4 Ways to protect your Restaurant's Online Reputation
4 Ways to protect your Restaurant's Online Reputation

More and more customers these days are relying on social media and online reviews to make decision when selecting a restaurant to dine in or when ordering a food from any place. And in today’s world, where customers are very instant on posting their feedback on social media about their experiences at a restaurant, ensuring that information remains positive is becoming critical to success.

Also, it is imperative for a restaurant to have a strong online presence in today’s digital world. With social media marketing growing rapidly, the risks associated with brand image have gone up. Therefore, it is important not to underestimate the impact of social talks. Creating trustworthy, shareable and readily available content is the best defence against any negative comment or review. Here is four ways expert believes can help gain online reputation:

Update your Restaurant Website: First impression first, your own website is the first go to for any customer visiting online, so make sure it is worthy of browsing your website. The landing page, menu, product offerings, contact information and other aspects such as any offers or promotions running at the time in restaurant is properly mentioned on the website. A bio page is good to start with a detail about owners and its beginning. Also, mentioning about team attracts more people to associate with your restaurant and brand because people love working with organizations that takes pride in its people.

You can also add your recognitions, awards and accomplishments, which gives consumers a detail picture of who you are and what your brand is. Also, never ever forget updating the site.

Write a Restaurant blog: Over the years blogging has become one of the easiest methods to get connected to a brand and read what’s the inside story. It can add more value and not just your visibility in search engines. You can post new recipes, food stories and travel videos behind finding some menu and ingredients. It will act as a catalyst in building relationships with guests. Also, you can update the blog with global trends and give insights on industry which will keep you ahead of your competitor. Do not forget to produce quality content as customers are smarter than what you think!

Manage online reviews: Over the years restaurant customers have trusted online and guest reviews more than any other options. According to experts around 90 per cent people look at online reviews before making a decision. Also, people these days trust word of mouth and they look out for their closed ones for recommendations. So, you need to be very attentive on what people write and comment about your brand online. Also, try to be responsive. No matter whether people write a negative or a positive review about your brand, always and forever revert to them. This adds into your brand value. The best way to get more positive reviews for your business is to value your customers with respect on and offline- and they will come back with a positive feedback.

Be more Social: It is not necessary to be viable and viral on online on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram but also put yourself and your restaurant place in such a way that people love interacting with you in these sites. If you’re doing something newsworthy, make sure your customers know about it! Sharing recent press, upcoming events or notable company announcements over social media is a great way to make sure that you stay relevant and updated.

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