Cybeart’s Biggest Organic Brand Plug with PM Narendra Modi
Cybeart’s Biggest Organic Brand Plug with PM Narendra Modi
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Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi met top Indian gamers of the country, and if you have a keen eye, you must have noticed that the Prime Minister was sitting on Cybeart gaming chairs. As soon as the video of the meeting went viral, Cybeart witnessed a 120 percent increase in weekly revenue.

It should be noted that the video of PM Modi meeting Indian gamers was first posted on PM Narendra Modi’s YouTube channel, which has over 22 million subscribers, and the video has garnered over 1 million views so far. This led to huge traction for the brand.

Cybeart's premium Apex Series - X11 Gray Chair was observed during the exclusive roundtable discussion featuring prominent personalities from India's Esports scene, including Animesh Agarwal (8Bit_Thug), Naman Mathur (Mortal), and Payal Dhare (PayalGaming), alongside Ganesh Gangadhar (SKRossi), Anshu Bisht (GamerFleet), Mithilesh Patankar (MythPat), and Tirth Mehta.

When reached for comment, Cybeart's spokesperson said, “As far as awareness of our brand is concerned, the results have been good. Now the brand has been recognized widely and is being acknowledged by people who didn’t know about our brand earlier. Due to this organic and indirect gesture, we have seen a surge of 20 percent in our impression rate since last week on Instagram.”

“Apart from that, we have also seen an increase in weekly revenue by 120 percent. That being said, it is very early to comment on the direct impact of the incident on our brand; we will know more in the coming days as the customer journey for us is long compared to other commodity-based products.”

Krutik Patel, Founder and CEO of Cybeart posted on LinkedIn, "Its a dream come true! Manifested this for sooo long to showcase Cybeart chairs to our Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji. Cybeart chairs have finally made their way to the Prime Minister's residence, and it's an honour to see the most powerful man in India seated on the most powerful seat of India. Recently, PM Shri Narendra Modi ji met with some of India's top gaming creators and Esports athletes to host a talk show regarding the next stage of gaming industry."

The post further read, "A revolution is begining and the Indian Gaming Ecosystem is finally getting the recognition and support it needs to fuel the next stage of growth. We at Cybeart among many of our amazing partners are very proud to be one of the key stakeholders nurturing the growth of gaming industry from the ground up. We are very bullish on India and Cybeart will keep investing in the Indian gaming ecosystem."

It’s worth noting that The ‘Gaming Chair Market 2023-2027’ report by Technavio indicates that the gaming chair market size is projected to grow by USD 404.7 million between 2023 and 2027, with an accelerating CAGR of 7.2%. This growth is notably attributed to the health-related benefits associated with gaming chairs.

Cybeart is one of the leading manufacturer of comfortable and premium high-quality products across Canada, India, and the Middle East. Cybeart has established a formidable presence in India’s Esports and sports landscape through strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as Revenant Esports and Orangutan Esports, as well as cricket powerhouses like Mumbai Indians and Gujarat Titans.

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