Why Is It Important To Have A Right Meal Deal
Why Is It Important To Have A Right Meal Deal

The primary goal of a restaurateur is to fill the tables of their venture everyday. Whenever the tables are empty, it is a matter of serious concern to get things back on track inorder to favour the restaurant. Perhaps a meal deal can be the perfect solution for the problem.

A right marketing strategy including the right meal bundles can certainly help the venture acquire full reservation throughout the day. Customer expectations are varied in the current time regarding a particular venture.. With the changing trends, their way of perceiving things towards the restaurants have also changed.

Consumers have accepted the changing trends in a rather sporting manner and are always on th lookout for a good deal. “Offering too many discounts is not the only option to  increase traffic at your restaurant. Not only it can lead  to reducing your earning, but can also make your restaurant a place where people won’t prefer to go if they are not having any coupons,” says Dakshya Gupta, Co-owner, August Cafe

Bundling the items on the menu is a great way to create a buzz amongst the customers. One can easily increase traffic in the restaurant by encouraging the concept of bundled meals. A bundle deal is a combo where you offer two or more items as a package dropping the total price slightly. Not only does it lead to customer loyalty, but also makes it easy to plan the menu.

This concept can be seen in various fast food chains in the current time. It is generally very useful in marketing the products as it boosts profits and increases the overall customer expectations. This in return increases the perceived value of the restaurant providing it with a good business.

The benefits of the Right Meal Deal

The joy of benefits of the right meal deal can be enjoyed by both customers as well as the restaurants. Offering bundled meals ensures smooth functioning of the kitchen as it gives a clear picture of the customer’s order, thereby making the preparation easier and providing a fast service.

This concept also allows one to promote the menu items. One can include the items according to the preference ensuring maximum profit for the restaurant. “Meal concept is something which many restaurants are opting for in the current time. Not only it’s easy for the restaurant to prepare items, it also allows the customer to taste more than one item in the menu at a single time. Meal deal is a concept which is going to be seen at every restaurant in our food industry,” shares Asha Shetty, Owner of The Coconut Tree, Pune.

Customers also enjoy a lot of benefits by this concept. Instead of just ordering one dish from the menu, they get a chance to enjoy a variety of products including the appetizers and salads. The overall experience is enhanced as the customer has a greater perceived value getting a best deal at a pocket friendly price.


Right Meal Deal is a win-win condition for both the customers and restaurants. You can increase your sales while serving your customers a great experience at an amazing price.    

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