Branding expert Pete Canalichio talks about the ever evolving licensing biz
Branding expert Pete Canalichio, Managing Partner, Brand Alive shares his views on the evolving licensing industry in an exclusive conversation with License India.
  • By - Aanchal
  • / 7 MIN READ
Thomson TV aims to carve a niche in India through licensing
Television brand Thomson has made a comeback to the Indian market through licensing and in no time, it has disrupted the Indian TV market with its sky rocketing sales. The br...
  • By - gargi
  • / 4 MIN READ
Monetizing the ‘Kodak moment’ through licensing
The Indian TV industry took double hit during 2010 one because of economic slowdown and other being the transition from SRT to LED TVs. While many of the brands shut their operations, SPPL –...
  • By - gargi
  • / 6 MIN READ
Marie Claire: from magazine to lifestyle
Starting from a magazine, Marie Claire has set benchmarks while expanding to various segments, lifestyle being one of them. The brand is looking...
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Licensing Agents help you do it better!
Cholena Cchaturvedi :CC: Do companies, which enter licensing, enjoy any kind of tax exemptions granted by the government?Nicholos Bloom :NB: There is no such arrangement in any country except in S...
Licensing is the business of the future
Ccholena Chaturvedi :LI: Is there is a benchmark for licensing fees/royalties etc in the licensing industry which is followed across nations and across categories?Kelvyn Gardner :KG: Usually, the ...
Licensing helps to get products at a cheaper price
Vrinda Oberai :VO: How do you see the future of licensing with respect to FMCG products and how it can help retailers explore various non-core categories in conjunction with reaching a variety of aud...
In Focus: Character licensing
Vrinda Oberai :Vrinda Oberai (VO): How important, in your opinion, is the kid’s wear market in India, when it comes to opportunities for Licensing and Merchandising (L&M)?Sandeep Dahiya :Sa...
In Focus: Awakening to IP Rights
Vrinda Oberai :VO: What can be the different ways in which people can be educated in a better way about the intellectual property rights and the need for attaching a legal status to the same?Safir...
  • By - gargi
  • / 9 MIN READ
A complete family brand: Disney
Sweta Pal :Who are your major retail partners?Roshini Bakshi :We want our fans across India to experience our brand and we reach them via different formats including hypermarkets, departmental st...
Swiss Military to announce Indian licensing partners
License India :What percentage of revenue is contributed from online?Anuj Sawhney :At present over 9 to 10% of our sale volume is generated pan-india from online sales. This percentage is constan...
  • By - gargi
  • / 6 MIN READ