Quorum Redefines Urban Living with Launch of 'district150'
Quorum Redefines Urban Living with Launch of 'district150'

Quorum Club Private Limited is introducing district150, an innovative venture that combines the power of hospitality with a state-of-the-art meetings and events hub.


district150 aims to transform the traditional office environment into a lifestyle-centric amenity. It will revolutionize the concept of office spaces, bridging the gap between hotels and the future of work.


Scheduled to open in the third quarter of 2023, district150's inaugural project is a result of a partnership between Quorum Club Private Limited and Devbhumi Realtors Pvt. Ltd., which is owned by the Sattva Group and Blackstone India Real Estate.


district150 is crafted to transition into a vibrant cultural and social center beyond regular working hours.


The essence of the brand lies in its experiential approach, offering a diverse range of activities such as live music performances, lifestyle pop-ups, engaging workshops, and captivating events encompassing art, food and beverage, theatre, and various other domains.


 “district150 has been conceptualised to encourage a reset in the way we work and engage. There is now a higher emphasis on amenity rich, experiential offerings in commercial buildings. district150’s idea and overall design is built around catalysing the power of networks.” said, Vivek Narain, Founder & CEO, district150.


In Hyderabad, district150 will serve as a hub for meetings and events, Its versatile facilities are designed to provide a global headquarters-like atmosphere.


“We are thrilled to embark on this partnership with district150, as we eagerly anticipate the remarkable opportunities and positive impact it will bring to Knowledge City and the city of Hyderabad as a whole. Not only will it serve as a great amenity with high quality meeting spaces and events infrastructure, but also add to the social and cultural infrastructure of the city.” said, Adrija Agarwal at Sattva Group.


district150 boasts a diverse food and beverage program that caters to events and large gatherings.

Additionally, it will feature a progressive Indian restaurant named Zila, offering a modern twist on Indian cuisine.


Zila aims to create a delightful dining experience by combining comfort food.


Among its notable collaborations, district150 has partnered with SUBKO, a trailblazing brand known for specialty coffee, craft bakehouse, and now craft chocolate.


At district150, visitors can indulge in an extensive specialty coffee experience, showcasing freshly roasted and expertly brewed coffee sourced from partner farms across the subcontinent.


Additionally, district150 will offer the unique "Pod to Bar" experience, a dedicated Bean to Bar Chocolate cellar celebrating Indian cacao farmers.



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