Indigenous luxe statement at Saibaan Studio

The studio showcases the ingenuously made indoor furniture and the finest international brands of outdoor furniture.
Saibaan Studio

Blending many genres and schools of design into one luxe statement, SAIBAAN design studio at Lado Sarai presents a sprawling space full of wondrous elements for the discerning homes. 

The studio is spread over an area of 5,500 square feet, draped around a large tree canopied private court yard. It showcases the indigenously made indoor furniture and the finest international brands of outdoor furniture.

This studio orchestrates the many elements that make a house perfect right from fine furniture to sterling silver, table decorative and fancy lights to art by many contemporary masters, all put together to create an experience of the august with elegance.

A blend of modern and traditional, the space offers furniture and home elements that bring together varied sheens and shines, materials and finishes. Each piece being a blend of many luxurious elements: rare stones, beveled, etched and smoked mirrors, rich textiles, metals etc, treating each to the finest techniques and finishes including textured paints, gold leafing. Precision in craftsmanship further perfects the vision of the designer.

There is a bid to look at every element with an eye for detail. Ingenious and dramatic detailing like creating a sense of luminance with inbuilt lighting, encasing metal between two glasses, gold leafing on carved wood or creating new sheens through paint.

With a studied sense of restraint that consciously keeps away from beading and embroidery, SAIBAAN studio cling to creating drama through new shapes and a sense of classic chic.

Indeed, SAIBAAN creates a repertoire of elements that can only fit into the realm of art or the finest of couture.

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