GOPIZZA Launches Container Model Outlet in Bangalore
GOPIZZA Launches Container Model Outlet in Bangalore

GOPIZZA, renowned South Korean-based pizza brand unveils its inaugural container modeled store in Bangalore at LITBOX, Whitefield, pioneering an innovative method for the company's cost-effective, sustainable expansion.

This new outlet, housed within a compact 150 sq ft container, signifies a strategic move by GOPIZZA to maximize space efficiency while preserving the comforting and rustic atmosphere that pizza enthusiasts love. “The decision to embrace the container model was more of trying to take GOPIZZA back to its roots rather than attempt something new.” said Mahesh Reddy, CEO, GOPIZZA India.

The streamlined and cost-effective nature of container outlets enables GOPIZZA to venture into diverse locations and explore untapped revenue streams, providing a competitive advantage over conventional brick-and-mortar stores.

Furthermore, these outlets notably diminish initial setup expenses and capital investments while expediting the setup process.

Their rapid establishment, taking merely 3-5 days, stands as a significant enhancement compared to the usual 2-3 months required for traditional outlets.

GOPIZZA's drive to enhance expansion led to the incorporation of container outlets, driven by advantages such as reduced capital expenditure, lower rents, and enhanced operational efficiency.

The brand aims to allocate 10 percent to 15 percent of its expansion strategy to container outlets, intending to establish a presence in 15 cities across India within a year.

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