{CTO Special} (Wakefit.co) Leveraging Tech for Customer Centricity
{CTO Special} (Wakefit.co) Leveraging Tech for Customer Centricity

Gaurav explained that there are four essential technologies that serve as the foundation of any retail organization's growth - ad tech and SEO, e-commerce, order management, and fulfillment systems, and customer behavior profiling and engagement systems.

“These technologies enable businesses to reach out to potential customers and convert them into repeat customers,” he said.

Personalization is a Key

The three major technologies that he vouched for are user analytics, attribution, and personalization. He has a strong opinion that these technologies are the key differentiators for any business given their uniqueness towards each retail category and brand. “These technologies, when used effectively, will yield a higher ROI and enable customer-driven growth,” he added.

Enhancing Consumer Experience

Wakefit.co built an in-house intent model to understand the intent of every single user who visits the website, categorizing them into three intent categories based on all of the customer's activities. These are classified as having high, medium, or low intent. This allows the brand to guide the customer through a personalized journey to help them make a decision.

“We also offer an AR perspective, a live shopping experience, and a variety of payment options to make the purchasing process more interactive and simple,” he concluded.

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