Ringing in the Christmas spirit

From Santa Claus to Christmas trees, red, green or holly leaves, there is a lot a retailer can use for Christmas displays. Retailers bank on emotions this festive season, read to know more…

Deck the halls with boughs of holly, ’tis the season to be jolly. We all have the Christmas feeling within us, young or old, makes no difference. Christmas brings with it a feeling of merry making. Retailers in India take special concern for decorating their stores during the year-end festive season. The Christmas decorations at a retail store are done before the 25th of December and are ideally displayed till the year end. From Santa Claus to Christmas trees, red, green or holly leaves, there is a lot a retailer can use for Christmas displays.

Theme: The theme is Christmas, so the decor related to the festival work well. A virtual nativity scene matches with the theme of Christmas. Christmas tress in all sizes, big and small, decorated with red and gold bells are one of the most attractive visual displays seen at shopping malls and five star hotel lobbies. A snowy theme is also an option where the retailer can get the artificial snow effect to catch the fancy of prospective buyers.

Props: Props for creating the theme should not be left for the last minute and should be planned much in advance. To create a theme, retailers need to think of many innovative props they can use. From a dancing Santa Claus to reindeers on a sleigh, giant stars to ten foot Christmas trees and wreaths, the options are never-ending. Angels and choirs under psychedelic light display could also be a delight to watch.


Music: The music during Christmas needs to complement the festive season. There is nothing better than the traditional Christmas carols and hymns, be it instrumental or with words is entirely on the retailer’s choice. Young children walking into a store can also relate very well to such an ambience.


The theme can be colour-based; it can be entirely red or green. Christmas supports colours of joy and birth of life. The Christmas season is all about the colour red and green, white, silver and gold complement it further. The season is a fountain of colour display and evergreen themes so fresh green trees and red mistletoe are a must.

Things to keep in mind while setting up a Christmas display in a store:

Organised set up: A store should always have a theme in mind and needs to be well organised before setting up a display since major store set ups could attract negative response as well if not done correctly.

Focus on retailer’s merchandise: Along with a Christmas set up its important that the main focus for the retailer should be on his/her merchandise which is put up on sale. For instance, an apparel store can put up a lot of red and green apparel along with a Santa display.


Essence: The store should not loose on its philosophy and essence along with the festive mood while setting up particular display. The theme or idea behind the display should be connected with the brand in particular.


Santa is a hit: Having a Santa Claus in a store attracts a lot of attention, be it for kids or adults. Santa has a close connection with the idea behind Christmas and the buying presents concept. Retailers nowadays even get Santa to sit in the store and distribute presents from parents to their children.

With the festive season in full swing, it is time for everyone to become a part of it, be it for retailers setting up a Christmas scene or a customer looking forward to experiencing it, the season of red, green, bells and bows is welcomed with open arms and warm hearts.

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