Why Gourmet Food will turn Big in 2018
Why Gourmet Food will turn Big in 2018

Every year, the food industry is hit by a number of trends that changes the consumer taste and preferences. Sometimes these trends are queer especially when parts of the world get crazy for cheese tea or cotton candy. But some of these trends are just perfect. They are health-conscious, celebrate farmers and producers, and they always manage to look just so yummy while being healthy on the plates!

2018 promises to be another year like that. It is quite noticeable that people across the world now want gourmet food to be healthy and Instagrammable. Everybody is cautious about their waistlines, and so should you. But this does not mean any foodie has to compromise on taste. The world is full of innovative chefs, and they'll ensure that your plate is designed only with scrumptious food while being healthy!

“Preservation which involves salt fermentation, lacto fermented, wine fermentation – fruits, dried fruits, sweet roots and syrups; Minimalism which means Less is more; Table side interactive cocktails ranging from elegant martinis & doing the classic luxurious duck & lobster press; Fun tasting menu which is small yet experimental yet quick tapas style dinners; Test kitchen which incorporates research of the best from ingredients to recipes, develop and practice to serve the same on the plate for diners; Fresh pluck–Kitchen gardening from home to the fanciest restaurant; Sustainability– Save the environment for our future generation; Soul bowl–Easy meal in the bowl concept are some latest trends in the food industry,” shares Dhruv Oberoi, head chef of olive bar n kitchen.

Here are some of the positive food trends that have hit the market in a big way in 2018.

Healthy living: People have come to the astounding realisation that everything they put in their stomach has a long-lasting impact on their bodies other than the short-term effect of tantalizing their taste buds. The need for healthy food and neuro-nutrition is on the rise. Neuro Nutrition is a concept that boasts of healthy eating as a way of life. With mental health issues being increasingly addressed, the right kind of eating will also gain preference over junk. Plant-based foods will flourish the market, with many restaurants and delivery chains offering an array of wheat & oat based products. Zucchini pasta and zoodles and other plant-based dishes are definitely taking over the market with health-conscious people on the rise. With more people dying of obesity than of starvation, this is a positive change we're expecting in the coming year. Salad Story and Pita-Pit are great examples of chains already practising this.

A Big Yes To Mushrooms: The world has finally realised the several benefits of mushrooms which includes their versatility, nutrition value and stronger immunity. Don't be surprised if you find more mushroom dishes on restaurant menus. Just lap it up, and enjoy the benefits. “Plant based diets have become more popular for multiple reasons such as environmental sustainability, improved overall health, economic and ethical reasons. As our population expands, scarcities in water, agricultural land, forest, fishery as well as nutrients and non-renewable energy become major problems.  The use of edible insects as food is being considered more and more. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), these insects contain high quality protein and vitamins which are useful for humans as environmental resources become scarce.

Zero kilometre: there is a growing trend for dishes created with ingredients sourced within walking distance. Farm to fork concept will create greater awareness and responsibility about the impact of food consumption on the personal, social, economic and environmental sphere is highlighted. it seeks quality consumption in which enjoyment, balance, sustainability and accessibility predominate.Doughnuts with unique non-traditional filling will be seen in future time as a trendy mark in all establishments.Rolled ice cream made on the cold slate with lot of fillings and topping is one of the greatest trends can be seen in future. Ethnic inspired breakfast foods will be trendy in this coming year,” shares Vaibhav Bhargava Corporate Chef, Yuvi hospitality, Molecule Air n Bar and The Drunken Botanist.

Pancakes back on the plates: Who doesn't like to eat pancakes, waffles, cheesy omlettes all day long? Changing preferences and craving breakfast dishes all day is making restaurants switch to providing breakfast options all day long. There are people who crave for waffles at 1 am at night though they are well aware of the fact that waffles are a breakfast menu dish. Now people can enjoy hot pancakes at any hour of the day since restaurants are finally serving to this noticeable shift in people's choices.

Return to the Roots: This year will witness people going all the way back to the roots and to grandma cooking. A lot of chefs are joining the bandwagon of old school recipes and heritage millets because of 1) food crisis has been intensifying and 2) people are looking for lifestyle changes. Millets like jowar and bajra will be used in cakes, cookies, muffins and crackers extensively this year. Fermentation will also take up a lot of space on the menus.

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