ISHO Sets to Make its Debut in Indian Markets
ISHO Sets to Make its Debut in Indian Markets

Come mid-December 2022 and the country will see the launch of Dhaka-Based furniture brand design house, ISHO, make its debut in India. The brand is driven by a design philosophy that draws on the past, present, and future with furniture that references Bangladesh’s heritage reflects current trends and identifies future sales opportunities through data-driven research. The brand’s ethos is also embedded with pillars of sustainability, social inclusion, and female empowerment. 

Originally launched in 2019 by third-generation entrepreneur, Rayana Hossain, who serves as ISHO’s Founder and Managing Director, the brand is on a growth spree and sees tremendous opportunity in India because it is a large market with similar requirements and burgeoning demand on both, personal and business fronts, that ISHO is keen to service. 

Also, ISHO’s design approach allows for their in-house design team to go through various data points, and analyze and design products according to the tastes, needs, and aspirations of customers. This is, in particular, an opportunity for the brand in the Indian market where, region-specific sensibilities, tastes, traditions, and habits can be studied closely and catered to with relevant products that meet the requirements of different Indian regions and varied customers' tastes with regard to not just furniture but also other home products, such as tableware, furnishings, bed linens, shelves, etc., which ISHO’s non-furniture product lines will be able to provide to the Indian consumer.

Additionally, ISHO has been buoyed by the positive reception received from their customers to their recent design collaborations with Indian design and décor brands like Berger, and Jaipur Rugs. This has further underscored the brand’s belief in the Indian market where they see an opportunity for more such collaborations in India. Through such collaborations, they strive to expose the convergence in design philosophies and garner access to a different set of consumers, whom they feel that brand ISHO can be a home and furniture destination.

In terms of their marketing strategy, ISHO plans to initially enter the Indian market as an e-commerce player, and following this, they will create an omnichannel presence by opening experience centers across major cities for customers to interact and experience their products. In addition to its own e-commerce presence, the brand will also partner with leading Indian e-commerce marketplaces, to bring its diverse and authentic furniture collections and accessories to modern Indian homes. The idea is to ensure the brand’s accessibility to the mass and mass-premium audiences through its omnichannel strategy and the launch of an experience center within 6 months, for customers to interact with the products. This will help the brand to showcase in-house developed furniture designs to the Indian audience who are looking for quality products, aesthetically designed at affordable prices.

Rayana Hossain, Founder and MD, ISHO, said, “India's home and furniture market has speedily developed over the last few years, and I feel like it is a ready market for our designs, design philosophy, and approach. Our target is to reach out to the urban population of India and a large portion resides in the top 16 cities. A series of pop-ups in these cities will help in establishing a connection with our target audience.” 

One of the main things that ISHO tackled in the initial years was understanding how people interact with their furniture daily. A year and a half of proper R&D, rigorous focus group sessions, and trials to develop each furniture design made each product stand out. The aim was to make furniture efficient and designs specific to people’s tastes, traditions, needs, and uses. We aim to continue the same effort in India and create product lines that cater to the market and its specific niches,” she added.

All of ISHO’s collections are inspired by places and the brand’s core philosophy is based on creating designs that intrinsically embrace everyday routines and cultures. At ISHO, they make a deliberate effort to study how people use their spaces and what they do in them.

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