Dressing the window for winter !

Winter is a season of joy and celebration. The snowy displays and chocolate brown themes enlighten store windows. Visual merchandisers tell us how to go ahead in experimenting with the look of this season.

Winter has already stepped in and so is the craze for hot chocolates, angora mittens, or lighting of fire places. With the concept of visual merchandising, the store windows are welcoming winter with much admiration. Thesedays displays are so awe inspiring that the store windows instantly grab the attention of every passer-by.

Just like summer season displays, winter displays too need to be welcoming, warm and bright. There are many attributes that are involved with setting up a winter theme in a store. Few are mentioned below:

Winter theme 
A winter store theme has endless options. From setting up fireplaces and park benches to snow spread around or snowy landscape with ski sets, the snowflake theme or the chilly blue icy effect with an igloo, the imaginations are endless. Recently, Tiffany & Co. had used ice sculptured ladies for their winter jewellery display, and Anthroplogie used milk cartons to set up an igloo for its store window.

The usual colours associated with the winter season are misty whites and blues. However, visual merchandisers like the act of experimenting so the use of sparkling white blue is amalgamated with silver. Apart from that, colours like maroon brown and ink blue are also a hit since warm colours bond with the winter theme and since winter is associated with Christmas red and green are also appealing options. Anuraag S, Store Planner and Visual Merchandiser, Future Axiom tells, “The colours usually used for the winter theme are more of the light ones like white, blue or snowy effect since usually the merchandise for winter is in darker shades like a dark pullover etc. The props generally used these days for the winter theme are snow flakes and dry wood effect.”

Mannequins clad in mufflers, sweaters and boots are a usual window set up for winters.. Visual merchandisers play with their ideas to dress reindeers or wrap snowmen in merchandise they wish to highlight. However, snowmen, reindeers and snowflakes are the new stars to be showcased. Anuraag says“A lot of layering is done with respect to apparels for instance mannequins are adorned with t-shirts, sweaters, mufflers, caps, mittens and so on.”

Snow Effect
The snow effect is one of the most common aids used in creating a winter effect. Artificial snow or commonly known as the ‘snow effect’ can be created through thermocol confetti, cotton balls or artificial snow powders. 

The lighting of a store for a winter theme could be of any type, a yellow effect with a fire place or icy winter effect with the use of white and blue lights is a good option. The theme of the window describes the mood and the effect of lighting accentuates it further. Manu Neelkandhan, Design Director, Idiom says, "As it is the year end and there is a festive  feel, stores go in for either story/idea based visual merchandising, with lighting which gives a warmer look; bright and festive lights which are christmas inspired are also a part of winter VM for stores." 

So if you are planning to set up your store in the winter blanket, the above tips will come handy and help you keep up with the spirit. 


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