Why Vanity Wagon is Betting Big on Sustainability
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Why Vanity Wagon is Betting Big on Sustainability

Vanity Wagon, a clean beauty marketplace, pledges to bring only toxin-free and natural beauty products to its consumers. The brand believes in sustainable beauty and stands firm in its mission to educate the audience and deliver what’s best for them.

“We offer a trustworthy platform where one of the most requested elements between a business and a customer, i.e, transparency would be paramount of our relationship. Be it beauty or personal care, we swear to bring the safest solutions to your doorstep without any hassle. We stand by the rule of never having to compromise in any manner to find the right products for our customers,” says Naina Ruhail, Co-founder, Vanity Wagon.

The brand is curating the best of clean beauty without compromising on efficiency and ensuring that the products are cruelty-free. 

Retail Strategy

Vanity Wagon had plans to open 3 stores in 2020, which was then dropped owing to the current digital-first consumer outlook. 

“We plan to take this steam with us into 2021, and by the end of the year plan to add at least 2 experience centers in our strongest 2 cities. That being said, we have till now focused on a movable retail strategy enabling customers across multiple territories to be able to experience the products at a much lesser fixed cost to the company. Mix it Up with Vanity Wagon is an IP, we plan to keep developing further, it's an experienced event that allows consumers to interact with digital-only brands and also shop their products,” she asserts.

Vanity Wagon is a clean beauty e-retail marketplace and that is the definition by which the brand swears to date. The reason for that is predominantly the growth that it has seen online and the reach it has achieved to millions of households in India while working in the comfort of their office. 

“That's the beauty of e-commerce, it disrupts traditional retail in many ways and that's why it was our go-to strategy from the beginning. People understand Vanity as an online - first market, and that's not going to change even if we establish 100+ centers across the country,” shares Ruhail.

Betting Big on Sustainability

Vanity Wagon believes that sustainability is the need of the hour. The way the world is fairing, it has become imperative to focus on building a healthy lifestyle and at the same time doing well to the environment. 

“If companies today don't move towards this shift, they would fall behind the curve and become close to being irrelevant We take various initiatives to be sustainable like - right from sourcing the right brands, who revolve around sustainability ethics, to having our own recycling program to reduce our carbon footprint, to using plastic-free and sustainable packaging, we aim to build a legacy market that builds a cleaner and greener future,” she says.

Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategy for Vanity Wagon is simple - yet complex in its own way. 

“We definitely work hard on solidifying our reach via the mainstream digital and non-digital channels. In parallel, we are also adopting innovative models whereby we are increasing our reach on a micro-level thereby penetrating more and more households. Marketing has been one of our pillars and with a great team behind it, we aim to become an example setter in time to come,” she reveals.

Impact of Pandemic

The pandemic has been both - learning and quick-thinking implementation time for Vanity Wagon. 

“While we have spent most of our time understanding the needs and wants of our consumers, at the same time we have been strengthening our systems to build a more long-term - sustainable enterprise. From a growth perspective, the e-commerce industry has seen an upward curve throughout the pandemic, and we are no different. Vanity Wagon has grown 10x since the beginning of 2020 in numbers and added 100 percent more brands and 10x more consumers,” shares Ruhail.

Future Plans

Vanity Wagon is growing steadily since its inception and the future plans of the brand is to strengthen that more while doing more innovative and out-of-the-box projects. 

“The focus is to build India's largest clean beauty market and eventually take on the global space. We are also working on developing our own line of clean Products, having studied the market well in the last 3 years. So, you would see a lot of Vanity Wagon at a lot of places,” concludes Ruhail.

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