{Super SCM Makers} VAHDAM India: Tech Advancement: A Big Differentiator in Supply Chain
{Super SCM Makers} VAHDAM India: Tech Advancement: A Big Differentiator in Supply Chain

Amlan Mukherjee, Chief Supply Chain Officer, VAHDAM India maintained that the COVID-19 pandemic and its after-effects had created a paradigm shift in the way the brands looked at the supply chain. From an enabling function, it has been catapulted to a clear competitive advantage. There are various trends emerging in the supply chain, however, as per him, below are the three most important ones in 2023:

- Operations should be resilient and agile. Organizations that are flexible to adapt to changes in global trade flows, climatic changes, and new regulations will be able to maintain stability and high levels of service

- Technological advancement is going to be a big differentiator in the supply chain. Early movers will be able to create a competitive advantage by having a more efficient operation. But this is a journey, in a new and fast-growing organization like VAHDAM, the key would be first having the right data sets.

- In a food manufacturing organization, the right quality and a sustainable operation would be an important focus area. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware and are ready to pay even a premium for the same. There is an increased effort globally to reduce the environmental impacts of the supply chain.

“The extensive adoption of IOT and robotics, etc, by the logistics is helping improve the overall customer experience. The consumer is more aware today and the farm-to-fork traceability will be of utmost importance going forward,” he mentioned.

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