Why Local Produce is Becoming Game Changer in Supply Chain Biz
Why Local Produce is Becoming Game Changer in Supply Chain Biz

Supply chain remains an important issue in the restaurant and food business. Supply is all about meeting the need; from understanding the need to fulfilling the need. And, over the years restaurant and food players are working hard on getting the supplies at the best possible values; sourcing locally to tying up with farmers for the fresh produce and getting them delivered at the proposed time.

“Our mission is to make Coca Cola available at arm’s reached of length. We have process in both warehousing and transportation on delivery of our products across. We do lots of planning in terms of beforehand forecasting on a weekly bucket as well as monthly bucket of estimating the demand; not only in-house demand but also collaborating with modern trade to capture trends on a pack analysis as well as new products and basis that we try and design our supply chain in not only cater to bulk but also manage niche and small product deliveries,” shares Umesh Madhyan, National Head - Infrastructure & Logistics, Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd which is one of the largest supplier to the food and restaurant businesses in India.

Fresh is the New Selling Point

One critical challenge that restaurants and food businesses are facing these days is that consumers are getting more and more aware and there is lots of awareness which is pushing organisations and supply chain players to meet all the kinds of demand in terms of delivering the freshest ingredients and raw materials in the best possible ways. “Our endeavour is to uncomplicated the backend operations as far as possible. We try to get the insights of the backend operations of restaurant operators and we do a lot of networking with these restaurant operators and try to understand their challenges and need and that’s how we have been able to get very deep inside their backend operations and based on those insights we come up with products.,” says Sumant Vikas, Corporate Chef of Cremica Foods which is working on making the kitchen work easy by coming up with convenience products which eases restaurant operations so that they do not depend a lot on skilled labour which is very hard to come these days. “We are more than willing to customise the products as per their needs as per the minimum volume is met.,” adds Sumant.

Hence, we can say that restaurant and suppliers both are looking at customising the products according to the need of the market and demand set by the consumer. Fresher the product, better for the growth of the restaurant and customer. 

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