Celebrity Chef Akshat Parihar Joins Starshine Brands as Ambassador
Celebrity Chef Akshat Parihar Joins Starshine Brands as Ambassador

Starshine Brands is a hospitality enterprise committed to providing Indians with top-notch European, Indian, and Mediterranean dining experiences has declared the addition of Celebrity Chef Akshat Parihar as the brand ambassador.

Chef Akshat is renowned for his adept fusion of global tastes infused with his personal flair. His innovative culinary such as the Exquisite Savoury Mousse Cocktails, have garnered extensive praise, leading to his recognition as a "Molecular Gastronomic" expert.

"We are thrilled to welcome Chef Akshat Parihar to the Starshine family," expressed. "His unmatched talent and commitment to culinary excellence perfectly resonate with our mission of bringing the most exquisite European and Mediterranean flavors to every corner of India. With Chef Akshat on our team, we're eager to enhance our patrons' dining experiences and continue pioneering culinary innovation." said Dr. Shweta Gupta, Executive Director of Starshine Brands.

Chef Akshat Parihar's inclination towards collaboration and dedication to exploring new culinary frontiers have resulted in alliances with renowned brands across the globe, solidifying his status as a culinary innovator.

"I am thrilled to join forces with Starshine Brands as their brand ambassador, together, we aim to redefine the culinary landscape in India and provide food enthusiasts with unparalleled dining experiences. I look forward to contributing to Starshine's mission of spreading gastronomic delight across the country." said Chef Akshat Parihar.

Within the Starshine Brands portfolio, recognized for its dedication to providing Indians with access to premium European, Indian, and Mediterranean cuisine, exists a collection of exceptional culinary establishments.

Among these distinguished brands are Chhupa Rustam, Ivoryy, and others, each offering a distinctive dining venture that captivates the senses and celebrates the diversity of gastronomy. Chhupa Rustam entices diners with its blend of traditional and contemporary flavors, while Ivoryy showcases an array of culinary delights.

As Starshine Brands proceeds with its expansion endeavors, the expertise of Chef Akshat Parihar and the vision of Sandeep Gupta will be instrumental in elevating the company's standing in the hospitality sector.


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