Mumbai Gets a New Progressive Bar 'Maikada'
Mumbai Gets a New Progressive Bar 'Maikada'

Derived from the Persian word for Bar, Maikada, a sophisticated and inviting progressive bar & lounge, has made its grand debut at The Shalimar Hotel in the vibrant Kemps Corner neighbourhood.

With its unique blend of cozy ambiance and chic decor, it has quickly established itself as a premier destination for discerning individuals seeking exceptional cocktails and delectable culinary delights.

Yash Advani, Founder of Maikada has partnered with Ritik Bhasin, Shashi Thadani and Sunny Sara from the Orion group, introducing this dining establishment that ensures a unique culinary experience.

“Our dedicated team has put in extensive effort to meticulously craft an ambiance that caters to various occasions, whether it's a lively gathering with friends or a romantic date night. Our vision was to create a space that embraces everyone, combining original and impressive cocktails, exquisite cuisine, and music to forge indelible memories,” shared Advani.

At Maikada, the cocktail menu takes centre stage. The drinks are meticulously curated by their mixologist to offer a unique selection.

"Our aim was to present a menu that stands out from the rest, providing our guests with an unparalleled drinking experience," explained Advani.

Delighting the senses, Maikada offers a diverse menu that seamlessly marries Indian cuisine with global bites, and pan-Asian flavours. From bar bites to main courses, the culinary journey at Maikada promises to captivate even the most tasteful palates.

Not merely a bar, but a haven of celebration, Maikada embraces music from various genres to create an all-inclusive atmosphere. Every Saturday, guests can immerse themselves in the pulsating rhythms of commercial nights, while Fridays offer the perfect blend of techno and deep house beats with their Enigma night, catering to a more niche crowd.

As guests explore the space, they will encounter a captivating wallpaper adorned with diverse spirit animals. This addition adds an element of fun and allows guests to forge a deeper connection with the venue. According to Tanvi Shah, the visionary behind Maikada's interior design, "Our intention was to curate an experience that is both playful and unique, ensuring our guests feel truly immersed in the ambience."

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