OfficeYes plans franchisees

Unveils opportunity for brick n mortar stores.


The office supplies biggie, has unveiled franchise opportunity in India. The e-retailer, with this announcement also moves into the brick n mortar format stores. The opportunities through the franchise channel, will engage entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. They can open up stationery and supplies stores all across India under the OfficeYes brand name.


The stationery and supplies market which is estimated to be worth approximately Rs 50,000 crore, though reined by unorganised sector, OfficeYes looks capturing a share of this large market through organised retail with minimum risks and investment.

OfficeYes is looking at people who have the passion to sell and the capacity to invest minimum Rs 3-4 Lakhs (including the refundable reseller fee of 1 Lakh). The stores will be sized between 100-150 sq ft based on reseller model, giving more autonomy and freedom to its franchise partners or resellers letting them run their business their way without too much intervention.

The franchise opportunity will offer direct access to target customers and quick return on investment with 100 per cent ROI within the first year and profit margins of more than 20 per cent. Currently, has opened its first two reseller stores in New Delhi at Rohini and Vikaspuri with more in the pipeline.