Patanjali will become a Rs 1 lakh-crore industry by 2040, says Baba Ramdev
Patanjali will become a Rs 1 lakh-crore industry by 2040, says Baba Ramdev

Yoga guru Baba Ramdev, owner of Patanjali, said that his Patanjali group’s turnover would grow 100% for the next five years. Patanjali is currently implementing projects worth Rs 5000 crore, which includes setting up India’s largest food park at Haridwar and the largest project in Assam since independence and two other projects in Noida and Nagpur.

Ramdev said that Patanjali would grow to be a Rs 1 lakh-crore industry by 2040.

Speaking at State Bank of India’s 4th Banking and Economists Conclave, Ramdev said, "If there were only 1000 entrepreneurs like me, India’s gross domestic product (GDP) would be Rs 1000 lakh crore by 2040."

He said, "While multinationals were pushing their products in India, no one was setting up Indian brands. Patanjali was an exception and has managed to change consumer behaviour."

He added, "No one considered amla juice as a drink. We created the brand in India. Similarly, we have made Aloe Vera a Rs 5000-crore brand in the country."

According to the Yoga guru, Patanjali’s purchase of Aloe Vera, which grew in arid lands in Rajasthan, has led to the cost of land going up from Rs 25000 to Rs 1 lakh.

Ramdev said, "Processed food need not be unhealthy. Processing can be done not in order to have ready-to-eat food but to preserve food. Agricultural income can be quadrupled if investments are made."

He said, "We are now going to get Indians to drink fruit juice by selling orange juice at half the price of multinational companies."

He further added that Patanjali would be able to cut prices as it would be recovering the cost of oranges by extracting oil from the skin and seeds of the fruit, in its Nagpur plant.

He also announced the entry of Patanjali group into textiles and said that jeans manufactured by Patanjali would compete with top multinational fashion brands.

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