Success with alluring displays
Success with alluring displays

Displays are an important part of every retail business and highly acknowledged universally. A display when skilfully done is sure to fetch customers as well as profits. Every prospective retailer would want to cultivate this art to infuse life in his products but this requires a degree of passion, creativity and skill to carve out something new and unique which may captivate audience attention and turn him from a window browser to a buyer. 


Visual merchandising commences right from frontage of show-room to its store lay-out, interior designing, interior displays, and other cosmetic additions. 


Store frontage

The foremost element of display in a show-room is its forefront. The entrance reflects the aura of the store and presents a snapshot of the merchandise available inside. Design a distinctive logo of the showroom and play it atop the forefront. Print it over your products and packages, vouchers and cash memos. 


Window displays

The objective of display is to drive the audience to merchandise column. It is imperative that the guests step in, or else they would never tend to buy. The display should therefore, be so eloquently designed that it instinctively draws audience to the merchandise column. Goods displayed artistically and positioned on mannequins may tempt customers to get into the show-room and buy products of choice. 


Store layout

The store layout and design are the most critical element to impress audience of its organised unfolding of goods by the browser. The store should be organised in a logical and systematic order that may help the guests to browse, look through and decide which items to buy. The room settings ought to be done in highly visible focal areas positioning products in convenient locations where the customer may grab goods conveniently. And once the store is set, don’t rest, give it re-looks occasionally with customer’s perspective and bring about necessary changes.

A wide array of trendy, fashionable goods ought to be displaced and sold through knowledgeable salespersons within a logical price range. This shall boost the image of showroom and raise sales. 
Colours display

Choice of colours is a vital tool in the visual merchandising. Colours attract attention and pull customer into the store. Colours can be associated with occasions, gender and emotions. A retailer should focus on the right choice of colours that may match with the theme of display. Such as, Valentines theme may be coloured in red, pink and white, and the Christmas in red, white and green colours. 


Themes displays

Retailers should devise themes for specific items sales. A trendy theme may lure customers into a shop for impulse buying. Retailers may carve out themes as per their imagination and creativity in sync with season, festival or events. Such as, a shoe store can theme on a group of elves buying shoes, whilst an apparel store may theme on his mannequins posturing audience. 


Change display settings at short intervals

Changing arrangement of displays on regular intervals shall create new interest about the products in the minds of the customer.  


Lighting system

Effective lighting system adds to the aura and ambience of the store. Adequate lighting can help show off your products' "best side", which enhances mood of buying. 



The outlet bearing an immaculate appearance is the foremost point in visual display. A beautiful display can be ruined by a cracked signboard or an unclean environment. Spruce up and clean up showcases and fixtures regularly.  


So in case you wish to ramp up the sales and increase the footfalls of your store, put these practices in place.

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How Lotus Electronics is Pioneering Hyper-Local Electronics Retail in Central India
How Lotus Electronics is Pioneering Hyper-Local Electronics Retail in Central India

The electronics retail industry in India is a fast growing sector, and Lotus Electronics has emerged as a beacon of innovation and customer-centric excellence in Central India. The brand, with its 20 stores spread across key cities in Central India – Indore, Bhopal, Raipur, Jabalpur, Bilaspur, Ujjain and Raipur, and a robust online presence, holds the title of the largest electronics retail store chain in the region.

Gaurav Pahwa, Director, Lotus Electronics shared his insights with Indian Retailer about the brand's journey, strategies, and expansion plans.

According to him, the success was attributed to a wide range of electronics from both national and international brands, all offered at highly competitive rates. This commitment has solidified Lotus Electronics' position as the largest one-stop omnichannel store for consumer electronics, IT products, mobiles, and home appliances.

The brand prides itself on offering an extensive array of world-renowned brands, including Apple, Sony, Samsung, Haier, Bose, JBL, and many more, all under one roof. “It is a three families’ business, a partnership business to be precise, which got we began in 2000. The average showroom area spans 10,000 – 15,000 sq ft, and today we cover more than 2,50,000 sq ft of display area across Central India. This vast offline presence is complemented by strategically located warehouses in the eight cities,” elaborated Gaurav.

Gaurav Pahwa, Director, Lotus Electronics

Consumer-Centric Philosophy: The 6Cs

It is the brand’s 6C philosophy for customers – comfort, convenience, choice, competitive rates, care and commitment – that makes it stand out from the other retailers. With a dedicated staff strength of 600+ members and over 200 company demonstrators, Lotus Electronics ensures a customer-centric approach that makes the shopping experience truly memorable. This philosophy extends seamlessly to the online portal.

Founded in 2000, Lotus Electronics has been a game-changer in the electronics and home appliances market. Pioneering the concept of offering a variety of electronic brands and products under one roof, the brand has evolved beyond being just an electronics showroom. It focuses on the entire experience of electronics shopping, embodying innovation and consumer satisfaction.

Gaurav revealed that the brand, with a turnover of Rs 650 crore, has targeted Rs 750 crore by this March. According to him, the significance of technology in retail expansion, particularly in adapting to changing consumer preferences, was what made them succeed.

Future Endeavors: Hyper-Local Expansion

Looking ahead, Gaurav envisions Lotus Electronics as a hyper-local store, focusing on both physical and online presence. The brand aims to strike a balance between the immersive experience offered in offline stores and the convenience of online shopping. While expanding into new markets, the brand remains committed to being number one in every geography that it operates in. “One of our major focus is that whenever we go to a newer market, we adapt to its flavor immediately. Starting from the communication, which happens in local language. The team that heads the store on ground and the managerial level, can all speak the language flawlessly,” he said.  

To grow exponentially, Gaurav is actively exploring innovations such as using tablets for product demonstrations, ensuring that consumers can make informed decisions right at the store. The brand is gearing up to open five new stores in a new state. The details will be revealed soon. Stay tuned for more.


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