Why contactless food machines could be the next trend
Why contactless food machines could be the next trend

The term ‘touchless’ has become one of the most popular buzzwords to circulate over the past few months owing to the prevailing pandemic. While tackling the challenges of vicious coronavirus, going contactless has become more vital than ever before. Ensuring contactless services has become even more important for every sphere of industry. But one section of the industry that has to double-check in this regard, is the F&B industry.

Touchless technology has paved the way for the industry to stand on its feet post Covid-19. Food is something that people intake and thus, there’s no scope of compromising with its hygiene. The contactless food machines work with apps that can be downloaded into smartphones. This enables cashless and safe transactions. A traditional push-button solution would not address the safety and hygiene needs required to be safe during the pandemic. This is the reason contactless food machines have witnessed a tremendous surge in their demand.

Benefits of contactless food machines:

● Protection against disease-causing germs: These machines have anti-microbial touchscreens that ensure protection against germ-causing diseases. So, you don’t need to worry about the hygiene issue. Some contactless food machines have sterilization systems that remove the traces of bacteria post each transaction to eliminate the chances of contamination. Moreover, these machines come in different shapes and sizes. You can choose according to your choice and preference.

● Scan QR code for payment: These machines enable you to pay by scanning the QR code. So, there is no need to carry cash with you. They enable you to get all the information about the products available in the machine, as they are mentioned on the screen. You can read it and can choose the product you want to purchase.

● Automatic and contactless delivery: These machines allow you to get a contactless and automatic dispersion of the product that you purchased. These machines have flaps that open and close automatically ensuring zero contact. And in the current scenario, this is the best thing that can happen.

● Touch but from a distance: Can you imagine touching something without actually touching it? I know you can’t. But thanks to advanced technology, this is possible now. Air touch technology allows you to pinpoint your finger from a two-centimeter distance on the product that you want and the product will be selected. The product will then be dispensed from the machine and you can have it from there.

● Enhanced customers' convenience: The contactless food machines have optimized customers' convenience to another level. As there is no need to put the money into the machine to get the product, like, in the conventional machines, the risk of losing the money has immensely reduced. There were numerous cases of complaints of losing money in the traditional machines. But this has been sorted out owing to the touchless technology. Now, when you are aware of the benefits of contactless food machines, it won’t be tough for you to realize that they are the next big thing. They have the potential to emerge as the next trend.

Covid-19 siege is far from over and living while combating its protocols is the new normal. Touchless technology has emerged as a weapon to win the war against this vicious pandemic. Moreover, the inclination of the people towards contactless payment and their concern for hygiene is going to elevate in the future. Thus, the demand for contactless food machines will also be gaining more and more momentum.

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