When you understand your food element, you don't need to change it- Chef JP Singh
When you understand your food element, you don't need to change it- Chef JP Singh

What are the different types of cuisines served at your restaurant?

Every creation is made for people, as they are important for us and they keep coming again and again. There are people who come even after 20 years. In our menu we have North West frontier food i.e. mainly Tandoori food. It is very native limited menu but each and every thing is perfectly created. And Bukhara is the first Tandoori restaurant in five star cultures.

After lot of research, we have added the recipes like kebab. We also incorporated some vegetarian kebab, keeping on the mind about the vegetarians.

What are the best quality ingredients to use for your customers?

We only use the local ingredients, be it vegetables, spices, meat or any other thing. We strongly believe in Indian culture and we don’t use any color or preservatives. We only use natural colors like Turmeric, yellow chili powder which is totally different.

We also use local products which is available locally throughout the year.

What are the new techniques in food which will help your restaurant to grab the customer’s attention?

We deliver our guest with patience. At Bukhara the entire dignitary be it kings, queens, President everyone has come; 99 percent of people have visit Bukhara even if they visit to other places. We keep the menu very sorted and perfect and enhanced so that every time they come, their expectation is fulfilled.

It is also challenging to keep evolving with the same menu and also at the same time match with the level of expectations of a common man. Our food remains the same, same consistency, same perfection and the delivery.

What is your view regarding the transformation in the taste of customers in India?

It is momentary for me. Restaurants like Chinese, Mexican etc have their own self life. Out of curiosity people will visits them once, twice or thrice. But later they will come to the original and identify their own food, because of authenticity and consistency in food.

What is your view on the FSSAI law?

It is now that FSSAI came to existence but ITC was already in. In our hotel every year multiple agencies take into further auditing. At any given moment, we are always ready for inspection. We normally follow all the rules prior to other people.

Tell us about the new innovations in your restaurant?

Actually we haven’t changed anything. We believe in consistency, it plays the major role and when you understand your food element, you don’t need to change it. We have told the world that we can maintain the same things even after 38 years and still doing well.  In terms of innovation, we are revolving around Bukhara itself, we are growing with new concepts, new trends etc. We have opened many new restaurants.

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