Bonn Group Expands Biscuit Range
Bonn Group Expands Biscuit Range

In continuation of its efforts to promote healthy eating habits among people, Bonn Group, a manufacturer of baked products in India, has launched Americana Premium Digestive high fiber biscuits. Light on pocket and high on fiber, these biscuits have a delicious taste and can be considered as an ideal evening snack or to satiate late-night cravings.

Bonn has launched these cookies under its ‘Americana range’ of the product line. Health experts and nutritionists have noted that an evening or late-night snack should be light on the stomach and easily digestible. Americana’s new digestive biscuits will be available across North Indian states of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi NCR, and J&K.

These biscuits are rich in dietary fiber which helps in maintaining bowel health. During the coronavirus pandemic, people have become very conscious about their food choices, and they do not want to compromise on anything they eat. To cater to this demand, FMCG companies are running neck and neck to give the best and healthy products to their consumers. However, Bonn has always been a versatile player in the market, dominating the FMCG and bakery space in India to a large extent today. Americana Premium Digestive High Fiber Biscuit has been launched after a lot of research on the eating habits of consumers. 

Amrinder Singh, Director, Bonn Group, said, “Indians are falling prey to lifestyle diseases today, including obesity and digestion problems. Biscuits in India are popular in urban demographics and gaining momentum in rural setup as well. So, we are planning to extend this range to semi-urban areas also if we get a good response in urban setups. While we have already been making products to boost immunity, our new range of digestive biscuits will help in maintaining the bowel health of our consumers. If digestion is good, then the only body can absorb nutrients from all food we eat. It means digestion is very important for our overall health and fitness. The dietary fiber present in these biscuits decreases the chances of constipation, which is a big problem with many people today.”

The premium digestive biscuits are available in 78 gms and 120 gms packs at Rs 10 and Rs 20 respectively. The newly launched biscuit is trans-fat-free and has a good shelf life as other Americana products. Americana from Bonn is an exclusive range of biscuits known for its quality of ingredients and rich flavors.

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