Enterprise Solutions aided expansion

The solutions facilitated V-mart's expansion plans
Enterprise Solutions

Ginesys Enterprise solutions (GES) empowered V-Mart, a multi branded family store, which operates 60 stores from 46 cities across the country, with annual sales of more than Rs 100 crore, to manage its retail operations hassle free resulting in sales growth along with other benefits. The solution was provided by Ginni systems Limited (GSL).


Challenges faced by V-Mart


V-mart was in an expansion mode and was eyeing to open stores in the metros and        there was an urgent need for a reliable enterprise wide application to help run its business effectively. The company was looking for a solution that would bring all of its businesses and processes together. The system is quite robust and it is helping us to plan more effectively and efficiently, increasing the fill ratio and registering growth in sales,” says Lalit Agarwal, MD, V-Mart Retail.


Prior to using the Ginesys Enterprise Solutions, V-Mart Retail used to rely heavily on Microsoft Excel and Access for meeting their day to day operations, the operations which were huge. Agarwal reveals, “In the absence of this application managing the situation was difficult.” He further says, the accuracy level of the estimations made was low. Moreover, we used to spend substantial man hours for some routine and repetitive calculations, which happened to delay the decision making process. And at the end of the day, we were not even sure if the calculations we did were bang on or not.”


Solution provided by Ginni Systems


The Ginesys Enterprise Reporting System consolidated data across various locations on simple internet connection. The data was synchronised at regular intervals with automatic push and pull mechanism without any human intervention. The Enterprise Report centre offered all type of reports on Enterprise metrics like Store KPIs (key performance indicator), Analysis, Goods in Transit, and Financials etc.


Ginesys Business Intelligence integrated intelligence across various business function to provide greater insight into enterprise performance and empowered V-Mart to make

informed decisions. The Central Customer Management solution helped V- Mart to manage customer profiles and customer analysis in real-time to cultivate customer loyalty, increase enterprise revenues and obtain higher ROI.


“Through ‘ERS’, data from various locations could easily be consolidated through internet connection and the process is fully automated. Location wise minimum, maximum and reorder levels were set with defining of replenishment sources as well. Sales Trend Analysis, forecasting and OTB (Open to buy) can also be generated easily for analysis and review of the situation. Planning for fashion items (which are generally non-repetitive) and seasonal variation were also effectively addressed. Overstocking and under stock situation was easily identified. It also supported both the centralised and decentralised ordering and procurement” quips Mr. Agarwal.


Key Benefits


The improved infrastructure resulted in lots of benefits like,

  • It inculcated process excellence
  • Enabled huge cost savings
  • Enabled better control on sales and stock
  • Consolidated branch information on tips
  • Reduced capital and operational expenditures


Now, the total V-Mart business operation is on Ginesys.


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