{CTO Special} (Spykar) Driving the Future of a Personalized CX
{CTO Special} (Spykar) Driving the Future of a Personalized CX

Nigam said that technology can be used in a retail setting to speed up processes and create efficiency across several platforms, including e-commerce, supply chains, collecting customer data, etc.

“It enabled retailers to adopt a granular perspective of what customers truly want (today and in the future) and prepare what products to offer, where to offer and when to offer,” he added.

He further highlighted 3 technologies that Spykar utilizes to be more efficient:

Digital Tools: To empower the business team to take decisions fast and utilized data to reach consumers as per their needs.

E-commerce Platforms with AI and virtual try-out options, so the customer can have a real-time experience of the digital product at the time of buying as well.

Digitization of Supply Chain Operations:

“In order to enhance the consumer experience, we use technology for onboarding process automation, personalization which makes people feel more special, collecting qualitative and quantitative data on customers and their experiences, and centralizing all data on the cloud so that respective team can get information on time and react on that faster,” Nigam concluded.

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