Beverage Company Sober and Co Unveils New Packaging
Beverage Company Sober and Co Unveils New Packaging

Sober and Co. is a well-known beverage company with its headquarters in Kolkata. Despite being available in many cities, including Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kerala, and many others, it was the first to open for business there. The young founders of Sober and Co., Sharan Kripalani and Nishant Kripalani, have updated the company's packaging in the year of the beverage industry. 

This brought attention to the brand's advantages in terms of packaging and design because it is entirely new, bolder, and brighter. And it offers to deliver a bar with its amazing flavors to your house to liven up your get-togethers and celebrations. With the same effort as "pop and pour" or "spike and stir with a curation of flavors," this beverage line acts as a mixer for cocktails and mocktails. The packaging is now appearing on store shelves, and the updated website and social media accounts are already operational.

Sharan Kripalani, Co-founder of Sober and Co said, "As a beverage brand, Sober and Co is known for its bold flavors that aim to "Raise a brow with every sip." The labels are now bolder and more colorful, just like the flavors inside the bottle. Sober and Co. are currently available in more than 200 FMCG retail locations spread across more than 10 cities, online at the company's website, Big Basket, and have undergone a redesign to give them a bolder and brighter appearance. While definitely coming up with a bolder design that would make us stand out from the competition, we decided to stick to our theme. The label would also contain more information revolving around our USP which includes the fact that we are the first cocktail mixer with zero added sugar. Since most of these beverages are an impulse decision, having such crucial facts stated right on the front of the label helps boost our sales.

In 2022, with the help of Mixologist Devi Singh (India winner of the World Class 2019 bartender competition), they first created six cocktail mixers with natural flavors including Cubin spritzer, Australian sour, Goan mule, Caribbean punch, Spanish margarita, and Mexican mama Sober and Co that has something to suit any palate. Embracing success, they expanded their market potential by including consumers of mocktails in the mix.

Unlike other ready-to-drink beverages or mixers currently on the market, Sober and Co, makes its six distinct flavors from a selection of fresh and unusual ingredients from across the world. The only source of sugar used in the production of each bottle of Sober is the natural syrups' intrinsic sweetness. The soda content is far lower than that of commercially available carbonated beverages, yet being carbonated to allow for direct consumption. Founded by brothers Sharan Kriplani and Nishant Kriplani.

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