New Coastal Themed Restaurant, Coast & Bloom Opens in Mumbai
New Coastal Themed Restaurant, Coast & Bloom Opens in Mumbai

Coast & Bloom, founded by Mitra Walke, draws inspiration from the time-tested traditions of Chaitanya and Nav-Chaitanya, which have thrived in Mumbai since the 1990s.

Mitra's journey, spanning from the shores of Malvan to the streets of Mumbai, is deeply influenced by his parents' legacy.

This legacy is founded on core principles such as authenticity, hygiene, transparency, and a commitment to local empowerment.

Coast & Bloom has emerged with a vision to share a diverse range of coastal delicacies with the world.

Coast & Bloom offers a venue with a coastal-inspired design by Nishant Umesh Desai, the Creative Director of Umesh Desai and Associates.

Chef Prasad Parab has curated the menu at Coast & Bloom, aligning it with the restaurant's vision.

The menu is a thoughtfully crafted selection of dishes inspired by coastlines worldwide, designed to cater to a wide range of tastes.

It encompasses traditional options for older generations, innovative creations for those in the middle age group, and more elaborate, contemporary choices for the younger generation.

The menu caters to a wide range of preferences, including both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, with a particular focus on pescetarians.

Fish enthusiasts can enjoy an array of options, from imported choices like Scallops and Norwegian Salmon to indigenous varieties like Rawas, Pomfret, Tiger Prawns, Bombil, and Lobster.

The menu spans a diverse culinary landscape, from the Mediterranean charm of Spanakopitas to the bold flavors of Mapo Tofu, a Sichuan classic known for its distinct spiciness and numbing sensations. Complementing the mains are rice preparations, such as the aromatic Nasi Goreng, the  Moplah Biryani, and the tantalising Kolambi Khichdi. 

The Crab Chopper, an ode to the street-style Indo-Chinese delicacy, where wok-tossed crab meat is infused with spicy Indo-Chinese-style sauces.

Chef’s special offerings will add the final touch where a range of delicacies like Alaskan Scallops, Norwegian Salmon, Live Mud Crabs, and Nobashi Prawns await, each impeccably presented in their unique signature style. 

The bar menu draws inspiration from culture, heritage, and culinary traditions, combining them with modern mixology techniques to complement the dining experience.

It has been carefully curated to capture the essence of coastal living. One such creation, Nacre, is inspired by the Malabar Coastal region and features a rice-based spirit paired with Sichuan pepper, harmonizing with the flavors of Raspberry umeshu liqueur.

As a tribute to the rich Ayurvedic traditions of the country, Tapaswani blends Jatamansi liqueur with Gin and Tulsi vermouth. This drink pays homage to India's cultural roots.

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