Westside expanding its product portfolio

Westside, a chain of fashion and apparel brand by Tata

Westside, a chain of fashion and apparel brand by Tata, is planning to widen its portfolio verticals by entering into gourmet and chocolate category.

Though the challenges involved in running the gourmet store is very high. Managing products such as fruits and vegetables, fish and meat takes a lot of energy and investment. But the company is confident to take up the challenge and want to divert more customers to their stores.

Apart from tying up with renowned designers such as Narendra Kumar, Priyadarshini Rao, Krishna Mehta, Westside has also roped in some international brands such as Italian kids wear brand Chicco, Woolworths Bath and Body, GIVe from UK and Aerology-a brand from US.

Apart from adding gourmet and bringing more brands, Westside has also signed the international design firm Fitch to design its new stores and redesign its existing stores.