Scuzo Ice 'O' Magic Dessert Cafe Expands with Jaipur's First Outlet
Scuzo Ice 'O' Magic Dessert Cafe Expands with Jaipur's First Outlet

Scuzo Ice 'O' Magic has announced the opening of its flagship store in Jaipur.

The company has entered into a strategic partnership with AP Enterprises, serving as the master franchise for Rajasthan, to further expand its presence in the state.

Scuzo Ice 'O' Magic has introduced a live popsicle concept that allows customers to choose their preferred fruit from a wide variety and observe as their popsicle is skillfully crafted in just minutes.

Beyond popsicles, Scuzo Ice 'O' Magic presents a selection of desserts, including artisanal gelatos, ice cream waffles, pancakes, milkshakes, and sundaes, all thoughtfully crafted to satisfy your sweetest desires.

“We are elated to announce the inauguration of our inaugural outlet in Jaipur. Our aim is to offer patrons a delightful experience with our live popsicle concept and a diverse array of delightful treats. The unwavering commitment to using 100% natural ingredients and embracing sustainable practices underscores our dedication to exceptional flavor and environmental awareness.” said, Gagan Anand, Founder and Director of Scuzo Ice ‘O’ Magic.

Scuzo Ice 'O' Magic is dedicated to offering completely natural products and aims to establish itself as a prominent brand known for its expertise and innovation in the frozen dessert industry.

Brand is targeting health-conscious consumers; it provides desserts made from exotic fruits, free from any preservatives.

“As franchise partners, we’re genuinely thrilled about this new exciting collaboration and the incredible chance it gives us to bring joy to people's lives through this nostalgic popsicle concept and delightful dessert café. We eagerly look forward to serving the fantastic people of Jaipur with unique offerings, and we are confident that Scuzo Ice ‘O’ Magic outlet will quickly become a beloved destination for families, friends, and dessert enthusiasts alike”. said, Surendra Rawat and Abhishek Kumar, AP Enterprises, Master Franchise Partners.

Furthermore, the company is actively involved in sustainability efforts to reduce its environmental footprint and promote responsible consumption.

One innovation includes the introduction of edible-flavored rice straws, ensuring both consumer safety and eco-friendliness.


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