Fingerprint - Kitchen & Bar Launches in Mumbai
Fingerprint - Kitchen & Bar Launches in Mumbai

Fingerprint - Kitchen & Bar is situated in the neighborhood of Malad, Mumbai. It combines gourmet dining, lively entertainment, and vibrant nightlife, offering a complete package for revelers of every taste.

Fingerprint's main selling point is its integration of culinary with vibrant nightlife. Offering a menu filled with dishes from various cuisines.

The Greek-inspired interior design enhances the charm, establishing a luxurious ambiance for dining and entertainment affair.

"Our passion for curating vibrant atmospheres and our commitment to innovation ensure that each night at Fingerprint is a journey of excitement and celebration." What sets Fingerprint apart from its competitors is its integration of curated events and themes, luxurious ambiance, exceptional service, and community engagement. The brand's positioning focuses on innovation, luxurious ambiance, community engagement, exceptional service, and memorable experiences, aiming to create a lasting impact on its guests”. said Hitesh Rathod, Kapil Kothari, Sunny Ranshevare and Shrisha Shetty, Owners.

At Fingerprint - Kitchen & Bar, the menu has a selection of signature dishes and cocktails.

The menu has options like the zesty Sizzled Chilli Chicken or the Fire Juicy Chicken Tikka. The Turkish Pizza offers a unique fusion of traditional spices and contemporary flair. For a taste of nostalgia, the Bhatti Da Murg Pindiwala pays homage to classic Indian flavors, cooked to perfection in a traditional clay oven.

The cocotail menu ranges from the Lagerita presents a twist on the traditional margarita, The Scotchy Tea offers a smoky flavor profile and many more.

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