Self check out: Streamlines POS

Self-check-out is rapidly winning over customers and swiftly becoming a trusted method of checkouts internationally but yet to be introduced in India. The technology provides efficient solutions for simplifying store processes and ameliorates shopping exp

Why does an employee have to check out one customer, when they can be helping four at once? Love or loath the trend, self checkout systems are becoming an important retail front-end technology internationally. Self checkout systems have been around for quite a while internationally, commanding the attention of supermarkets. Self checkout systems are automated alternatives to traditional cashier- staffed checkout that enables shopper to scan, bag and pay for their purchases without human existence. Typically, a self checkout lane looks very much like a traditional checkout lane except the fact that the shopper interacts with the computer’s user interface instead of a store employee.  
The technology is beneficial in its own ways. The manpower involvement is reduced giving its customers the privacy to check out their own goods. As it is a new technology it will help the retailers to be up to date and offer an enhanced shopping experience to their customers. It is a convenient technology so it is easy to put to use and requires minimal floor space. So you can get an effective technology and that too in the space that is available to you.  

How does it work?
Located in a special checkout lane in the store, the self-checkout system consists of an automated teller machine (ATM), barcode scanner, weighing scale and check stand. Consumers scan their own products and stash them to their bags, without any assistance from a cashier. Then the customer inserts cash, a credit card, or debit card to pay for their goods. A cashier is located near the checkout line to answer any questions and provide help for any confusion of coupons, checks, food stamps, or gift certificates. For a security check, the self-checkout system has a surveillance camera installed over the lane to confirm that each product is properly scanned or if there are any problems with the machine. Self-service is possibly best known for its retail applications, with many high-street retailers now making extensive use of it, and reaping in the benefits – and the profit! The scope for self-service retail solutions is rapidly increasing as customers become more familiar with the technology. Use of self-service in retail can increase revenue by cutting down on staff costs, decrease pressure on staff, decrease waiting time for customers and serve at unsociable hours. They also impact hugely on customer’s satisfaction by giving customers the ability to service themselves quickly and easily, getting what they want, when they want it. 

Is India ready for self checkouts?
A growing number of shoppers are apparently making use of the new self-checkout option at their local grocery stores. Driven by intense retail environment, self checkout system is becoming more popular with retailers who wish to reduce their front - end labour expense and allow their customers convenience, reduced time at check-out counter and privacy. To stay in touch with modern retail technology, self checkout technology is vital. However, the Indian retail market is going through the initial phase of growth and stabilisation. The priority of the retail strategists today, is to first expand and consolidate themselves before embarking on the technological updates. But with self checkouts in use, retailers have a tool that knows no limits! 

So if you a retailer and are facing problems at your point of sales counters, then self check out systems are the answer to your problems!  

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