The Ammarzo Fashion Brand Forays into Retail Market
The Ammarzo Fashion Brand Forays into Retail Market

As one of the few sustainable fashion brands in India, Ammarzo is committed to sustainability. Now it is expanding from just an e-commerce startup brand to entering the retail market.

For being India's sustainable brand in 2021 and 2022, it won several honors. Now that it has received a number of funds and is no longer simply a little start-up, the Ammarzo brand is growing. The company is currently entering the UAE market and considering expanding to retail as well. Ammarzo was mostly e-commerce up until recently, but it is presently growing, moving into retail, and entering the UAE markets in a very short duration.

The objective is to offer apparel of a premium quality and style that is recognized on a worldwide scale while maintaining our costs as near as we can to those in the affordable range.

Ammarzo Brand raised its angel investment round of funding by joining hands with Safexpay's founder, Ravi Gupta. Ammarzo is a sustainable and conscious fashion, e-commerce brand that is now making its way to the UAE and Indian retail markets as well. Being a brand owned by woman entrepreneur and actor Chahatt Khanna, they have strong values for women empowerment, and the majority of their employees are women.

Ammarzo is not simply another women's fashion brand; instead, it has a strong link to the strength and pride of a girl and actively supports women's emancipation via skill development and education. At Ammarzo Fashion, women have made up around 80 percent of the workforce since the company's founding in 2018.

Ammarzo is a pioneering sustainable fashion company in India and has received several accolades from CNBC Business Awards, Midday Awards, and other important business awards. The company formerly primarily sold women's clothing, but they just debuted a men's range. Not to forget that the Ammarzo Foundation, is gaining popularity and donates 10 percent of its profits to organizations that support the welfare of children and animals.

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