurant.
Five Best Methods for Restaurant Revenue Management
Revenue management is about attracting the right guests at the right time.
Michelin-Star Chef Alfred Prasad Tells How Your Restaurant Business Can Make a Difference
In an interview with Restaurant India, Michelin-Star Chef Alfred Prasad talks about the elements that restaurants in India need to implement to cater to the changing market needs.
Five Strategies that Restaurant Startups Must Adopt to Grow
From renting your venue out for private events to offering a seasonal menu, there are multiple research-backed strategies you can use to run a successful restaurant. Here are the expert tips.
Add 3D Effect to Your Food With This Simple Tip by Chef Gautam Chaudhry
In a candid conversation with Restaurant India, Chef Gautam Chaudhry talks about the concept of plating and the basic elements that restaurants should focus.
Food Displays and Good Menu Are The Best Ways To Advertise Your Restaurant, Says Chef Vivek Kalia
"Local, fresh and seasonal descriptors are something that I keep in mind during the initial framework for a menu," reveals Indore Marriott Hotel Executive Chef Vivek Kalia.
A Win-Win Deal for Restaurants and Consumers! How To Snag Profits With This 100% Vegan Debit Card
JP McCormack, Vegannection Partner, the UK and Ireland, tells Restaurant India about the world's first 100% vegan debit card and its scope in the Indian market.