Leisure Hotels Expands with Brij Eternity in Vrindavan
Leisure Hotels Expands with Brij Eternity in Vrindavan

Leisure Hotels Group, a prominent experiential resort chain in North India and the largest in Uttarakhand, announces the launch of Brij Eternity, a luxury boutique hotel in Vrindavan. This new addition aims to blend premium accommodations with spiritual experiences, appealing to travelers seeking a divine touch in their journeys.

"From pioneering luxury camping in CharDhams in Uttarakhand to establishing a presence in spiritual cities like Haridwar, Rishikesh, and Varanasi, Leisure Hotels Group has expanded luxury accommodations across religious circuits in North India. Our understanding of pilgrimage dynamics allows us to diversify our offerings and expand into multiple LHG signature experiences. Through our partnership with Prabhav Goswami of Shri Brij Vrindavan Hotels and Resorts, we invite travelers to rediscover the holy city with an experiential stay where every corner whispers tales of devotion and delight," said Vibhas Prasad, Director, Leisure Hotels Group.

Brij Eternity offers 42 rooms with modern amenities and comfortable furnishings. Guests can enjoy a variety of international, regional, and Satvik dishes at the hotel's multi-cuisine restaurant, Tulsi Ark. The restaurant's menu includes traditional dishes prepared without onion and garlic, catering to different dietary preferences.

The hotel, spread over 1 lakh sq. feet, features indoor and outdoor banquet spaces and lawns suitable for various events, from social gatherings to intimate celebrations and Vedic weddings. 

Brij Eternity serves as a gateway to the sacred destinations of Vrindavan and Mathura. Guests can explore ancient temples such as Banke Bihari and Radha Raman, visit serene spots like Nidhivan and Prem Mandir, and engage in spiritual practices like Govardhan Parikrama. The hotel's surroundings offer a rich tapestry of experiences, from soulful pilgrimages to serene contemplation spots, making it ideal for spiritual seekers and cultural enthusiasts.

Vrindavan, accessible by road, rail, and air, welcomes travelers from across India. The town's vibrant markets, sacred sites, and centuries-old traditions provide a unique and enriching experience for visitors. With its blend of devotion and luxury, Brij Eternity offers an unforgettable stay in the heart of Vrindavan.

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Retail India News: Wow! Momo Launches Three New Formats in Vellore
Retail India News: Wow! Momo Launches Three New Formats in Vellore

Indian quick-service restaurant chain Wow! Momo has introduced three of its store formats—Wow! Kulfi, Wow! Momo, and Wow! China—in Vellore, Tamil Nadu. These new outlets are situated on VIT Main Road.

“We are now open at VIT, Vellore. Get ready for a triple Wow experience and indulge in exotic flavours, exciting combinations and irresistible delights,” said Wow! Momo in a Linekdin post.

The company recently ventured into the Kulfi segment with its new brand, Wow! Kulfi, and opened its first kiosk at City Centre Mall in Kolkata.

Founded by Sagar Daryani in 2008, Kolkata-based Wow! Momo now operates over 650 stores nationwide, with locations in states such as Bihar, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and West Bengal.

The company recently secured an additional investment of Rs 70 crore from Z3 Partners, bringing the total funds raised to over Rs 480 crore.


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Hilton and Hilton Garden Inn Bengaluru Embassy Manyata Business Park Announce Strategic Leadership Additions
Hilton and Hilton Garden Inn Bengaluru Embassy Manyata Business Park Announce Strategic Leadership Additions

Hilton and Hilton Garden Inn Bengaluru Embassy Manyata Business Park are delighted to announce the appointment of four new leaders. These seasoned professionals bring diverse backgrounds and extensive expertise, promising to shape the future of our properties with fresh perspectives and a commitment to guest satisfaction.

Shoeb, a hospitality veteran with over 12 years of experience, joins as the new Hotel Manager. His journey began with a seasonal resort job, and he has since become a Top 30 Under 30 leader in Canada. Shoeb has managed F&B operations at Grand Hyatt, Kochi, and led operations at Marriott International.

Athar Hussain takes on the role of Sous Chef, bringing over 14 years of culinary experience. Known for blending traditional Indian flavors with global influences, Hussain will lead the culinary team and oversee menu curation.

Siddhant Arora joins as the head of the F&B division, focusing on events and banquets. With a strong background as Events and Banquet Operation Manager and Restaurant Manager at Hilton, Siddhant aims to create exceptional dining experiences and build a guest-centric service team.

Asad Sameer Khan has been appointed Head of Housekeeping. With a successful career as Housekeeping Manager at Hilton, DoubleTree by Hilton, Lemon Tree Premier, and Novotel Juhu Mumbai, Asad is also a certified trainer within the Hilton brand. He is recognized for his exceptional leadership, meticulous inspection skills, and efficient inventory management.

The Hilton and Hilton Garden Inn Bengaluru Embassy Manyata Business Park team warmly welcomes these new leaders.


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Retail India News: Nando’s Teams Up with K Hospitality Corp to Broaden Indian Presence
Retail India News: Nando’s Teams Up with K Hospitality Corp to Broaden Indian Presence

Nando's, a QSR brand from South Africa has partnered with Indian food service company K Hospitality Corp to launch 150 restaurants in the upcoming decade. In conjunction with K Hospitality Corp, Nando's India plans to broaden its presence in new cities.

In line with this ethos, the brand is delighted to unveil its collaboration through a joint venture with K Hospitality Corp, a renowned group with an impressive history of growth and achievements spanning five decades. Today, K Hospitality Corp stands as India’s leading privately held food and beverage company.

“Selling spicy, flavourful food to the food-loving nation that invented it is no easy feat. But with their deep market knowledge, we are incredibly excited to welcome K Hospitality Corp as our joint venture partner into the family, ” said John Sikiotis, Nando’s CEO for Licensed Markets and India.

In partnership with K Hospitality Corp, Nando’s India has ambitious expansion plans, aiming to launch up to 150 restaurants in new cities over the next decade. The latest addition to its portfolio is set to debut in Hyderabad, marking its inaugural presence in the city, within the coming weeks.

“As brands and businesses, both partners have a lot in common, which not only includes an insatiable taste for Nando’s signature flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken but also an equally strong passion for hospitality and people. We look forward to scaling up Nando’s presence across multiple cities in India over the coming decade”, said Karan Kapur, Executive Director for K Hospitality Corp.

As both businesses are family-owned, they share a common set of values and firmly believe in the principle that individuals play a pivotal role in shaping success.

“It’s not just about the chicken, it’s also very much about the people who make the chicken” said Sameer Bhasin, Nando’s CEO for India.


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Zoco: Setting the Bar for Pan American Dining in Dubai
Zoco: Setting the Bar for Pan American Dining in Dubai

A fresh dining venture emerges in the heart of the UAE as V Hotel Dubai, Curio Collection by Hilton, introduces Zoco, a Pan-American dining concept curated by Chef Gustavo Alonso Guin Barnachea.

Chef Gustavo has masterfully crafted a menu that showcases the diverse flavors of Pan America, featuring a fusion of Peruvian-Japanese Nikkei cuisine and traditional Mexican dishes. The focus at Zoco is on communal dining, with plates designed to foster connections among guests. Zoco enriches the culinary landscape of V Hotel Dubai, joining the esteemed lineup of dining destinations such as Level Seven, V Lounge, and V Deck.

Daniel Hillier, Executive Chef, Al Habtoor City said, “We are delighted to be introducing Zoco and bringing the flavours of Pan America to Dubai, one of the most dynamic and exciting culinary destinations in the world. Chef Gustavo has drawn upon his passion for Latin flavours to create a menu that excites from the first bite, in a venue that’s just as vibrant as the dishes.

Upon entering the seventh-floor restaurant, guests are greeted by stunning views of Dubai's skyline and an energetic open-kitchen ambiance. The venue is adorned with natural woods, vibrant colors, and captivating portraits, complemented by Latin house music from the DJ booth.

Ideal for both intimate dinners and group gatherings, Zoco offers a variety of starters, including guacamole, tuna tartare, citrus ceviche, and soft-shell crab, as well as hot plates like beef short ribs and crispy calamari. For mains, diners can indulge in Mexican-style tacos, Peruvian chifa duck fried rice, and the decadent 'Black Onyx' black angus rib-eye. Dessert options include an elevated 'Quatro Leches' cake, churros, and cheesecake.

Cocktail enthusiasts can savor signature creations like Espuma De Mezcal and Cilantro Paloma, along with pitchers of Sangria and Margarita for sharing. Zoco offers enticing promotions, including daily Happy Hour specials and themed events like Salsa Y Señoritas on Fridays and Pisco Rhythm on Saturdays, providing guests with memorable dining experiences in the heart of Dubai.


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Crowne Plaza Greater Noida Unveils Vritti Spa by Tattva
Crowne Plaza Greater Noida Unveils Vritti Spa by Tattva

Crowne Plaza Greater Noida is pleased to announce the opening of its new wellness destination, Vritti Spa by Tattva. Inspired by the Sanskrit word "Vritti," which means waves and ripples, the spa’s design incorporates this theme throughout the space.

As the largest IHG hotel in southwest Asia, Crowne Plaza Greater Noida introduces Vritti Spa to cater to the wellness needs of its guests. The spa offers authentic Ayurvedic wellness therapies aimed at providing a rejuvenating experience for business travelers and guests.

Vritti Spa by Tattva features state-of-the-art amenities, including three private therapy rooms designed for maximum comfort and relaxation. The spa also includes a couple’s room with a jacuzzi and a specialized Shirodhara room. Each space is equipped with adjoining steam facilities and showers to enhance the guest experience.


The spa’s unique menu extends beyond typical massages, facials, and scrubs. It offers a holistic experience that caters to the mind, body, and soul, with traditional therapies, meditation exercises, sound bath healing, and yoga asanas incorporated into each visit. Guests can choose from treatments designed to release muscle tension, revitalize skin, or find inner peace through meditation and sound healing.

Chef Mohammed Anas, Co-Founder Beyondburg Inc said, "We are thrilled to bring Beyondburg Inc. to Bangalore and introduce our unique specialty burgers to the city's discerning food enthusiasts. At Beyondburg, we're not just serving burgers, we're crafting culinary experiences.

Ajmal Jaseem, Co-Founder of Beyondburg Inc added, "Our mission at Beyondburg Inc. is to revolutionize fast food with a fresh and organic approach. We have dedicated ourselves from the start to finding the best ingredients and meticulously handcrafting each burger. Our signature burger, Smash Burger, is one of the most popular dishes on the menu, both for in-house dining and for takeaways.

Beyondburg Inc. differentiates itself from other fast-food businesses by providing a gourmet dining experience in addition to offering freshness and innovation through its cuisine. Every burger is served on a freshly baked brioche bun, which elevates the dining experience with its exceptional taste and texture. Signature dishes from the Beyondburg Inc. menu include the Classic Swiss Cheese Burger, Nashville Fried Chicken Burger, the famous Pastrami Sandwich, Brisket Whopper, and Animal Style Fries – each one a testament to the brand's commitment to using premium ingredients and flavorful combinations.

The ambiance at Vritti Spa is designed to deliver a relaxing experience. Every element, from the colors to the calming music, has been selected to create a tranquil atmosphere. The spacious treatment rooms are made with natural elements, evoking a sense of harmony with nature.


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Retail India News: Dhishoom by Parle Agro Widens Reach in Jeera Masala Drink Segment
Retail India News: Dhishoom by Parle Agro Widens Reach in Jeera Masala Drink Segment

Parle Agro, renowned for its innovative strides in the Indian beverage sector, has introduced Dhishoom, a jeera masala-flavored carbonated beverage, nationwide. Dhishoom's nationwide availability marks a significant milestone, positioning it as the pioneer national brand in this segment.

Originally introduced in 2012 and primarily available in rural and small-town markets, Dhishoom has now been extended across India to meet the surging demand for jeera-based drinks. Parle Agro's strategic move aims not only to cater to but also to spearhead the growth of this burgeoning category.

Dhishoom promises consumers an authentic jeera drink experience, blending savory, tangy, and citrusy flavors with the perfect mix of jeera masala and carbonation. Packaged in vibrant, eye-catching designs, Dhishoom is available in two sizes – 125ml and 250ml, priced at Rs 10 and Rs 20 respectively, ensuring affordability without compromising quality.

Ankit Kapoor, Head of Marketing and International Business, Parle Agro said, “The pan India launch of Dhishoom marks our national foray into the masala soda segment with the aim to establish leadership in the fragmented jeera masala drink category. We will leverage our superior understanding of the consumer’s taste, design lead brand building capability and our distribution network to unlock this category."

The jeera masala drink market, encompassing both organized and unorganized sectors, boasts a substantial market size of approximately Rs 700 crore. While regional players currently dominate certain segments, there exists a clear opportunity for a strong national brand like Parle Agro to capture market share and drive growth.

Nadia Chauhan, Joint Managing Director of Parle Agro, remarked, "The nationwide launch of Dhishoom underscores our commitment to unlocking market potential and elevating categories to new heights. Our goal is to position Dhishoom as the preferred choice in the jeera masala drink category, reaffirming Parle Agro's leadership in the beverage industry."

To bolster Dhishoom's visibility and engagement, Parle Agro will leverage its robust distribution network and deploy eye-catching Point-of-Sale Materials (POSMs). Furthermore, digital platforms and influencer collaborations will be leveraged to effectively connect with the target audience at a regional level.


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New Leadership Team Strengthening Hilton Hospitality
New Leadership Team Strengthening Hilton Hospitality

The Hilton and Hilton Garden Inn Bengaluru Embassy Manyata Business Park have announced the appointment of four new leaders. These professionals bring diverse backgrounds and extensive expertise, which will play a critical role in shaping the future of the properties. Their fresh perspectives and dedication to guest satisfaction are expected to drive the hotels to new heights.

Shoeb Mohammed: New Hotel Manager

Shoeb Mohammed, with over 12 years of hospitality experience, has been appointed as the new Hotel Manager. Shoeb’s journey into hospitality began with a seasonal job at a resort, and his passion led him to become a TOP 30 under 30 leader in Canada, managing a renowned Toronto bar. His background includes managing F&B operations at Grand Hyatt, Kochi, and leading operations at Marriott International. Shoeb is committed to providing clear direction and ensuring top-notch service to exceed guest expectations. In his free time, he enjoys soccer, documentaries, and travel.

Athar Hussain: New Sous Chef

Athar Hussain has been appointed as the new Sous Chef. With over 14 years of culinary experience, Hussain is known for blending traditional Indian flavors with global influences. In his role, he will lead the hotel's culinary team, focusing on menu curation and maintaining high standards of quality and creativity. Hussain’s previous experience includes positions at Grand Hyatt, Marriott Whitefield, and Leela Palace Bengaluru, where he earned a reputation for innovation and excellence.

Siddhant Arora: Strategic Appointment

Siddhant Arora has been strategically appointed to elevate the hospitality standards at Hilton and Hilton Garden Inn. He leads the F&B division, overseeing events and banquets, and aims to create exceptional dining experiences while building a guest-centric team. Arora’s track record includes roles as Events and Banquet Operation Manager and Restaurant Manager at Hilton, and recognition for leading the largest food delivery app deployment across all Taj hotels in Karnataka. He was also honored as Leader of the Year at the Hilton Business Park.

Asad Sameer Khan: Head of Housekeeping

Asad Sameer Khan is the new Head of Housekeeping. His career includes leadership roles at Hilton, DoubleTree by Hilton, Lemon Tree Premier, and Novotel Juhu Mumbai. Known for his exceptional leadership, meticulous inspection skills, and efficient inventory management, Khan is a certified trainer within the Hilton brand. He holds an MBA and is implementing innovative QR laundry solutions while overseeing the brand transition.

The Hilton and Hilton Garden Inn Bengaluru Embassy Manyata Business Park team welcomes these new leaders. Their experience and leadership skills are expected to further enhance operational excellence at the hotel.


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Retail India News: Devyani Intl and PVR INOX Collabs to Manage Food Courts in Shopping Malls
Retail India News: Devyani Intl and PVR INOX Collabs to Manage Food Courts in Shopping Malls

Quick service restaurant operator Devyani International Limited (DIL) and cinema exhibitor PVR INOX have declared their partnership publicly. This strategic collaboration between the platforms aims to establish a company for the development and operation of food courts within shopping malls in India.

In a joint statement, DIL and PVR INOX expressed that this collaboration will enable them to broaden their audience reach and enhance their market presence.

This partnership further consolidates DIL’s position in the food courts business in India and has paved the way for additional growth and expansion opportunity…DIL is committed to expanding its food courts business in India as one of the strategic future growth pillars. It is our first of the many steps we intend to take to further expand our F&B business. Also, our ability to co-promote both movies and food to 150 million audience would be the USP of this collaboration,said Ravi Jaipuria, DIL Non-Executive Chairman

Ajay Bijli, the Managing Director of PVR INOX, stated that this opportunity would enable PVR INOX to transition towards a pre-ticketed F&B revenue model, as opposed to the current model, which relies heavily on the movie lineup for F&B revenue post-ticketing. 


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Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach Welcomes New Director of Operations
Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach Welcomes New Director of Operations

Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach has announced Neelabh Sahay as their new Director of Operations. In his new role, Sahay will manage the hotel’s overall operations and develop strategies to enhance its market positioning.

Before joining Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach, Sahay worked as the Director of Food and Beverage at Novotel Kolkata Hotel and Residences, where he handled food and beverage operations and the culinary department. With over 18 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Sahay has led numerous successful initiatives and was recognized as ‘Food and Beverage Person of the Year’ in the Accor South Asia Hotel Awards for 2024.

Sahay holds a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Administration from IHM Pusa, New Delhi, and completed the management program at the Oberoi Centre of Learning and Development in the culinary department. He began his career as a chef with Oberoi Hotels and Resorts before transitioning to food and beverage operations at Novotel Kolkata Hotel and Residences.

Vishal Gupta, General Manager of Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach said, “We're thrilled to have Neelabh join our team at Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach. With his experience in the F&B realm, we plan to reposition our restaurants and bars to create a niche in the market. We look forward to continuing to innovate and grow together in this new position.

Neelabh Sahay shared, “I am excited to be a part of the Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach family and look forward to reinventing the food and beverage offerings to create more global, chic, and concept-based spaces.

Outside of work, Sahay enjoys reading and staying updated on the latest global technology trends. As a former chef, he relaxes by experimenting with new recipes and combining unusual flavor profiles to create unique dishes.


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New GM Appointed at WelcomHeritage Cheetahgarh Resort and Spa
New GM Appointed at WelcomHeritage Cheetahgarh Resort and Spa

WelcomHeritage Cheetahgarh Resort and Spa proudly introduces Suresh Kumar as its new General Manager, bringing extensive expertise from his tenure at ITC Hotels. With a demonstrated history of delivering exceptional guest experiences, Suresh's leadership promises to enhance the resort's operations and elevate guest satisfaction.

Suresh Kumar's strategic vision and innovative approach to hospitality will undoubtedly drive Welcomheritage Cheetahgarh Resort and Spa to new heights of success. He is the perfect fit for our luxurious resort, and we are confident that under his guidance, our resort will continue to be a premier destination for travellers seeking luxury, relaxation, and unparalleled service,” added Gulshan Jhurani, promoter of the resort.

Nestled amidst the picturesque Aravalli Hills, WelcomHeritage Cheetahgarh Resort and Spa spans across 20 acres, offering guests an immersive experience of Jawai's enchanting landscapes. From luxury bungalows and tents to culinary delights and activities like leopard safaris and village walks, the resort promises a rejuvenating escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.


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Retail India News: Farmley's Product Range Goes Completely Palm Oil Free
Retail India News: Farmley's Product Range Goes Completely Palm Oil Free

Farmley, known for its wholesome snacks, announced its complete transition to palm oil-free products. Over the course of a year, the company has diligently replaced palm oil with healthier alternatives such as olive oil, ghee, or zero-oil across its entire product range, reaffirming its dedication to revolutionizing healthy snacking.

Palm oil, a widely used vegetable oil, has sparked environmental and health concerns due to its high saturated fat content. In an industry where blended palm oil is prevalent, typically consisting of 80-90% palm oil and only 10-20 percent olive oil, Farmley stands out as one of the pioneering brands to achieve 100 percent Palm Oil-Free status.

While creating a completely palm oil-free product range, the company initiated the "Palms Off Palm Oil" campaign. It informs consumers about the adverse effects of palm oil on health and the environment, and aims to raise awareness regarding palm oil's contribution to deforestation, loss of wildlife habitats, and climate change.


 "At Farmley, prioritizing the well-being and satisfaction of our consumers stands at the forefront of our mission. We began our journey 6 months ago to go completely palm oil free when a few of our  customers expressed resentment towards our products being made in palm oil during our regular customer feedback surveys. Customer feedback is not just a suggestion box for us; it's a guiding light that impacts our business decisions. We are happy to be among the first to transition our entire range of products to being completely palm oil free by replacing it with zero-oil, olive oil, or ghee. While this move will cater to the health of the nation, from a business perspective, it will provide us a first-mover advantage into an emerging F&B segment, which focuses on food quality and health. As we continue to innovate and improve, we remain committed to providing snacks that are not only delicious but also mindful of our planet and its inhabitants,” said Akash Sharma, Co-Founder, Farmley expressing his views on the transition.

According to a study published in the National Library of Medicine, palm oil is a key ingredient in nearly half of the most frequently consumed food and consumer products, including many popular snacks. With its composition of 5 percent saturated fatty acid, palm oil has been found to raise LDL or 'bad' cholesterol levels in the bloodstream. This increases the unhealthy fat levels in the body, consequently heightening the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Farmley’s snacking range is available to shop on online commerce platforms including including Amazon, Flipkart, Blinkit, Zepto, and Instamart, along with retail stores.  


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Retail India News: Royal Orchid Hotels Unveils Surat's Largest All-Suite 5-Star Hotel
Retail India News: Royal Orchid Hotels Unveils Surat's Largest All-Suite 5-Star Hotel

Royal Orchid Hotels Ltd (ROHL) has unveiled 'The World', Gujarat's largest All-Suite 5-star hotel, marking its debut in Surat following the management agreement with Hindva Hospitality, LLP in March 2024.

Situated near Surat Diamond Bourse, the upcoming Bullet Train Station, and the Textile belt, 'The World' caters to both business and leisure travelers. With meticulously curated art pieces and tasteful decor, the 288 all-suite hotel offers spacious accommodations for up to 6 guests, ensuring style, comfort, and convenience.

The hotel boasts an array of innovative services and facilities, including large banqueting rooms, sprawling lawns, meeting facilities, and a signature Spa offering extensive wellness and yoga experiences. Additionally, guests can enjoy an in-house Co-Working space and a Gaming Zone, catering to diverse preferences.

Chander K Baljee, Chairman and MD of Royal Orchid Hotels Ltd said, “We are excited to announce our very first hotel in Surat in partnership with Hindva. ‘The World’ is our contribution to PM Modi’s vision to transforming Surat and bringing it at the forefront of the world’s diamond trading business. The hotel is certain to transform the city’s skyline and create new benchmarks for hospitality in the city.

As part of its inauguration, the hotel introduced 'FAM', an all-day modern eatery offering exclusively vegetarian delicacies crafted by skilled chefs. Additionally, 'The World' presents a unique 'Surati' concept eatery, providing guests with an authentic taste of Gujarati cuisine.

Keyur Kheni, CEO at The World and Managing Partner, Hindva said, “The World is an outcome of a dream to create a masterpiece that redefines luxury and gives Surat a ‘one-of-its-kind’ destination. We are excited as we open doors to unparalleled hospitality for the discerning global traveller. I am confident that our partnership with ROHL, a brand with a legacy spanning five decades, will only elevate the experience for guests further and firmly cement The World as an epitome of opulence and luxury in the city.

In addition to its renowned hospitality, 'The World' offers convenient pick-up and drop services to prominent destinations like Surat Diamond Bourse, Dumas Beach, and the Airport, ensuring a seamless experience for guests.


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Retail India News: The Fern Hotels and Resorts Set to Elevate Hospitality in Kashmir Valley
Retail India News: The Fern Hotels and Resorts Set to Elevate Hospitality in Kashmir Valley

The Fern Hotels and Resorts, a prominent environmentally conscious hotel chain in India, has recently finalized agreements for the establishment of five new hotels in the captivating Kashmir Valley. With these additions, The Fern Hotels and Resorts aim to blend the essence of Kashmiri hospitality with their signature opulence, providing guests with an immersive experience amidst the tranquil beauty of this renowned tourist destination, which saw over 20 million visitors in 2023.

Two of the upcoming hotels, Abraq The Fern in Dalgate, Srinagar (62 keys) and Zinc by The Fern in Tengpora Bypass, Srinagar (50 keys), are already in progress and expected to commence operations by 2025 and 2026, respectively. Additionally, the brand has inked deals for three more hotels: ABRAQ The Fern in Pahalgam (65 keys), Zinc by The Fern in Pahalgam (65 keys), and ABRAQ The Fern in Tangmarg (65 keys), which are currently in the planning phase. Each property is meticulously designed to offer guests panoramic views of the valley and an array of culinary delights featuring local flavors.

Suhail Kannampilly, Managing Director, The Fern Hotels and Resorts said, "We are thrilled to introduce The Fern Hotels and Resorts to the enchanting landscape of the Kashmir Valley. Our vision is to provide guests with not just accommodations, but an immersive journey through the rich tapestry of Kashmiri culture and hospitality. The Fern Hotels and Resorts is more than just a place to stay; it is a gateway to unforgettable experiences. Whether guests seek adventure amidst the rugged terrain, moments of serenity amidst the lush valleys, or a rendezvous with Kashmir's rich cultural heritage, The Fern Hotels and Resorts stands ready to curate bespoke experiences tailored to every traveler.

Riyaz Ahmad Qadri, the visionary force behind Abraq Group said, "This partnership exemplifies our commitment to delivering unparalleled hospitality experiences. By joining hands with The Fern Hotels and Resorts, we are poised to redefine luxury and redefine the hospitality landscape."

Basant Sabu, Associate VP Business Development, The Fern Hotels and Resorts said, “It is an honor for us to make an entry in this mesmerizing region. Committed to sustainability and responsible tourism, The Fern Hotels and Resorts aims to be a custodian of the environment, ensuring that the pristine beauty of the Kashmir Valley remains preserved for generations to come.

The Fern Hotels and Resorts' venture into the Kashmir Valley signifies not only a milestone for the brand but also a significant development in the region's hospitality sector. With a focus on sustainability and community engagement, The Fern Hotels and Resorts aim to uphold environmental stewardship while providing guests with exceptional hospitality experiences.


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Retail India News: bigbasket Collaborates With Tanishq & MMPC-PAMP for Akshaya Tritiya
Retail India News: bigbasket Collaborates With Tanishq & MMPC-PAMP for Akshaya Tritiya

bigbasket, the top online grocery platform has collaborated with Tanishq and MMTC-PAMP for Akshaya Tritiya celebrations. 

With this strategic partnership, gold and silver coins and bars will be delivered within 10 minutes through the bigbasket Now platform for the occasion of Akshaya Tritiya. 

“Our collaboration with Tanishq, a trusted name synonymous with quality and craftsmanship in the jewelry industry, ensures that our customers can celebrate Akshaya Tritiya with the finest gold coins, reflecting prosperity and elegance” said Seshu Kumar Tirumala, Chief Buying and Merchandising Officer, bigbasket. 

He further stated that the partnership with MMTC-PAMP brings customers high-quality silver coins.

bigbasket, which is a Tata enterprise offers fresh fruits, vegetables, pulses, and other groceries. The brand is operational in more than 400 cities in India and serves about 15 million customer orders per month. 

MMTC-PAMP, established in 2008, is a collaborative effort between PAMP SA, headquartered in Switzerland, and MMTC Ltd, a Government of India enterprise. The company operates a state-of-the-art facility for processing precious metals.


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Zomato Launches India’s First Crowd-Supported Weather Infrastructure
Zomato Launches India’s First Crowd-Supported Weather Infrastructure

Zomato, the renowned food aggregator, has recently launched a crowd-supported weather infrastructure network. This innovative system comprises 650 on-ground stations strategically positioned to deliver real-time updates on crucial weather metrics like temperature and rainfall. 

The newly introduced network, weatherunion.com, offers localized and up-to-the-minute data on essential weather parameters, including temperature, humidity, wind speed, and rainfall, as outlined by Goyal. Presently operational in 45 major cities, Goyal announced plans for the swift expansion of weatherunion.com to encompass additional Indian cities in the near future, as shared in a post on the micro-blogging platform X.

At Zomato, it was crucial for us to have access to precise and real-time weather information to make the right business decisions to serve our customers better. Hence, we took it upon ourselves to develop a solution capable of empowering us on this front,” stated Deepinder Goyal, Co-founder and CEO of Zomato. 

He talked about the Zomator employees who have hosted weather stations at their homes.

Goyal commented “As we look forward to further expanding this infrastructure, we welcome volunteers who want to provide us space on their premises to install these weather stations and contribute to nation-building. Multiple companies and public institutions should use real-time weather data, to boost the productivity of our economy.

All institutions and companies will be able to access the weatherunioun.com database for the public good. 


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Retail India News: Hospitality Veteran Ashwin Vaidya Named GM at Marriott Hyderabad
Retail India News: Hospitality Veteran Ashwin Vaidya Named GM at Marriott Hyderabad

Marriott Executive Apartments Hyderabad proudly welcomes Ashwin Vaidya as its new General Manager, marking a pivotal moment for the esteemed property. Boasting over 17 years of rich experience in the hospitality sector, Ashwin brings a depth of expertise and leadership acumen to his latest assignment. In his new capacity, he will oversee the hotel's operations, leveraging his extensive industry knowledge to drive excellence and innovation in service delivery.

Ashwin's illustrious career spans diverse roles across esteemed hospitality establishments, including notable stints at Marriott properties like the Hyderabad Hotel and Convention Center and Courtyard by Marriott Hyderabad. Renowned for his adept management style and focus on fostering high-performing teams, Ashwin has consistently delivered remarkable results, elevating both revenue performance and guest satisfaction levels.

Having embarked on his hospitality journey as a Front Office Associate at The Oberoi Mumbai, Ashwin has since navigated through various managerial positions across different locations, showcasing his versatility and knack for operational excellence. His involvement in pre-opening teams underscores his capability to lay strong foundations for success right from the outset.

Throughout his career, Ashwin's contributions have been widely lauded, earning him prestigious accolades such as the Most Improved Hotel with Guest Satisfaction Scores award in 2017 for Marriott Executive Apartments Mumbai in the Asia Pacific region. Additionally, he has been recognized as the Front Office Leader of the Year in 2017 for Marriott Asia Pacific and received the Rooms Operations Leaders Award in the Upscale & Mid-Market Segment by Hotelier India in 2016.

With his remarkable track record and unwavering dedication to guest service and operational brilliance, Ashwin Vaidya epitomizes the pinnacle of hospitality leadership. His appointment signals a new era of excellence for Marriott Executive Apartments Hyderabad, promising guests an unparalleled experience of luxury and comfort under his able stewardship.


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Retail India News: Cygnett Hotels and Resorts Strengthens Operational Leadership
Retail India News: Cygnett Hotels and Resorts Strengthens Operational Leadership

Cygnett Hotels and Resorts, a key player in India's hospitality sector, has appointed Deba Prasad as the new Director of Operations. With a remarkable 27-year career in hospitality management, Prasad brings a wealth of experience from esteemed global hotel groups, including Oberoi, Taj, and Starwood, among others.

"We are delighted to welcome Deba Prasad to our team. His extensive expertise and visionary leadership align with our commitment to delivering exceptional service and memorable guest experiences," stated Sarbendra Sarkar, Founder of Cygnett Hotels and Resorts.

Known for setting high service standards and operational policies, Prasad's commercial acumen and proven track record in facilities management and cost optimization make him a valuable addition to Cygnett's leadership team.

Additionally, Cygnett Hotels and Resorts has appointed Rajeev Sharma as the new General Manager of Operations and Pre-Opening Support. With over two decades of experience in the hospitality sector, Sharma's dynamic approach to hospitality management will play a crucial role in driving operational success and reinforcing Cygnett's position as an industry leader.

"Rajeev's rich background and leadership skills will be pivotal as we expand our portfolio and ensure operational excellence in our upcoming hotel openings," Sarkar emphasized.

Furthermore, Cygnett Hotels and Resorts has welcomed Shyam Bhethanabotla as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO). With extensive experience in designing and deploying large-scale systems across various sectors, including hospitality and tech, Bhethanabotla's appointment underscores Cygnett's commitment to innovation and efficiency.

"Shyam's forward-thinking approach to technology will enhance our capabilities and drive innovation in the hospitality industry," Sarkar added.

Bhethanabotla's involvement in philanthropy and social causes, along with his expertise in Cloud Computing and AI/ML systems, positions him well to lead Cygnett's technological advancements, ensuring enhanced guest experiences and operational efficiency.


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Westlife Foodworld CFO Resigns; Hrishut Shah Takes Charge
 Westlife Foodworld CFO Resigns; Hrishut Shah Takes Charge

McDonald’s South and West operator Westlife Foodworld welcomed Hrishut Shah as its new Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Effective from May 9, Shah will be taking over the role from Saurabh Bhudolia, who is transitioning out of the company to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities. 

“On behalf of Westlife, I express our gratitude to our departing CFO, Saurabh Bhudolia, whose dedication and financial expertise have greatly contributed to our company’s growth. His efforts have been crucial in strengthening our financial resilience and strategy. As we move forward, we are grateful for the strong foundation Saurabh has helped build,” stated Saurabh Kalra, MD, Westlife, Foodworld. 

With over 18 years of experience, Shah in his new role will work in coordination with the leadership team to devise financial strategies and will oversee all aspects of financial management to boost the company’s financial success. 

Saurabh Shah was earlier VP of finance at Pidilite Industries, and he is also known to work with several organizations like Landmark Group, Godrej Consumer Products, and Marico.


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Retail India News: Instacart Join Forces With Uber Eats for Seamless Restaurant Deliveries
Retail India News: Instacart Join Forces With Uber Eats for Seamless Restaurant Deliveries

Grocery delivery service Instacart has announced its collaboration with Uber Eats, aiming to offer restaurant delivery services to its customers. San Francisco-based Instacart stated that its U.S. shoppers will be able to see a “Restaurants” tab in the company’s app in the coming weeks. Uber Eats Drivers will be responsible for delivering the restaurant orders. 

The Instacart Plus members paying an amount of Rs 99 per year or Rs 9.99 per month for free grocery deliveries over $35 will be enjoying the free restaurant delivery service for order over $35. Meanwhile, regular Instacart members will have to pay the Uber Eats delivery fee. 

The company will earn an affiliate fee with every order, but it didn’t say anything about any other financial details of the partnership. The collaboration will provide Instacart customers additional benefits in the competitive grocery delivery market. Instacart presently controls over 25 percent of the grocery market in the U.S. behind Walmart at 51 percent, according to YipitData, a market research company.

Uber Eats says that the partnership with Instacart will attract more customers to its restaurant partners, particularly in the Suburban neighborhoods where the grocery delivery company attracts more users. Instacart had 7.7 million monthly active users, a document file from last summer expresses that. The companies didn’t disclose the number of customers of Uber Eats. 


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Retail India News: Varun Marwah Joins DoubleTree by Hilton Pune as Commercial Director
Retail India News: Varun Marwah Joins DoubleTree by Hilton Pune as Commercial Director

DoubleTree by Hilton Pune - Chinchwad is pleased to announce the appointment of Varun Marwah as the Commercial Director of Sales and Marketing. With over 18 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Varun brings extensive knowledge and expertise to his new role.

Before joining DoubleTree by Hilton Pune - Chinchwad, Varun served as the Director of Sales and Marketing at Novotel Pune, where he played a crucial role in driving sales strategies and enhancing the hotel's market presence. His career includes stints with renowned brands such as Taj Group of hotels, Le Méridien, Lalit Suri Hospitality Group, Holiday Inn, Pride Hotels, and Ibis Hotel.

Varun started his journey in the hospitality industry after completing his Bachelor's degree in Hotel Management. He began as a Banquet Sales Assistant with Taj Group of hotels, laying a strong foundation for his career.

In his new role, Varun will spearhead sales and marketing initiatives, drive revenue growth, and foster strategic partnerships to elevate the hotel's position in the market. With his proven track record and innovative approach, Varun is set to lead the team to new heights of excellence.

The General Manager of DoubleTree by Hilton Pune Chinchwad expressed excitement about Varun's appointment said, "We are thrilled to welcome Varun to our team. His extensive experience and profound understanding of the hospitality industry make him an invaluable asset to our organization. We are confident that under his leadership, we will continue to deliver exceptional experiences to our guests and achieve remarkable success."

Beyond his professional pursuits, Varun is passionate about traveling and exploring nature, drawing inspiration from the beauty and diversity of the world around him.


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Retail India News: Hershey India Expanding Its Product Portfolio With Choco Delights Launch
Retail India News: Hershey India Expanding Its Product Portfolio With Choco Delights Launch

Hershey India Pvt Ltd a leading global Snacking and Confectionery Company has announced the launch of Choco Delights – a melt-in-mouth milk chocolate bar with crunchies. The launch of this all-new product strengthens the company’s chocolate portfolio in India and marks the company’s foray into the ValueMolded Chocolate Sub-Segment.

"HERSHEY’S Choco Delights stands out distinctly with its combination of melt-in-mouth chocolates and crunchies that delivers Hershey’s classic ‘chocolatey’ experience at an accessible price point. It is a testament to our commitment to strengthen our chocolate portfolio in India and innovate in our pursuit of engaging a diverse consumer base. With this launch we aim to become a significant player in the prominent chocolate segment, catering to key consumption occasions for chocolate enthusiasts,stated Luigi Mirri, General Manager, Hershey India and APAC on the launch. 

Hershey’s Choco Delights is for the growing demand for unique snacking experiences that customers will be able to get at reasonable price points. The curation of the product is done keeping in mind the ever changing snacking demands of Gen Z, Millennials, and value-conscious consumers.

The launch of the Choco Delights by Hershey's is a significant milestone for the company as it aims to expand the brand’s presence in the chocolate segment in the country. The company previously successfully launched its other variants including Hershey’s Kisses, Hershey’s Exotic Dark, Hershey’s Bars, and Hershey’s Choco Tubes. 


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Retail India News: Walmart Introduces Store-Label Food Brand to Attract Younger Shoppers
Retail India News: Walmart Introduces Store-Label Food Brand to Attract Younger Shoppers

Walmart is introducing the U.S. retailer's biggest store-label food brand. The idea is to appeal to younger shoppers who are more interested in buying chef-inspired food rather than grocery brands. The Bettergoods brand is all set to enter Walmart stores as well as the company’s online shopping site. The company is expecting to add 300 products in line by the fall which will include frozen foods, dairy items, snacks, beverages, pasta, soups, coffee, and chocolates. The pricing range for the products will be from $2 to under $15, and most of the products will cost under $5. 

The Bettergoods brand line splits into 3 categories including plant-based options like desserts made with oat milk and non-dairy cheeses; products for other dietary lifestyles, such as gluten-free or made without artificial flavors, colorings, or added sugars, and “Culinary Experiences.” The last category of the brand includes products like creamy corn jalapeno chowder and pasta from Italy. 

As an industry, we’re seeing younger customers be more brand agnostic, prioritizing quality and value, and driving increased interest in private brands,” said Scott Morris, Walmart’s Senior Vice President of Private Brands, Food and Consumables. 

Bettergoods is entering Walmart's other store-label food brands such as Great Value and Equate, which are known for providing lower-priced alternatives to national brand products. Many of Bettergood products are designed uniquely to Walmart while introducing its customers to new trends and flavors. 


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Retail India News: Mount Kailash Welcomes Pallavi Saha as New CEO
Retail India News: Mount Kailash Welcomes Pallavi Saha as New CEO

Renowned mineral water brand Mount Kailash has recently announced the appointment of Pallavi Saha as its new Chief Executive Officer. Saha joined the organization to help it grow and expand. Having over 2 decades of experience, she has collaborated with renowned brands including Apple, Whirlpool, and Chobani.

She is also known to mentor in building product lines from scratch across the United States, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific Region. “I feel deeply honored to be associated with a brand that embodies the noble mission of uplifting humanity. It’s both humbling and inspiring to carry forward this esteemed legacy,” said Saha. 

Pallavi will be responsible for leading Mount Kailash’s strategic expansion plans, and its initial focus will be on the Delhi National Capital Region (NCR). Here, the company aims to strengthen its presence and plans to gradually expand its reach in the northern belt, so that a large number of customers get the benefits of their high-quality hydration solution.  The newly appointed CEO aims to craft a future for the brand Mount Kailash rooted in humanity, innovation, and strategic excellence. 


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Retail India News: Plant-Based Milk Brand OatMIK Witnessing Massive Expansion Pan India
Retail India News: Plant-Based Milk Brand OatMIK Witnessing Massive Expansion Pan India

OatMIK, a plant-based milk brand, envisions growth by focusing on four important mediums including TG, location, channels, and Product Line. the brand is also planning to explore the international markets of UAE/APAC/EU/USA in upcoming years. 

Within one year of its entry into the market, the OatMIK has reached a level of almost 21 times growth in revenue. Currently, the brand has marked its presence in almost all prominent marketplaces such as Amazon, Zepto, Blinkit, Flipkart, etc.

Akash Wadhwani and Rishabh Gupta, Founders, OatMIK said, “For us, the initial challenges revolved around understanding food science, understanding nuances of the field and to actually develop something that was good, tasty and comparable to world class products. Our next hurdle was to sell the OatMlk we had developed. We did not have marketing budgets nor any ideas as to how a D2C brand functions or is supposed to execute sales. We did not know how to run ads or even get our first consumer. We did what we do best and try to fill in the shoes of the consumer. We started sampling our product. We wanted every single person to try it, understand it, and explore whether they would buy it. This was the strategy and it has been working for us ever since. We sample heavily and want every person to try our product. This has become a part of the identity of our brand and has allowed us to create a strong customer base that is growing.

Valued at $21 million compared to the $140 billion animal-derived dairy industry, the plant-based dairy sector in India is forecasted to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20.7 percent, reaching $63.9 million by 2024.

We are slowly transitioning from launch to growth – Increasing user base through expanding user personas; penetrating tier l cities and starting to focus on tier ll and tier lll cities; Leveraging channels including HoReCa, retail, institutions, chefs, celebrities, baristas, influencers; And to broaden the product category from unsweetened oat milk to a few more offerings,” said Akash

The brand is currently eyeing a significant expansion that lets it deeply penetrate the Indian market.


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Retail India News: Serendipity Targets Travellers with Tailored Sri Lankan Experiences
Retail India News: Serendipity Targets Travellers with Tailored Sri Lankan Experiences

Serendipity, a luxury Destination Management Company (DMC) based in Sri Lanka, has announced its strategic focus on capturing a specific segment of the Indian tourism market. With India consistently ranking among the top five primary markets for Sri Lanka’s inbound tourism, Serendipity aims to tap into the growing demand for high-end, personalized travel experiences among Indian travellers.

In 2023, India contributed over 300,000 tourist arrivals to Sri Lanka, indicating significant growth in the tourism sector. Recent statistics reveal approximately 30,000 Indian travellers visited Sri Lanka in March alone. The first quarter of 2024 saw around 96,000 Indian tourists arriving in Sri Lanka, reflecting a steady increase in Indian outbound travel.

Sri Lanka's proximity to India, coupled with short flight durations and hassle-free visa services, makes it an attractive destination for Indian travellers seeking luxury vacations. Serendipity recognizes this advantage and plans to offer curated experiences tailored to meet the preferences of luxury-seeking Indian travellers.

Shaleen Shanthikumar, Director of Serendipity Experience said, "India presents a lucrative market for luxury travel experiences, and we are targeting the super niche segment of Indian travellers. By focusing on delivering unmatched luxury, exclusivity, and tailored services, we aim to redefine the travel experiences of Indian tourists visiting Sri Lanka."

Serendipity aims to enhance travel experiences with a focus on crafting memorable journeys beyond conventional offerings. With a positive outlook on the steady growth in tourist arrivals from India, Serendipity anticipates revenue growth and market expansion. Serendipity is renowned for its expertise in hosting memorable travel trails throughout Sri Lanka, offering luxury and personalization at every touchpoint. The Serendipity Experiences feature well-planned itineraries exploring secluded beaches and immersive cultural encounters, tailored to the unique preferences of each traveller.

The Serendipity Collections pamper guests with luxurious services and offerings in handpicked luxury villas designed by acclaimed architects. Hosted by individuals dedicated to exceptional hospitality, these villas offer unparalleled comfort and elegance. Additionally, Sail Lanka – Serendipity’s Luxury Cruise service provides an incomparable cruising experience with extravagant vessels, flawless service, and breathtaking coastal views.


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Retail India News: Pride Hotels Group Unveils Pride Elite Bharuch in India
Retail India News: Pride Hotels Group Unveils Pride Elite Bharuch in India

Pride Hotels Group is excited to introduce its latest venture, the Pride Elite Bharuch, located in the bustling city of Bharuch, Gujarat, India. Situated near the Dahej port, a key industrial hub hosting approximately 2000 corporate entities, the Pride Elite Bharuch offers unparalleled convenience for business travelers. Additionally, Bharuch's historical significance and its proximity to Gujarat's attractions make it an appealing destination for leisure travelers seeking a blend of business and tourism opportunities.

"At Pride Hotels Group, we are delighted to unveil the Pride Elite Bharuch, a premier destination that reflects our commitment to delivering exceptional hospitality experiences. Strategically located near the vibrant Dahej port, this property caters to the needs of corporate clients while providing a welcoming retreat for leisure visitors. Our dedication to excellence is evident in every aspect of the Pride Elite Bharuch, where guests can expect top-notch service and amenities," remarked Atul Upadhyay, Executive Vice President of Pride Hotels Group.

The Pride Elite Bharuch features 60 luxurious rooms designed to offer ultimate comfort and style, meeting the sophisticated expectations of esteemed guests. The upscale property includes a sprawling 25,000-square-foot wedding lawn, ideal for extravagant weddings and large-scale celebrations, as well as a spacious 3,000-square-foot banquet hall accommodating up to 300 people, perfect for corporate events and conferences. Additionally, the hotel boasts an elegant restaurant with a diverse menu to cater to all tastes. Comprehensive amenities such as a state-of-the-art swimming pool and a well-equipped gym ensure a relaxing and productive stay. For business meetings, two exclusive boardrooms provide the perfect setting for discussions and decision-making. Ample parking facilities offer added convenience for all guests visiting the hotel.

Pride Elite Bharuch is designed to exceed the expectations of both business and leisure travelers by providing a seamless and luxurious experience that stands out in the region.

"We are excited to introduce Pride Elite, our latest brand, which reflects our commitment to innovation and growth in the hospitality industry. Bharuch is an emerging market with a rich cultural heritage and growing travel demand, driven by the presence of the Dahej port and nearby tourist attractions. The region shows strong potential for growth in the hospitality sector, as indicated by the increased search interest in travel and tourism. At Pride Elite Bharuch, guests can enjoy a unique and memorable stay with luxurious accommodations, world-class amenities, and personalized service that sets new standards in hospitality," said Koustuv Mukherjee, Associate Vice President (Gujarat Region) of Pride Hotels Group.

Pride Elite Bharuch aims to redefine hospitality standards in the region, offering unmatched service and world-class amenities. The hotel is set to open soon, providing guests with a memorable and enriching stay.


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Retail India News: Good Flippin’ Burgers Joins Oberoi Mall’s Culinary Landscape
Retail India News: Good Flippin’ Burgers Joins Oberoi Mall’s Culinary Landscape

Oberoi Mall, Mumbai's popular suburban retail hub, has introduced Good Flippin’ Burgers, renowned for its award-winning burgers. This new addition promises to enhance the dining experience at Oberoi Mall.

Good Flippin’ Burgers' diverse menu caters to Oberoi Mall's diverse clientele, ranging from young adults to families. Established in 2019, the restaurant has already garnered immense popularity, with 23 stores in Mumbai, 11 in Delhi NCR, and 4 in Pune. It has also ventured into transit locations, with its first store at Mumbai International Airport (International Departures).

Sameep Pathak, CEO-Malls, Oberoi Realty said, "We are delighted to welcome Good Flippin’ Burgers to Oberoi Mall. Their innovative culinary approach and steadfast commitment to quality resonate perfectly with our mission of delivering unparalleled experiences to our patrons. We anticipate a successful  collaboration and look forward to offering our patrons an elevated culinary experience."

Viren D’Silvaa, Co-Founder of Good Flippin’ Burgers said, "We constantly strive to delight our customers with the freshest, most delicious burgers right in your neighborhood. Unveiling our dine-in experience at Oberoi Mall signifies a thrilling milestone in our steadfast commitment to this goal. We're excited to bring our renowned burgers and fun dining ambiance to this vibrant community."

The launch event was a lively affair attended by prominent television stars, who enjoyed Good Flippin’ Burgers' diverse menu offerings, including favorites like the Cluckinator and the Cheese Bomb, amidst the restaurant's inviting ambiance.


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Retail India News: Marieta Elevates Culinary Journey for its Customers
Retail India News: Marieta Elevates Culinary Journey for its Customers

Marièta beckons patrons on a global culinary voyage infused with the vibrant essence of Latin America, complemented by its spirited agave-focused bar. The menu boasts a rich tapestry of flavors, drawing inspiration from diverse cuisines worldwide. Rooted in passion, every dish embodies Marièta's innovative culinary approach, while the bar stands out for its extensive selection of tequila and mezcal cocktails, a first in the city. Against a backdrop of tropical and Latin house music, guests are enveloped in an atmosphere pulsating with infectious energy, promising an unforgettable dining experience.

The plush interiors of Marièta, dressed in sage green hues and adorned with captivating murals depicting the eponymous Marièta, create a captivating ambiance. A well-appointed bar, evocative artworks narrating Marièta's journey, and warm lighting contribute to the allure, evoking the hospitality of Latin culture. With a seating capacity exceeding 100, including indoor and al fresco options, Marièta offers ample space for guests to immerse themselves in its vibrant aura, seamlessly blending luxury with comfort.

Marièta's culinary offerings, paired with its specialty bar featuring tequila and mezcal cocktails, transport diners to the sun-soaked landscapes of Latin America. Signature concoctions like Marièta's Picante and Second Date tantalize the palate with their unique flavors, while other selections pay homage to Latin culture with names like Mezcalita and Hand of God. The menu also showcases Latino-inspired cocktails such as Pisco Por Favor and Paradiso, alongside a diverse array of global cuisine, from Mexican delicacies to Italian classics and Asian-inspired delights.

Chaitanya Mathur, Co-Founder of Marièta said, “At Marièta, we aim to create a premium dining experience for our customers that is high-energy and vibrant in its flavours across food and beverage. Our dishes are crafted with care and creativity, featuring flavours from every corner of the world, while our cocktails are tequila-forward, adding a taste of Latin American flair to the mix. As the evening unfolds, our music transitions from relaxed tropical tunes to a high-tempo fusion of Latin and Afro house, creating a lively atmosphere that carries into the night.”

With its dynamic Latin-infused energy, Marièta promises an unforgettable culinary journey, where every visit leaves guests yearning for more.


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Retail India News: JW Marriott Bengaluru Appoints Shivy Bhat as Director of Sales
Retail India News: JW Marriott Bengaluru Appoints Shivy Bhat as Director of Sales

JW Marriott Hotel Bengaluru is pleased to announce the appointment of Shivy Bhat as the Director of Sales. With over ten years of experience in the hospitality industry, Shivy brings extensive expertise to his new role. As Director of Sales, Shivy will lead a dynamic team to achieve revenue targets for JW Marriott Hotel Bengaluru.

Prior to joining JW Marriott Hotel Bengaluru, Shivy served at JW Marriott Aerocity, New Delhi, where he led the proactive sales team, delivering outstanding results. Throughout his career, he has also been involved in various operations teams. Shivy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Hospitality and Hotel Administration from Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Hotel Management Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition, Chandigarh. Beyond his professional endeavors, Shivy is a passionate traveler, particularly drawn to mountainous destinations.

Shivy said, "I am thrilled to join JW Marriott Hotel Bengaluru as the Director of Sales. I look forward to collaborating with the talented team to enhance the hotel's sales strategies and drive growth. I am eager to contribute to the ongoing success of JW Marriott Bengaluru."


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Crrunchy Expands Presence In Gujarat, South India Next In Line
Crrunchy Expands Presence In Gujarat, South India Next In Line

Crrunchy, a startup celebrated for its delectable flavored makhanas and a wide assortment of roasted and flavored dry fruits, forays into Gujarat and its strategic blueprint to penetrate South India by engaging distributors. This marks a significant stride in the brand's endeavor to furnish gourmet nut treats to consumers nationwide while championing the cause of healthy snacking.

Already having a presence in Delhi NCR and key cities of Maharashtra such as Mumbai, Pune, and Aurangabad, Crrunchy now sets its sights on captivating the refined tastes of Gujarat.

Conceived by Dr. Saurabh Choudhary, an astute entrepreneur who discerned the need for wholesome snacking alternatives, particularly with makhanas, Crrunchy is driven by a passion for nuts and an unyielding pursuit of perfection. Dr. Choudhary's vision revolves around meticulous selection, roasting, and curation of the finest nuts sourced globally, ensuring an unmatched epicurean experience for customers while fostering healthier dietary habits, with special emphasis on makhanas.

Commenting on the expansion, Dr. Saurabh Choudhary, Founder of Crrunchy, expressed, "Having established ourselves in Delhi NCR and Maharashtra, we perceive vast opportunities in Gujarat and South India. Our journey is fueled by a commitment to promoting healthier snacking alternatives, and we are thrilled to introduce our gourmet nut treats to the discerning tastes of these regions."

Crrunchy boasts a diverse product range, comprising over 20+ SKUs, showcasing flavored makhanas and an array of roasted and flavored dry fruits. From the luxurious indulgence of buttery makhanas to the enticing flavors of roasted almonds and cashews, Crrunchy offers a tantalizing assortment of nutty delights to cater to diverse palates.

As part of its expansion agenda, Crrunchy actively solicits distributors in South India to broaden its footprint and make its premium products readily available to consumers across the region. Interested distributors are encouraged to connect via the company's official website.

Apart from its offline presence, Crrunchy products are conveniently accessible on various online platforms, including Amazon, Swiggy Instamart, and others.



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Wow! Momo Secures $9 Million in Series D Funding Boost
Wow! Momo Secures $9 Million in Series D Funding Boost

Fast-food chain Wow! Momo has secured Rs 70 crore (around $9 million) in an expanded Series D funding round from Z3 Partners.

With this latest infusion, the company has amassed Rs 480 crore ($51 million) in its Series D funding, comprising Rs 270 crore in primary funding and Rs 210 crore in secondary funding.

According to a report from the media, Indian Angel Network and Lighthouse Funds took part in the secondary acquisition.

In January this year, Wow! Momo secured Rs 350 crore (roughly $42 million) in the initial installment of its Series D funding, spearheaded by Khazanah Nasional Berhad.

 According to startup data intelligence platform TheKredible, the company was valued at more than $300 million.

According to the company, the fresh funds will be allocated towards advancing and expanding the quick-service restaurant brand, enhancing distribution channels, and investing in research and development for its FMCG division.

Wow! Momo ventured into the FMCG sector in July 2021.

Founded by Sagar Daryani and Binod Homagai, the 16-year-old Wow! Momo Foods manages three quick-service restaurant (QSR) brands—Wow Momo, Wow China, and Wow Chicken.

The company asserts a presence of 630 outlets spanning across 38 cities and maintains a direct workforce of 6,000 individuals.

During the current fiscal year (FY25), the company plans to broaden its reach by adding another 200 outlets.

Wow! Momo targets achieving a revenue range of Rs 650-700 crore in the current fiscal year (FY24), compared to Rs 435 crore in FY23.

Although the company has not yet submitted its financial statements for FY23, its operational revenue surged twofold to Rs 220 crore in FY22 from Rs 106 crore in FY21.


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Rakul Preet Singh Teams Up with Curefoods to Introduce Arambam
Rakul Preet Singh Teams Up with Curefoods to Introduce Arambam

Bolywood actress, Rakul Preet Singh inaugurated her debut dine-in establishment, "Arambam – Millet Beginnings," in Madhapur, Hyderabad.

Alongside her role as a fitness advocate, she is also joining as the brand ambassador for Arambam.

Arambam was introduced in partnership with Curefoods, a F&B and cloud kitchen operator in India. Rakul Preet Singh, recognized for her dedication to fitness and nutrition, aligns with Arambam's mission of promoting healthy eating habits and holistic well-being, reflecting a mutual commitment to wellness. 

 “I’m excited to open my first millet-centric restaurant in Hyderabad and as a fitness enthusiast, I am always looking for ways to consume nutritious food that also tastes good promoting responsible eating. Hyderabad is very close to my heart as I started my acting career here and I am glad my F&B venture is also starting here. Our unique and seasonal menu is curated around millet-based dishes, emphasising healthy eating without compromising on taste.” said Rakul Preet Singh.

The restaurant's dining concept revolves around showcasing the nutritional benefits of millets. Offering a distinctive culinary experience, the menu focuses on millets, paying homage to this ancient grain that has played a vital role in Indian cuisine for generations.

 “Arambam represents our dedication to promoting a healthy lifestyle and mindful eating.  We are thrilled with this collaboration and are looking forward to expanding into two more restaurants in Bangalore, and Chennai along with ten cloud kitchens this year.” said Ankit Nagori, Founder, Curefoods.

Millets are rich in complex carbohydrates and are also excellent sources of protein and fiber. Recognizing their numerous health benefits, the Government of India is actively encouraging their inclusion in people's diets to enhance nutritional intake.

Arambam aims to revolutionize the culinary scene by highlighting the diverse health advantages of millets, emphasizing their nutritional value and eco-friendly nature, in line with the Indian Government's objectives.



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ROHL Makes Odisha Debut with Regenta Central in Puri
ROHL Makes Odisha Debut with Regenta Central in Puri

Royal Orchid Hotels Ltd (ROHL) has entered Odisha with the inauguration of Regenta Central in the coastal town of Puri.

This marks ROHL's inaugural venture in the state and its fourth property in East India. Positioned as an ideal destination for tourists seeking spiritual, wellness, or cultural experiences, Regenta Central in Puri is strategically located just 50 meters away from the renowned Golden Beach, offering guests an immersive experience in Odisha's vibrant heritage.

 “The launch of Regenta Central in Odisha marks a significant milestone as we set ourselves on an aggressive expansion mode for this fiscal with new hotel openings and signings; we have already announced hotels in Kasauli, Surat and Mumbai in the last 10-15 days and many more are expected soon.” said Chander K Baljee, Chairman & Managing Director, ROHL.

“Puri, renowned for its rich history and economic reliance on tourism and the religious significance of landmarks like the ancient 12th-century Jagannath Temple, adds to the emerging tourist hub of the state, further strengthening our portfolio in the Eastern part of India”, Mr. Baljee added.

The hotel has 55 crafted rooms spread across four unique categories, all featuring balconies or sit-outs that provide views of the sea.

Situated just 5 kilometers away from both Puri Railway Station and the iconic Lord Jagannatha Temple, affectionately known as Srikhetram locally, the hotel offers guests a comprehensive experience, blending convenience with spirituality during their visit to the city.

“We are happy to announce the opening of Regenta Central in Puri. With this opening, we are well on our way to launching 35 new hotels this year. This new property highlights our dedication to growing the brand across the country, ensuring our guests enjoy innovative and unique hospitality experiences nationwide”, said Arjun Baljee, President, ROHL.

Visitors at Regenta Central enjoy convenient proximity to nearby attractions such as Pratyush Ocean World and Raghurajpur Artist Village, both situated just 6 km and 10 km away, respectively.

Moreover, renowned destinations like Baliharachandi Beach, Konark Sun Temple, Pipili, and Udayagiri & Khandagiri Caves are also easily accessible. Whether traveling for business, leisure, or spiritual pursuits, Regenta Central Puri assures guests of a delightful and unforgettable stay.


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Royal Orchid Hotels Expands Presence in East India
Royal Orchid Hotels Expands Presence in East India

Strengthening its presence in the eastern part of the country, Royal Orchid Hotels Ltd (ROHL) marked its entry in Odisha with the opening of Regenta Central in the coastal city of Puri. ROHLs maiden property in the state, and the 4th in East India, Regenta Central in Puri is poised to become the preferred abode for tourists visiting the city for spiritual, wellness, or cultural tourism from across the country. The newest addition to ROHL’s portfolio is located at a proximity of 50 meters from Golden Beach and provides the perfect setting for guests to immerse themselves in the rich heritage of Odisha.

Chander K Baljee, Chairman & Managing Director, ROHL said, “The launch of Regenta Central in Odisha marks a significant milestone as we set ourselves on an aggressive expansion mode for this fiscal with new hotel openings and signings; we have already announced hotels in Kasauli, Surat and Mumbai in the last 10-15 days and many more are expected soon.”

“Puri, renowned for its rich history and economic reliance on tourism and the religious significance of landmarks like the ancient 12th-century Jagannath Temple, adds to the emerging tourist hub of the state, further strengthening our portfolio in the Eastern part of India,” Baljee added.

The hotel features 55 elegantly designed rooms across four distinct categories, each with balconies or sit-outs offering a pleasant sea view. The hotel is conveniently located 5 kilometers from Puri Railway Station and the renowned Lord Jagannatha Temple, locally known as Srikhetram which stands as a symbol of spirituality in Puri, thereby offering a true holistic experience to our guests visiting the city.

“We are happy to announce the opening of Regenta Central in Puri. With this opening, we are well on our way to launching 35 new hotels this year. This new property highlights our dedication to growing the brand across the country, ensuring our guests enjoy innovative and unique hospitality experiences nationwide,” stated Arjun Baljee, President, ROHL.

“We are dedicated to establishing unparalleled standards in the hospitality sector. With the opening of Regenta Central Puri, we are sure the property will not only help bolster the local economy, it will help carve out a niche for hospitality in the city by enhancing the allure of leisure and tourism”, Philip Logan, COO, ROHL added.


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Novotel New Delhi Aerocity Launches EV Charging Station for Sustainable Hospitality
Novotel New Delhi Aerocity Launches EV Charging Station for Sustainable Hospitality

Novotel New Delhi Aerocity is reaffirming its commitment to sustainability by partnering with Charge Zone to introduce an Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station.

This initiative is part of the hotel's larger goal to integrate eco-conscious practices into its operations, enhancing its reputation as a leader in sustainable hospitality.

Positioned conveniently by the entrance, the EV charging station at Novotel New Delhi Aerocity provides guests with a convenient and effective means to charge their electric vehicles while making the most of the hotel's amenities.

This amenity is accessible to guests staying at both Novotel and Pullman, highlighting the hotel's commitment to offering sustainable solutions.

As part of its enduring dedication to environmental stewardship, the establishment has introduced several eco-conscious initiatives throughout its premises.

Among its sustainable efforts, the property features a 5500 sq ft herb garden dedicated to organic farming and operates a glass bottling plant to support its eco-friendly practices.

This commitment extends to reducing single-use plastics, aligning with brand-wide goals to eliminate them by 2050.

 Notably, the hotel has replaced in-room amenities, plastic straws, and stirrers with sustainable options. Additionally, it incorporates Fairtrade-certified products like Kimirica and Oriental Lotus amenities, underscoring its commitment to ethical and environmentally conscious practices.

"We are happy to announce the launch of the EV charging station at Novotel New Delhi Aerocity. It not only symbolises our dedication but also provides a practical solution for our discerning guests who increasingly prioritise eco-friendly options," said Vineet Mishra, Cluster General Manager, Pullman & Novotel New Delhi Aerocity.

Novotel New Delhi Aerocity combines environmental awareness with exceptional comfort. The introduction of the EV charging station marks a significant milestone in the hotel's quest for a more sustainable future, establishing fresh benchmarks in conscientious hospitality.


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Retail India News: Indri Single Malt Whisky Emerges as World's Fastest Growing Brand, Achieving Remarkable Milestone
Retail India News: Indri Single Malt Whisky Emerges as World's Fastest Growing Brand, Achieving Remarkable Milestone

Indri Single Malt Whisky, crafted by Piccadily Distilleries, has carved an unprecedented path in the global spirits market, establishing itself as the fastest-growing single malt whisky worldwide. Within just its second year since launch, Indri-Trini has soared past the remarkable milestone of selling over 1 lakh cases, capturing a substantial 30 percent market share in India and outshining even established global giants.

The exceptional growth of Indri-Trini, boasting a staggering 599 percent increase compared to the previous year, has propelled it into an elite league of top-selling single malt whiskies globally. Piccadily Distilleries, fueled by this monumental success, is ambitiously eyeing a spot among the top 5 selling single malt whiskies worldwide, as it continues to redefine industry standards.

Since its introduction in November 2021, Indri Single Malt Whisky has garnered over 25 esteemed accolades on the international stage, including prestigious titles such as 'Best Indian Single Malt' at renowned competitions like the World Whisky Awards and the International Whisky Competition. Notably, its Diwali Collector’s Edition clinched the coveted title of 'Best Whisky In The World' at the Whiskies of the World Awards, surpassing esteemed Scotch and American rivals.

This extraordinary achievement not only elevates the brand's stature but also reinforces the global recognition of Indian whiskies, driving a surge in demand for premium Indian single malts. The exponential rise of Indri reflects a significant shift in consumer preferences, with premium spirits leading the charge.

According to industry reports, Indian single malt whiskies have witnessed a remarkable 144 percent surge in 2021-22, far outpacing their Scottish counterparts. Early estimates by the Confederation of Indian Alcoholic Beverage Companies (CIABC) indicate that Indian single malts commanded an impressive 53 percent of total sales in 2023, signaling a paradigm shift in the spirits landscape.

Praveen Malviya, CEO of Piccadily Distilleries, remarked, “In a market once dominated by imported labels, Indri stands as a beacon of Indian excellence, symbolizing national pride and elevating the status of Indian spirits globally. Indri isn't just leading the charge; it's leading a revolution.”

As Indri continues to redefine the benchmarks of Indian single malt whisky, Piccadily Distilleries remains committed to pushing boundaries, exploring new horizons, and delivering exceptional experiences to whisky enthusiasts worldwide.


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Radisson Blu Kaushambi Introduces Skygrill Restaurant
Radisson Blu Kaushambi Introduces Skygrill Restaurant

Radisson Blu in Kaushambi has introduced its newest culinary venture, Skygrill Restaurant, presenting an array of Lebanese and Mediterranean dishes.

"Skygrill represents our commitment to delivering exceptional dining experiences that exceed expectations. With its stunning views, carefully crafted menu, and vibrant ambience, we are hopeful that Skygrill will quickly become a beloved culinary destination in Delhi-NCR." said Navneet Jain, CEO of Radisson Blu, Kaushambi.

The menu is crafted by skilled chefs, showcasing the essence of Lebanese and Mediterranean culinary traditions.

At Skygrill, each dish guarantees a voyage of flavors, from kebabs to grilled specialties, promising a culinary adventure.

"Skygrill restaurant has the essence of Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine, blending traditional flavours with contemporary flair. At Radisson Blu, Kaushambi, we are thrilled to introduce this culinary haven where every dish on the menu is crafted with passion and precision, promising an unforgettable dining experience." said Chef Dheeraj Mathur, Cluster Executive Chef, Radisson Blu, Kaushambi.

Radisson Blu Kaushambi presents an ideal choice for corporate travelers. It is situated just an eight-minute drive away from the Noida corporate hub, the upscale lodging provides attentive services like on-demand medical assistance, airport transfers, and expansive banquet facilities, alongside contemporary conveniences such as complimentary Wi-Fi and round-the-clock room service.



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Industry Veteran Ajay Mehtani Joins TreeHouse Hotels & Resort as Partner
Industry Veteran Ajay Mehtani Joins TreeHouse Hotels & Resort as Partner

TreeHouse Hotels & Resorts is a leading Indian hospitality chain owned by Karma Hospitality LLP has announced the appointment of Ajay Mehtani as Partner.

In this newly created role, Ajay Mehtani will leverage his extensive experience across hospitality, investment, strategy, growth, technology and brand development to fuel TreeHouse Hotels' continued growth and expansion in India & South Asia.

“We are thrilled to welcome Ajay to the TreeHouse Hotels family, his proven track record in the hospitality industry, coupled with his deep understanding of the hospitality industry and brand strategy, makes him an invaluable asset as we embark on our next growth chapter. Ajay's diverse experience will play a key role in propelling our innovative approach to hospitality forward.” said Jayant Singh, Managing Partner at TreeHouse Hotels.

Ajay brings over three decades of expertise spanning Hospitality, FMCG, ITES, and Private Equity to TreeHouse Hotels.

Before joining, he held the role of President for Asset Management & Executive Search South Asia at HVS Anarock, a prominent global consultancy in hospitality.

“I am incredibly excited to join TreeHouse Hotels at such a pivotal time in the industry and the company’s journey, I look forward to leveraging my expertise to build on TreeHouse Hotels' position as one of the leading “Made in India” brand focused to serve domestic customers in the hospitality industry and contribute to its continued success.” said Ajay.

Throughout his career, Ajay has assumed leadership roles at esteemed organizations such as InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), Quatro Global Services, Duet India Hotels, and Starwood Hotels & Resorts.


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Rakul Preet Singh Partners with Curefoods to Launch Arambam
Rakul Preet Singh Partners with Curefoods to Launch Arambam

Bollywood star Rakul Preet Singh will debut her inaugural dine-in establishment, "Arambam – Starts with Millet," on April 16th in Madhapur, Hyderabad.

The restaurant marks her collaboration with Curefoods, a prominent F&B and cloud kitchen operator in India.

Arambam – Starts with Millet" introduces an innovative dine-in concept centered around the nutritional benefits of millet, boasting a menu that highlights this grain.

“I’m excited to open my first restaurant in Hyderabad and help unite the goal of delectable, nutritious eating for all. I believe that food not only feeds the body but also the soul and at Arambam, we plan to do this together, one nutritious millet bowl at a time.” said Rakul Preet Singh.

Rakul Preet Singh, known for her dedication to fitness, will serve as the restaurant's brand ambassador, reflecting a mutual commitment to promoting healthy eating habits and holistic wellness.

“Arambam is not just a restaurant; it’s our way of showcasing commitment to a healthy lifestyle and responsible food decisions.  We are thrilled with this collaboration and are looking forward to expanding into other markets soon.” said Ankit Nagori, Founder, Curefoods.

Curefoods established in 2020 by Ankit Nagori, stands as a prominent hub for F&B brands in India. Within its portfolio are renowned names such as EatFit, Cakezone, Nomad Pizza, Sharief Bhai Biryani, and Frozen Bottle, alongside others.

With a network spanning over 300 cloud kitchens and brick-and-mortar outlets, Curefoods serves a diverse array of cuisines, extending its reach to 25 cities across India.





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Flipkart Introduces Bus Booking Feature on App
Flipkart Introduces Bus Booking Feature on App

Flipkart is the Indian-origin digital commerce ecosystem has revealed the introduction of bus services within its app.

Through partnerships with various state transport corporations and private aggregators, Flipkart will provide users with access to over 1 million bus connections, spanning more than 25,000 routes nationwide.

This expansion complements Flipkart's existing offerings in travel, which already encompass flight and hotel booking services under its Flipkart Travel segment.

The introduction of bus services marks a strategic move for Flipkart as it aims to address the changing demands of travelers.

Leveraging the considerable overlap between Flipkart's existing customer base and bus travelers, the company's initiative to facilitate cost-effective travel is poised to significantly impact the competitive arena.

A distinctive feature offered by Flipkart is the option to redeem Supercoins for bus bookings, providing added value for both new and current customers.

The bus booking service on Flipkart boasts several noteworthy features, including access to attractive discounts, absence of convenience fees or undisclosed charges, opportunities for Supercoins redemption up to INR 50, and a round-the-clock voice helpline.

To celebrate the launch, customers are eligible for a flat 15% discount, coupled with an extra 5% off through Supercoins, on every bus booking made until April 15, 2024.

“The addition of buses to Flipkart's wide array of services marks a significant milestone in our journey towards becoming the ultimate destination for all consumer needs including travel. With Flipkart’s strong presence in tier-2 and tier-3 markets, this move has enabled us to provide customers with a convenient and reliable solution for their inter-city travel needs. As a commitment to our customers, we will continue to serve them with value-added facilities, simplifying their travel experiences in the future.” said Ajay Veer Yadav, Senior Vice President, Flipkart.

Since its inception in 2019, Flipkart Flights and Hotels have experienced consistent growth. With a promising outlook for the travel industry as a whole, Flipkart remains committed to delivering value to consumers across all segments.



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Retail India News: Baskin Robbins Dives into Anytime Snacking with New Ice Cream Lineup
Retail India News: Baskin Robbins Dives into Anytime Snacking with New Ice Cream Lineup

American ice cream giant Baskin Robbins has shifted gears, now offering more than just dessert options with their latest move into the anytime snacking category.

Their summer lineup features enticing treats like doublet bars and ice cream funwiches. Additionally, they've introduced two new bite-sized ice cream flavors: caramel biscuit and hazelnut, expanding their snack-worthy offerings.

Mohit Khattar, CEO of Graviss Foods Pvt. Ltd., the master franchisee for Baskin Robbins in India and South Asia, expressed enthusiasm, stating, “We are excited to lead the charge in revolutionizing how consumers enjoy ice cream and helping move the category towards snacking, making it the ultimate go-to treat for every moment.”

These new products are now available not only at Baskin Robbins parlors but also on select e-commerce platforms, supermarkets, and grocery stores.

Baskin Robbins made its foray into India in 1993 through a partnership with the Graviss Group, establishing its first manufacturing plant near Pune outside North America.

In fiscal year 2024, the company saw a substantial 25 percent growth across various business channels, both B2B and B2C. Currently boasting over 900 stores across 280 cities in India and South Asia, Baskin Robbins aims to hit the landmark of 1,000 stores by the end of 2024.


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Retail India News: Havmor Ice Cream Unveils New Summer Flavors to Beat the Heatwave
Retail India News: Havmor Ice Cream Unveils New Summer Flavors to Beat the Heatwave

In anticipation of the scorching summer months, Havmor Ice Cream, a beloved brand under LOTTE Wellfood Co. Ltd, has unveiled a tantalizing range of new ice cream flavors. Committed to innovation and catering to evolving consumer tastes, Havmor has meticulously crafted a selection of flavors that promise to delight every palate.

Komal Anand, Managing Director of Havmor Ice Cream, expressed his excitement about the new launches, stating, "At Havmor, we're passionate about crafting unique and distinctive flavors and our relentless focus on understanding consumer preferences is at the heart of our R&D and innovation. We are launching around 12 new flavors this season, and considering the current K–wave among consumers; we are also expanding the LOTTE range by adding new Korean-inspired products in the coming months. Last year, we witnessed one of the warmest summers, and this year, too, the predictions are similar.

He further added, "The category has a lot of headroom for growth, and brands with a national footprint have been growing at a CAGR of about 20- 25 percent post-COVID. We expect the category momentum to continue. To cater to the growing demand, we have increased the production capacity in the existing factories and will be ready to service more demand through our upcoming factory in Pune starting July- August 2024. We're confident that our customers will relish these new offerings, which play a key role in our ongoing efforts to expand and enhance our brand across India."

Featuring a blend of timeless classics and innovative twists, the new range includes Indian dessert-inspired flavors such as Shahi Kesar and Rajwadi Kulfi, alongside modern favorites like Blueberry Cheesecake and Cookie N Cream cone. Additionally, summer specials like Ratnagiri Hapus and refreshing options such as rose-flavored ice cream and Jaljeera & Kalakhatta offer a diverse range of choices.

Prepared to cater to the growing demand, Havmor has increased production capacity in existing factories and will soon open a new facility in Pune. These efforts align with the brand's commitment to expanding its presence across India.

The new flavors, crafted with the highest quality ingredients, will be available at leading retail outlets, Havmor Havfunn parlors, and selected modern trade stores. With each scoop crafted to perfection, Havmor invites consumers to indulge in a premium taste experience and beat the summer heat in style.


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Titan's Suparna Mitra Joins Swiggy as Independent Director
Titan's Suparna Mitra Joins Swiggy as Independent Director

Swiggy has revealed the selection of Suparna Mitra as an Independent Director for its Board, announced today.

“We are excited to welcome Suparna as an independent director to our board. With her remarkable career and extensive experience in lifestyle and retail industries, along with her refreshing perspectives as a leader, we are confident that she will bring valuable insights and expertise to our Board as our business enters its next era of growth." said Sriharsha Majety, Group CEO of Swiggy

Suparna Mitra joins an esteemed roster of independent directors at Swiggy, which includes Anand Kripalu, Managing Director & Global CEO at EPL Limited and Chairperson of the Swiggy board, Shailesh Haribhakti, Chairman of Shailesh Haribhakti & Associates, and Sahil Barua, Managing Director & CEO at Delhivery.

"Having seen Swiggy revolutionize on-demand convenience through innovation and customer-centricity, I’m excited by this opportunity. I look forward to collaborating with the Board members and management team of Swiggy; aimed at value-creation and values-based governance,” said Suparna Mitra on her appointment.

Suparna Mitra, CEO of Titan Company Limited's Watches and Wearables Division has a wealth of over three decades in the lifestyle and retail sector. Armed with an electrical engineering degree from Jadavpur University and an MBA from IIM Calcutta, she has occupied pivotal positions such as Global Marketing Head at Titan.

Suparna actively contributes to IIM Kozhikode's Board of Governors and has garnered esteemed accolades for her business prowess.

Her strategic leadership propels Titan's growth trajectory, cementing her status as a prominent figure within the industry.


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Crowne Plaza Greater Noida Appoints Three New Leaders
Crowne Plaza Greater Noida Appoints Three New Leaders

Ankur Raj has been appointed as the Director of Revenue Management at Crowne Plaza Greater Noida. With over 12 years of experience working with renowned brands like Marriott and Wyndham, Ankur will focus on optimizing revenue generation activities and budget planning. His expertise in revenue management will contribute to increasing revenue while reducing expenses.

Ankita Palit joins the team as the Crowne Meetings Director, bringing over 11 years of sales expertise in the hospitality sector. With experience at brands such as The Taj and Hyatt, Ankita will drive revenue generation through MICE, weddings, and outdoor catering. She will collaborate closely with the sales team to ensure seamless departmental operations.

Rajiv Vatsyayan has been appointed as the Executive Chef, leveraging over 19 years of culinary experience. With a background in managing kitchens for business hotels and luxury resorts, Rajiv will elevate the F&B experiences at Crowne Plaza Greater Noida. His expertise in regional Indian cuisine and other specialties will enhance the dining offerings.


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Diageo India & SCPwD Collaborate for Skill Training
Diageo India & SCPwD Collaborate for Skill Training

Diageo India, a prominent player in the alcoholic beverage industry, has partnered with the Skill Council for People with Disabilities (SCPwD) to provide training for 300 individuals with disabilities as part of its 'Learning for Life' program.

The signing ceremony was attended by representatives from NAB Karnataka and various industry leaders.

This initiative reflects Diageo India's dedication to promoting inclusion and diversity, which is a core aspect of Diageo's Society 2030: Spirit of Progress objectives.

“Driven by the common objective of creating a vibrant and diverse workforce, we are delighted to expand ourpartnership with the Skill Council for Persons with Disability. Last year, we began this initiative by extending the scope of our‘Learning for Life’ programme, to include the PwD community to help them overcome employment barriers. We strengthen our commitment this year to promotesustainable growth by scaling up this programme to provide equal access to the right resources, skills, and employment opportunities across India.” said Hina Nagarajan, MD & CEO, Diageo India.

The residential training programs will take place in SCPwD-affiliated training centers across India, facilitated by certified trainers and assessors.

These programs aim to prepare students for positions in the Business and Hospitality sectors, aiming to improve productivity and address skill gaps as they transition into the workforce.

"We are delighted to partnerwith Diageo India whose commitment to inclusion and diversity is exemplary.Last year, we trained 100 Persons with Disabilities as part of Diageo India’s ‘Learning for Life’ programme. The success of this programme encourages us to expand this specially curated programme which focuses on providing hands-on training in hospitality skills and enhance employment opportunities.” said Ravindra Singh, CEO, Skill Council for Persons with Disability (SCPwD).

In the upcoming year, the initial group of 100 students will successfully complete Diageo India's 'Learning for Life' program.

The subsequent batch of 300 students will encompass individuals who are visually impaired, have low vision, or are speech and hearing impaired.

This customized program incorporates specialized learning modules and assistive technologies, including the provision of sign language instructors, to facilitate effective learning and skill development.





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Swiggy's Incurs $200 Million Loss - Is Their IPO Dream at Risk?
Swiggy's Incurs $200 Million Loss - Is Their IPO Dream at Risk?

Swiggy, a food and delivery startup backed by SoftBank, has recorded a loss of $200 million during the nine-month period ending December 2023, as per a report from Reuters, which cites an internal document. The company, gearing up for its stock market debut, is anticipated to launch its initial public offering (IPO) by the year's end. Swiggy incurred a loss of 41.8 billion rupees ($500 million) for the fiscal year 2022-23, according to the same document. Nevertheless, it aims to mitigate losses for the full year 2023-24 by implementing strategies such as reducing wage payouts and curbing marketing expenses.

During the initial nine months of the fiscal year 2023-24 (April to December 2023), the document disclosed a loss of 17.3 billion rupees ($207 million), alongside a revenue of $1.02 billion. This revenue contrasts with $1.05 billion generated during the fiscal year 2022-23.

India's stock market has witnessed a notable 28 percent surge over the past year, prompting numerous companies to contemplate listings. However, investors are now exercising greater caution. Paytm, a digital payments firm, experienced an 80 percent decrease in its shares following its 2021 listing, with analysts attributing it to its lofty valuation. Similarly, Swiggy's competitor Zomato saw a decline in shares post its 2021 listing but has observed a resurgence this year after reporting two consecutive profitable quarters.

Initially valued at $10.7 billion by investors in 2022, Swiggy primarily focused on meal deliveries but has since diversified into groceries and restaurant bookings.


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Retail India News: Bourbon Shake by Winkin' Cow and Britannia Bourbon Hits Shelves
Retail India News: Bourbon Shake by Winkin' Cow and Britannia Bourbon Hits Shelves

Winkin' Cow, a cherished milkshake brand in India, operating under Britannia, has announced a pioneering collaboration with Britannia Bourbon, marking a significant milestone for both brands. The debut of Bourbon thick shakes signifies a remarkable category crossover within Britannia, merging the timeless flavor of Britannia Bourbon with Winkin’ Cow's creamy richness, offering consumers an enticing experience that transcends traditional boundaries.

Known for its dedication to innovation and excellence, Winkin' Cow has consistently pushed the envelope since its inception in 2018. With remarkable growth, achieving a revenue of Rs 100 crore in FY22, the brand has garnered widespread consumer acclaim for its creamy richness and diverse flavor range. Now, with the introduction of Bourbon Shake, Winkin' Cow embarks on a journey of flavor exploration, blending the iconic taste of Britannia Bourbon with its expertise in milkshakes.

Amit Doshi, Chief Marketing Officer, Britannia Industries Limited said, "As we commemorate 70 years of Britannia Bourbon, the brand’s collaboration with Winkin’ Cow heralds an exciting new chapter in Britannia’s history. This partnership represents an exciting fusion of two beloved icons, resulting in the creation of the Winkin’ Cow Bourbon Shake, a fusion of flavours that redefines indulgence. Through this collaboration, we aim to not only honour the legacy of India’s original Britannia Bourbon biscuit, but also to push boundaries and create unique experiences for our consumers. The Winkin’ Cow Bourbon Shake embodies our commitment to craftsmanship and innovation, reflecting our dedication to delivering exceptional quality and taste in every sip."

Abhishek Sinha, Chief Business Officer - Dairy, CEO Britannia Bel Foods Private Limited said, “We are excited to introduce our latest product under the Winkin’ Cow portfolio, the Bourbon Shake which is an innovation poised to redefine beverage consumption nationwide. This new addition to our product portfolio, which stems from the fusion of two of the most iconic brands within Britannia, aligns with our goals to give consumers more of what they love and make our brand stronger. The increasing demand for flavoured milk and dairy products in the Indian market fuels our commitment to innovation. As pioneers in infusing the original Britannia Bourbon flavour into shakes, this launch holds particular significance for our brand as it expands our chocolate-flavour range, to meet the growing demand from chocolate enthusiasts.

The Winkin’ Cow Bourbon shake encapsulates the brand's ethos of quality, innovation, and consumer satisfaction by seamlessly combining the distinctive flavor of Britannia Bourbon with Winkin’ Cow's milkshake expertise. It is tailored to appeal to new, younger consumers, reflecting Britannia Winkin’ Cow's strategic initiative to attract a broader demographic with its innovative offerings.

Available at nearby stores and exclusively at Reliance stores among Large Format Retailers, the Winkin’ Cow Bourbon shake promises to redefine the Indian retail beverage landscape, offering a delightful indulgence for consumers nationwide.


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Retail India News: McDonald’s India Introduces New Lotus Biscoff Desserts Range
Retail India News: McDonald’s India Introduces New Lotus Biscoff Desserts Range

McDonald’s India (West and South), under Westlife Foodworld Limited, has revealed an enticing collaboration with Lotus Biscoff to unveil a fresh lineup of desserts featuring Lotus Biscoff McFlurry and Lotus Biscoff Frappe. This limited-time assortment is poised to gratify the sweet cravings of McDonald’s patrons.

Enthusiasts can relish the irresistible Lotus Biscoff McFlurry, a fusion of McDonald’s renowned McFlurry with Lotus Biscoff crumbs, along with the delectable Lotus Biscoff Frappe from McCafé.

Arvind R.P, Chief Marketing Officer, McDonald’s India (W&S) said, “We are pleased to partner with Lotus Biscoff and offer our fans this delectable range of Desserts. We believe this exciting collaboration exemplifies our commitment to constant menu innovations, bringing to India a range of global flavours. We are hopeful that our customers will be delighted by these three mouth-watering indulgences. At McDonald’s India, we are committed to making delicious feel-good moments easy for everyone.

Kathleen Buyst, Global Brand Director Biscoff said, “We're excited to announce the launch of the Biscoff® McFlurry in India. Through this partnership between Biscoff® and McDonald's India, we're introducing a new taste sensation to Indian consumers. The unique caramelized taste and crunchy bite of our beloved Biscoff cookie, combined with McDonald's creamy McFlurry, promises a truly delightful experience for all. Already a big hit in numerous markets, we're thrilled to bring this popular treat to India.

Available at all McDonald’s India outlets across West and South India, customers can savor these crunchy delights for a limited period, including through the McDelivery platform.

McDonald’s India’s menu is rooted in the principle of 'Real Food-Real Good,' emphasizing quality ingredients free from artificial additives. With cheese sourced from globally approved suppliers and soft-serve made from real milk with low-fat content, McDonald’s India ensures an authentic dining experience. Prepare to indulge in the crunch, relish the bold flavors, and embrace the uniqueness with every delectable bite.


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TreeHouse Hotels & Resorts Introduces New Logo
TreeHouse Hotels & Resorts Introduces New Logo

TreeHouse Hotels & Resorts is an Indian hospitality chain under the ownership of Karma Hospitality LLP, has revealed an updated brand logo, embodying the company's pledge to meet the changing demands of local travelers while emphasizing environmental stewardship.

This significant development encompasses a dynamic logo and visual identity, alongside a simplified portfolio featuring three unique brands.

In 2024, as TreeHouse embarks on a fresh phase of expansion, they introduce a new brand logo and identity. The lively colors of the logo are designed to resonate with Gen Z, Millennials, and other younger travelers.

Depicting India's rich flora, the logo symbolizes TreeHouse's dedication to catering to the preferences of youthful domestic travelers, honoring heritage, and prioritizing sustainable development efforts.

Beyond its visual appeal, the TreeHouse logo embodies the company's commitment to sustainability. The incorporation of leaves into the design, alongside the brand name "TreeHouse," reflects the ongoing endeavor to infuse "eco-conscious practices" into every aspect of the guest experience.

"We look forward to appealing to a wider, younger, and eco-conscious traveller, "Our new brand identity reflects our commitment to providing guests with exceptional experiences while remaining mindful of our environmental impact." said Jayant Singh, Managing Partner at TreeHouse Hotels & Resorts.

The introduction of this new brand identity signifies a notable advancement for TreeHouse Hotels & Resorts.


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[Funding Alert] Brij Hotels Bags 4 mn Series A Funding for Strategic Expansion
[Funding Alert] Brij Hotels Bags 4 mn Series A Funding for Strategic Expansion

Brij Hotels, a renowned collection of boutique hotels, has recently concluded a successful 4 million Series A funding round led by the Manipal Education and Medical Group (MEMG) Family Office, with strategic contributions from notable investors including Abhay Jain, Abhiroop Jayanthi (MD of Bain Capital), Rajendra Rao, and Prashant Deshpande. This investment marks a pivotal moment for Brij Hotels, as it aims to utilize the funds for strategic expansion and to reinforce its foothold in the competitive hospitality industry.

In response to the evolving preferences of Indian consumers, who are increasingly seeking unique and culturally immersive experiences, Brij Hotels is poised to deliver. With the global boutique hotel segment witnessing significant growth of over 50 percent in the last three years, according to a report by HVS ANAROCK, Brij Hotels aims to offer immersive experiences in distinct locations, preserving each place's rich heritage while providing sustainable and experiential stays.

Udit Kumar and Anant Kumar, Co-Founders at Brij Hotels said, "At Brij Hotels, our commitment goes beyond providing luxurious stays; it extends to celebrating and empowering the heart and soul of our destinations – the local communities. The essence of our hospitality lies in using the original creative entrepreneurs and artisans, who preserve centuries-old traditions and sustainable practices. We are excited to have the support of investors like the MEMG Family Office, Abhay Jain, Abhiroop Jayanthi, Rajendra Rao, and Prashant Deshpande, who share our vision. With their backing, we're not just expanding; we're on a journey to become a unique storytelling and hospitality destination, offering an authentic, and well-designed experience that connects our guests with the rich heritage of each locale.

Dr. Ranjan Pai, Chairman of the Manipal Education and Medical Group said, “Brij Hotels' blend of luxury and local engagement is a refreshing take for the modern traveler. We believe that under the leadership of Udit and Anant, the Brij team is creating a unique company in leisure travel.

With a portfolio comprising eight operational hotels at key tourist destinations, Brij Hotels stands out for its commitment to sustainability through its unique zero-kilometer concept, minimizing carbon footprints and environmental impact. By locally sourcing and training 75 percent of its hotel staff, Brij Hotels demonstrates a strong commitment to community engagement and empowerment. Additionally, the hotels celebrate local art and culture, offering guests a truly immersive experience. Renowned for its seamless blend of heritage and luxury, Brij Hotels is well-positioned to cater to the evolving preferences of the new generation of travelers.


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Retail India News: Third Wave Coffee Appoints Rajat Luthra as CEO Amid Strategic Transition
Retail India News: Third Wave Coffee Appoints Rajat Luthra as CEO Amid Strategic Transition

Third Wave Coffee, a prominent player in India's coffee QSR sector, has announced a leadership transition, appointing Rajat Luthra as its new CEO effective from Q1 FY 24-25. Sushant Goel, the current CEO, will transition to a member on the Board, maintaining an active role in guiding the brand's growth trajectory. With Rajat Luthra, a seasoned veteran in the QSR industry, stepping into the CEO role, Third Wave Coffee is poised to enter its next phase of expansion and success. 

Sushant Goel, Co-Founder and CEO said, “As CEO and Co-founder, I have had the privilege of leading the company through its formative years and I am incredibly proud of the journey that we have embarked on. The brand is ready to embark on its next leg of growth. Now, as I transition to the Board, I am excited to continue contributing towards our vision and growth from a different vantage point. Rajat is a veteran in the QSR industry, and I am filled with optimism on what the future holds for Third Wave Coffee under his stewardship.

Rajat Luthra, the newly appointed CEO, brings a wealth of experience from his tenure as CEO of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) India and Nepal, where he played a significant role in driving growth and operational excellence. With nearly three decades of experience in the FMCG and QSR sectors, Luthra is well-positioned to lead Third Wave Coffee into its next phase of development.

Representatives from investor companies Westbridge Capital and Creaegis expressed gratitude to Sushant Goel for his leadership and vision, acknowledging his instrumental role in shaping Third Wave Coffee's journey thus far. They welcomed Rajat Luthra to the leadership team, expressing confidence in his ability to steer the company towards continued success. 

Having rapidly expanded its presence since its inception, Third Wave Coffee has emerged as a leading coffee brand in India, boasting over 100 stores across 8 cities nationwide. The recent Series C funding of $35 million underscores investor confidence in the brand's growth potential and strategic direction. With a strong leadership team in place, Third Wave Coffee is well-positioned to capitalize on new opportunities and drive further growth in the competitive coffee retail market.


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Retail India News: ADS Group Expands Woodnote Premium Whisky Reach in India
Retail India News: ADS Group Expands Woodnote Premium Whisky Reach in India

ADS Group, one of India's leading alcoholic beverages companies, has ventured into the ultra-premium whisky segment with the launch of Woodnote Premium Blended Select Cask Whisky in Delhi and Haryana.

Dubbed as "Serenity Uncasked," Woodnote Premium Whisky brings together the finest Scotch malts and select Indian grain spirits to create a harmonious blend of flavors reminiscent of the tranquility found in nature.

Available in Delhi and Haryana, Woodnote Premium Whisky is priced at Rs 1000 / Rs 850 per quart (750ml) respectively in Delhi and Haryana. It is also offered in Pint (375 ml) and Nip (180 ml) sizes. In the Delhi market, consumers can find it in miniature (90ml) and a trendy Hip Flask pack (200ml).

Competing in the rapidly growing premium segment, Woodnote Premium Whisky aims to captivate whisky enthusiasts with its refined taste and elegant packaging.

Paras Maan, Chief Operating Officer - ADS Group said, "Woodnote Premium Whisky is our ode to the pristine, unadulterated serenity of nature. From the striking teal-colored monocarton design, highlighting a refreshing new-age look, to the sophisticated flavor profile, every element reflects our commitment to regaling whisky connoisseurs with an ultra-premium product and an elevated sipping experience. We are delighted by the overwhelmingly positive response from consumers in Delhi and Haryana. We strategically launched Woodnote Premium Whisky in Haryana and Delhi first to gauge consumer response before rolling it out nationally. The repeat purchases and appreciation for its premium packaging and excellent blend has exceeded our expectations. Woodnote Premium Whisky is crafted to appeal to the discerning tastes of new-age consumers with its refreshing teal-colored monocarton design and sophisticated flavor profile. We are confident that its positioning of 'Serenity Uncasked' will deeply resonate across our target audience as we unveil it in more markets."

Woodnote Premium Whisky delights the senses with light peat and maritime notes on the nose, complemented by hints of vanilla and fresh fruit. On the palate, it offers a well-balanced blend of light peat, vanilla, pepper, and oak influences, culminating in a smooth finish with oak and fruit sweetness.

Following its successful launch in Delhi and Haryana, ADS Group plans to expand the availability of Woodnote Premium Whisky in premium retail outlets and on-premise locations across India.


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Retail India News: Bingo! Expands Product Portfolio with New Korean-inspired Falovurs
Retail India News: Bingo! Expands Product Portfolio with New Korean-inspired Falovurs

ITC Bingo! unveils its latest creation, Bingo! 2X Hot and Spicy Korean-style chips, catering to the Indian consumers' growing fascination with Korean culture. The new chips come in three exciting formats: Bingo! Original Style, Bingo! Hashtags, and Bingo! Potato chips, making it the first brand in India to offer Korean-flavored savory snacks.

To bolster its launch and tap into the Korean wave, Bingo! has partnered with popular South Korean singer Aoora for a new song titled "Maeun Maeun," meaning "Spicy, Spicy" in Korean. The upbeat music video, developed by Tonic Worldwide, aims to resonate with the brand's energetic vibe while capitalizing on the immense popularity of Korean pop culture among the target audience.

With a comprehensive 360-degree media campaign, Bingo! plans to engage with its audience across various platforms. Leveraging social media channels, the brand aims to generate excitement before the launch. Additionally, Bingo! will be present on K-Pop and Gen Z music lineups on leading platforms like Spotify and YouTube. Promotional spots featuring the song will be strategically placed across movie, music, and general entertainment channels. The brand has also collaborated with 15 influencers, including Korean influencers in India, Indian influencers in Korea, and food vloggers, to raise awareness about the new product.

Known for its innovative snacking experiences, ITC Bingo! has introduced several industry-first products like Mad Angles! and Hashtags!, offering consumers a blend of unique textures and flavors. Recognizing the growing consumer interest in experimenting with different flavors, especially Korean ones, Bingo! aims to fulfill this demand with its Korean-style chips.

Research indicates a rising interest among consumers, particularly Gen Z females, in exploring Korean flavors and culture. This aligns with Bingo!'s strategy to introduce a product that authentically captures the fiery essence of Korean-style flavors fused with the familiar taste of Bingo!'s potato chips.

Suresh Chand, VP and Head of Marketing, Snacks, Noodles and Pasta, ITC Foods commented, "The Korean culture has significantly penetrated in India especially among the GenZ audience. We, too, noticed that our consumers are seeking Korean experiences in snacking. Catering to this demand, we have launched the all new first-of-its kind spicy, tangy Korean-Style Chips in the Indian market. Infused with Korean-inspired flavours tailored to the spice-loving palates of India, we are confident that this range will delight our consumers.

Spokesperson from Tonic Wordwide said, “This collaboration between Bingo and Aoora is twice as spicy. ‘Maeun’ means spicy in Korean. The new flavour is so spicy that we had to add another ‘Maeun’! As an agency, we are obsessed with the consumer, their behaviour, so when it came to launching a product that is for the GEN-Z, we wanted to do it in their language. K-Pop, is way beyond a music genre for the audience, it’s a part of their culture. The catchy song captures the core essence of the new flavours Korean style. Super excited!


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Ramee Group of Hotels Appoints Binod Mishra as General Manager of Ramee Resort Attibele, Bengaluru
Ramee Group of Hotels Appoints Binod Mishra as General Manager of Ramee Resort Attibele, Bengaluru

Ramee Group of Hotels has introduced Binod Mishra as the latest addition to its team, serving as the General Manager at the Ramee Resort Attibele, Bengaluru.

With a history in hospitality management spanning 16 years, Mr. Mishra arrives with a commendable track record of achievements, showcasing his vast experience and skill set.

"I am proud to be a part of Ramee Group of Hotels, an employee oriented organisation with a vision of creating a benchmark in the industry, I am committed to building on the hotel's reputation for exceptional service and creating memorable experiences for our guests. My vision is to make the property a beautiful destination. Together, we will continue to exceed expectations and set new standards of excellence in the hospitality industry." said Binod Mishra, General Manager, Ramee Resort Attibele, Bengaluru.

In his role as General Manager, Binod will shoulder the responsibility of maintaining the ongoing prosperity and expansion of Ramee Resort Attibele.

His tasks entail overseeing the resort's day-to-day operations, which include managing staff, monitoring financial matters, ensuring guest satisfaction, and maintaining the property's aesthetics and functionality.

With his strong leadership abilities and dedication to providing outstanding guest experiences, Mr. Mishra stands as the perfect choice to lead the team and enhance the hotel's standing to greater heights.





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The Quorum Club Lands Pre-Series A Investment from Nikhil Kamath's Gruhas
The Quorum Club Lands Pre-Series A Investment from Nikhil Kamath's Gruhas

The Quorum Club Private Limited has recently concluded a pre-Series A funding round, securing an undisclosed investment from Gruhas, a venture founded in 2021 by experienced entrepreneurs Nikhil Kamath (known for Zerodha) and Abhijeet Pai (from Puzzolana).

Gruhas specializes in early-stage investments across PropTech, CleanTech, Media, and Entertainment sectors.

As part of the deal, Nikhil and Abhijeet have acquired a 5% ownership stake in The Quorum Club, reflecting Gruhas' growing interest in lifestyle, media, and consumer-centric brands.

The funding round also saw involvement from significant stakeholders of Quorum, including Alok Oberoi, Gurmeet Nihal Singh, Sabre Advisors, Shon Randhawa, Sattva Group, and Karanpal Singh.

Founded in 2018, Quorum Club Private Limited serves as the parent entity for The Quorum, India's premier globally influenced, contemporary members-only lifestyle club.

The brand has recently introduced district150, a venue tailored for meetings, events, and cultural experiences, catering to the evolving needs of modern office spaces.

With the support of this pre-Series A funding, the distinctive design-centric and content-focused lifestyle hospitality platform aims to expedite its expansion across India.

By April 1st, 2024, the company anticipates managing operational assets totaling 222,000 square feet.



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WelcomHotel Madikeri Joins Southern India Portfolio
WelcomHotel Madikeri Joins Southern India Portfolio

ITC Hotels has recently partnered with Narne Hotels and Resorts Private Limited to enhance the presence of the Welcomhotel brand in South India.

This collaboration will bring about a new project with 150 rooms situated in the picturesque Madikeri hill town of Kodagu district, Karnataka.

Welcomhotel Madikeri will provide a diverse culinary experience with its two restaurants and bars, along with a lounge area and extensive meeting facilities spanning over 1,300 square meters.

Kodagu district is renowned for its verdant valleys, expansive coffee estates, and aromatic spice routes.

It stands out as one of the rare regions in South India where the elusive Neelakurinji flower blossoms every 12 years.

This area provides travelers with a rich array of distinctive experiences, ranging from spiritual landmarks to wildlife encounters, as well as opportunities for adventure and relaxation.

Over time, there has been a notable increase in tourist arrivals, supported by a rise in business activities, particularly driven by demand from agricultural and administrative sectors.

"Madikeri is an important market for ITC Hotels. Over recent years, this region has grown in popularity and we saw a niche space for leisuretravel.Through Welcomhotel Madikeri we bring the signature hospitality of ITC Hotels to this beautiful city. Madikeri reflects the rich Kodava culture and is home to heritage cuisine that many wish to explore.With this signing ITC’s Hotel group furtherstrengthensits presence in Karnataka, where we currently operate 11 hotels and over 1,300 rooms under various brands including ITC Hotels,Welcomhotel, Fortune and Welcomheritage.” said Anil Chadha, Divisional Chief Executive-ITC Hotels.

The hotel group of ITC operates through six different brands, catering to various segments of the market. Positioned at the luxury tier is 'ITC Hotel,' while 'Welcomhotel' occupies the upper upscale category. 'Fortune' serves the mid-market to upscale clientele, and 'WelcomHeritage' targets the heritage leisure segment. The recent additions to the ITC Hotels portfolio include 'Brand Mementos' in the luxury segment and 'Brand Storii' in the premium category.


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Suba Group Launches Click Hotel in Surat, Gujarat
Suba Group Launches Click Hotel in Surat, Gujarat

Suba Group of Hotels has announced the introduction of Click Hotel Yuvraj in Surat, Gujarat.

Surat is a prominent economic center in India and has convenient access by road, rail, and air, with Surat International Airport located approximately 30 minutes away from the hotel.

“This is our second launch in Gujarat in the last 2 months and is a testament to our vision of being the hospitality group of choice across Gujarat and the rest of India. Click Hotel Yuvraj, Surat will offer familiarity and standardization to our existing patrons and freshness to our new guests. As an organization which is deeply rooted in India, we are also committed towards sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint. Sustainability is the norm for us and towards that goal, we encourage our guests to reuse Linen when possible while also reducing our plastic consumption through use of glass water bottles.” said Mansur Mehta, Managing Director, & Mubeen Mehta, CEO, Suba Group of Hotels.

Click Hotel in Surat presents itself as a smart, sustainable, and affordable luxury accommodation option.

It exudes elegance and offers a balance between budget-friendly affordability and luxurious amenities, making it suitable for both business and leisure travelers of all ages.

With 54 modern rooms available in two configurations - King/Queen and Twin rooms, the hotel includes an in-house multi-cuisine restaurant named CINNAMON and three banquet venues.

Each property within the Group offers accommodations alongside a range of banqueting and food and beverage facilities.

Suba Hotels caters to contemporary travelers by offering a unique stay, maintaining high service standards and competitive pricing.

Suba Hotels has presence in major metropolitan areas as well as tier 1 and tier 2 cities, all their establishments feature refined rooms, ideal venues for weddings, events, and exhibitions, and dining options at renowned restaurants.



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Dushyant Singh Promoted to Director of Operations at JW Marriott Bengaluru Prestige Golfshire Resort & Spa
Dushyant Singh Promoted to Director of Operations at JW Marriott Bengaluru Prestige Golfshire Resort & Spa

JW Marriott Bengaluru Prestige Golfshire Resort & Spa has announced the promotion of Dushyant Singh to the position of Director of Operations.

With an extensive career of over two decades in the luxury hospitality sector within Marriott International across Asia and the Middle East, Dushyant brings a remarkable depth of experience and skill to his new role.

As Director of Operations, Dushyant will oversee the formulation of strategies to improve operational efficiency, facilitate staff development programs, and cultivate a positive work atmosphere at the upscale JW Marriott Bengaluru Prestige Golfshire Resort & Spa.

Before his current position, Dushyant held the role of Executive Assistant Manager – Food and Beverage at the resort, showcasing exceptional leadership qualities and making substantial contributions to the property's achievements.

Throughout his tenure with Marriott International, he has excelled at various distinguished properties, including the Batam Marriott Hotel in Indonesia, the Doha Marriott Hotel in Qatar, the JW Marriott Hotel Dubai, the JW Marriott Hotel South Beach Singapore, and The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Qatar, among others.

 “We are delighted to announce this well-deserved promotion of Dushyant Singh to the key position of Director of Operations within our leadership team. Dushyant's extensive experience and remarkable achievements within Marriott International makes him an invaluable addition to our resort. His strategic foresight and unwavering dedication to excellence assure us that he will be instrumental in propelling our operational success and ensuring unparalleled guest satisfaction.” said Ronan Fearon, General Manager of JW Marriott Bengaluru Prestige Golfshire Resort & Spa.

Dushyant holds a Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management from the esteemed Institute of Hotel Management Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition, Goa, as part of his academic credentials.


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Hong's Kitchen Expands Retail Presence with 25th Store in Chandni Chowk
Hong's Kitchen Expands Retail Presence with 25th Store in Chandni Chowk

Hong's Kitchen, the popular Indo-Chinese Quick Service Restaurant (QSR), has achieved a remarkable milestone with the grand opening of its 25th store at Dilli 6 Omaxe Chowk in the heart of Chandni Chowk, Delhi.

The addition of this new store is a significant move for Hong's Kitchen, extending its footprint to one of Delhi's most iconic and historically rich areas. Chandni Chowk, known for its vibrant culture and culinary heritage, provides an ideal setting for Hong's Kitchen to uphold its tradition of delivering premium taste through best-in-class hygienic processes.

Avinash Kant Kumar, President, Jubilant FoodWorks Limited said, "We are thrilled to bring Hong’s Kitchen to the bustling neighborhood of Chandni Chowk. As we open our store in Omaxe Chowk, Chandni Chowk, we are excited to introduce our unique blend of Indian and Chinese flavors in a location as iconic as Chandni Chowk which many consider the heart of the city, a buzzing and diverse community of food enthusiasts in this historic area. We aim to provide our consumers with affordable and great-tasting Chinese food that has been customized for the Indian palette. In addition, the diverse selection of over 50 flavors on our menu distinguishes Hong's Kitchen from other brands, setting us apart as a unique culinary destination. We are optimistic that the vibrant community of Delhi can expect a memorable culinary experience celebrating the rich heritage of Indo-Chinese cuisines and the unique fusion of flavors that Hong’s Kitchen offers.

To commemorate the opening of its 25th store at Omaxe Chowk, Chandni Chowk, Hong's Kitchen is introducing a menu that combines traditional favorites with innovative fusion dishes, such as the Hot Pockets and the Fiery Orange Chicken. The restaurant takes pride in offering a wide range of culinary delights, including Molten Cheese Spring Rolls, Hong Kong Wraps, Momos, the signature Chicken Wing, and indulgent desserts like the Choco Bao.

Committed to delivering fresh, clean, and delightful Chinese cuisine, Hong's Kitchen continues to enhance the dining experience, focusing on quality, flavor, and customer service in its retail expansion across India.


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DoubleTree by Hilton Opens in Bengaluru's Tech Hub
DoubleTree by Hilton Opens in Bengaluru's Tech Hub

Hilton unveils the inauguration of its latest establishment, the DoubleTree by Hilton Bengaluru Whitefield, situated in Bengaluru.

Brand is owned and developed by Kalyani Developers, this hotel signifies a noteworthy achievement in Hilton's growth strategy within the dynamic Indian market.

"We’re excited to welcome guests to our newly launched DoubleTree by Hilton Bengaluru Whitefield as the hotel marks its debut in one of the region’s most diverse destinations. Our launch in Bengaluru signals our long-term commitment to expanding our brand presence and growing our footprint in the market. Backed by Hilton’s signature hospitality, we look forward to forging meaningful connections with our guests,” said Zubin Saxena, Senior Vice President and Country Head, India, Hilton.

Three dining options cater to diverse tastes and preferences at the DoubleTree by Hilton Bengaluru Whitefield. 1882, an All-Day Dining restaurant with colonial-inspired decor, combines Anglo-Indian, Indian, and Southeast Asian cuisines, offering dishes like Ghee Podi Idly, Aloo Gobi Adraki, and butter chicken for a blend of familiar flavors.

Drip, a versatile food and beverage hub located in the lobby, serves as both a daytime coffee lounge and a casual meeting space.

Additionally, the rooftop lounge bar provides skyline views along with signature cocktails and delectable bites.

Guests will enjoy an array of amenities and services, such as a 24-hour fitness center and a rooftop pool, offering a tranquil escape from the city's hustle and bustle.

The hotel's meeting and event venues feature a spacious Grand Ballroom without pillars, accommodating up to 200 guests comfortably.

"The opening of our first hotel, DoubleTree by Hilton Bengaluru Whitefield, symbolises our unwavering dedication to providing exceptional experiences and setting new benchmarks in the hospitality sector. We are excited to introduce a refined blend of distinctive design and warm hospitality that defines the DoubleTree by Hilton brand,” said Mr. Mohan Raju, Managing Director, Kalyani Developers.

“We believe in creating spaces that resonate with our ethos of quality, innovation and customer satisfaction. Our foray into the hospitality sector underscores our commitment to diversification and growth while upholding the highest standards of service excellence,” he added.

As a testament to Hilton's dedication to sustainability, DoubleTree by Hilton Bengaluru Whitefield embraces eco-conscious initiatives to minimize its environmental impact while ensuring guests enjoy thoughtful experiences.

The structure is crafted with glass panels to optimize natural light indoors, diminishing the reliance on excessive energy consumption and enhancing energy efficiency, resulting in a more eco-friendly and comfortable environment.

Furthermore, the hotel provides electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to encourage sustainable transportation options and reduce carbon emissions.





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TreeHouse Hotels & Resorts Adds Ahmedabad Property to its Portfolio
TreeHouse Hotels & Resorts Adds Ahmedabad Property to its Portfolio

TreeHouse Hotels & Resorts is a hospitality brand under Karma Hospitality LLP ownership, has unveiled the signing of a fresh hotel venture, TreeHouse Morina, in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Strategically positioned in the heart of Ahmedabad's central business district, TreeHouse Morina provides effortless reach to vital commercial and industrial hubs.

TreeHouse Morina will offer 77 designed rooms, catering to the needs of both corporate and leisure guests.

Visitors can indulge in a range of facilities such as a diverse culinary experience at the multi-cuisine restaurant, access to a well-equipped gym, and pampering sessions at the spa, among others.

Furthermore, the hotel boasts a 1000 square feet banquet hall, a lawn capable of hosting approximately 350 guests, along with a conference room ideal for business gatherings, weddings, and other events.

"We are delighted to announce the signing of TreeHouse Morina, located in Ahmedabad's primary business location. This expansion strengthens our presence in Gujarat and aligns with our strategy of offering comfortable and convenient accommodation options in key destinations across India'' said Jayant Singh, Managing Partner, TreeHouse Hotels & Resorts

TreeHouse Morina is located within a ten-minute drive from historical sites such as the Sun Temple (Modhera), the Bechraji Shakti Pith, and the Sankeshwar Jain Temple.

Moreover, the hotel provides exceptional accessibility to key transportation hubs, including Ahmedabad Airport, Ahmedabad-Sanand, Sun Temple Modhera, Mehsana Railway Station, and Viramgam Railway Station.




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Pride Hotels Group Targets Growth in Prime Religious Tourism Spots Nationwide
Pride Hotels Group Targets Growth in Prime Religious Tourism Spots Nationwide

Pride Hotels Group is broadening its reach in significant spiritual hubs throughout India, taking advantage of the rising trend in religious tourism.

This move aims to accommodate the growing influx of both domestic and international travelers undertaking spiritual pilgrimages.

With the sector experiencing a 40% surge, accounting for over half of the country's tourism, the initiative seeks to tap into this expanding market segment effectively.

"Our expansion into the realm of faith-based tourism underscores our commitment to excellence and our responsiveness to the changing desires of today's pilgrims.” said Atul Upadhyay, Executive Vice President, Pride Hotels Group.

The group's venture into faith-centered tourism is underscored by the incorporation of fresh establishments in prominent pilgrimage destinations, such as Pride Resort Ambaji and Pride Comfort Dwarka in Gujarat.

 Its establishments in cities like Rishikesh, Rudraprayag, Haldwani, Puri, Ranakpur, and other pilgrimage locations are meticulously chosen to harmonize with the group's commitment to delivering exceptional hospitality tailored to the spiritual requirements of contemporary pilgrims.



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Diageo India Backs Telangana Police with High-Tech Breath Analysers to Combat Drink Driving
Diageo India Backs Telangana Police with High-Tech Breath Analysers to Combat Drink Driving

Diageo India is a prominent player in the alcohol beverage industry through United Spirits Ltd., demonstrated its commitment to combating drink driving by donating 50 state-of-the-art Alcohol Breath Analysers to the Telangana Police.

The event took place in Hyderabad, attended by key figures including Director General of Police Ravi Gupta, Additional Director General of Police for Railways and Road Safety Mahesh M Bhagwat, as well as senior representatives from Diageo India.

Also present were Road Safety SP Gone Sandeep, LB Nagar Traffic DCP Srinivasulu, Cyberabad Traffic Additional DCPs Venugopal Reddy, Shivakumar, and other distinguished guests.

Diageo India actively promotes campaigns against drink driving, notably through its flagship initiative called "Wrong Side Of The Road." This program utilizes real-life situations to educate adults about the dangers of drink driving and raise awareness effectively.

During the meeting, Director General of Police Ravi Gupta conveyed appreciation to Diageo Company and the NGO CSR Box for their contribution of high-quality breath analysers to the Telangana State Police Department.

He acknowledged the department's pioneering efforts and emphasized the significance of this initiative in bolstering the capabilities of police personnel to tackle drunk driving effectively. Gupta expressed optimism that the deployment of these devices, as part of their social responsibility endeavors, would contribute to saving lives, thereby underscoring its value and importance.

“Promoting responsible consumption is one of the key pillars of Diageo India’s Society 2030: Spirit of Progress ESG plan.We stay committed to championing road safety in Indiaand promoting responsible consumption through focussed initiatives to curb underage drinking, drink driving, and binge drinking. Aligned to our ‘Wrong Side Of The Road’ program, these advanced alcohol breath analysers will support the TelanganaPolice Department in addressing the issue of drink driving and promoting road safety in the region.”  said Jagbir Singh Sidhu, Corporate Relations Director, Diageo India.

Diageo's "Wrong Side of The Road" initiative, created in collaboration with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), aims to educate participants about the consequences of drink driving.

Additionally, Diageo India has collaborated with more than 25 Regional Transport Offices and established tab labs to promote awareness through the "Wrong Side of the Road" program.

Last year, more than 230,000 adults engaged in this educational anti-drink driving campaign.


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Bill Gates Praises Indian Innovation, Sips Chai from Nagpur's Dolly Chaiwala
Bill Gates Praises Indian Innovation, Sips Chai from Nagpur's Dolly Chaiwala

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, currently in India, stirred up social media with a very desi moment.

A video shared on Instagram showed him relishing chai in Nagpur alongside local tea vendor Dolly Chaiwala.

The clip quickly went viral, prompting various reactions online. Known for his innovation endeavors, Gates captioned the post, "In India, innovation can be found in every corner - even in the making of a simple cup of tea."

The footage captured Gates casually ordering "one chai, please" from the vendor, leaving the internet amazed by this unexpected collaboration.

In the video, the talented Dolly Chaiwala showcases the intricate craft of crafting the beverage.

It meticulously portrays each step, starting from boiling water, incorporating aromatic spices, and steeping tea leaves in simmering milk, effectively illustrating the complete procedure involved in making this cherished drink.




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Baskin Robbins Plans to Reach 1,000 Stores by 2024
Baskin Robbins Plans to Reach 1,000 Stores by 2024

Graviss Foods Pvt Ltd has gears up to open its 1000th Baskin Robbins outlet in India and the SAARC region in 2024.

Prioritizing Tier 2 and 3 cities strategically and reinforcing its foothold in major urban hubs, this achievement signifies a crucial juncture in the company's expansion.

Baskin Robbins' dedication to innovation has resulted in a continuous stream of new product introductions over the last three years, including a variety of ice cream cakes and desserts.

The brand's commitment to job creation is evident, with nearly 4000 individuals directly and indirectly benefiting from its operations.

Additionally, Baskin Robbins has allocated Rs 100 crore towards establishing a new factory in India in 2022 to fulfill its demand requirements.

In recent years, the brand has expanded beyond traditional parlors and is now accessible in over 4,000 premium retail outlets across major cities as it prepares to celebrate its 30-year journey in India in 2024.

Operating across more than 900 stores spanning over 250 cities, the brand is utilizing its strong franchise network to fuel its expansion.

Various initiatives have been put in place to strengthen ties with the extensive franchise network in India and the SAARC region.

“As India strides towards becoming the world's third-largest economy by 2030, Baskin Robbins India recognizes the impact of the country's sustained growth and rising aspirations & affluence. With a commitment to providing high-quality ice creams & desserts in vibrant and convenient locations across the nation, we are happy to aim to reach a major milestone of 1000 stores spread over 270+ cities in the country making BR the largest Ice cream Parlor chain in India. We believe in the power of ice cream to contribute to the nation's Happiness, economic growth, and job creation.” said Vikram Seth, Managing Director, Graviss Foods Pvt Ltd.

Graviss Foods, the Indian licensee of Inspire Brands for Baskin Robbins, has celebrated three decades of operations in India.

It operates a manufacturing facility near Pune, serving both domestic and SAARC region markets.

In addition to traditional ice cream parlors, Baskin Robbins has expanded its presence to modern trade formats, prominent e-commerce platforms, and general trade outlets, as well as partnerships with hotels, restaurants, and QSR chains.


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Cygnett Hotels and Resorts Unveils Expansion Strategy for 2024
Cygnett Hotels and Resorts Unveils Expansion Strategy for 2024

Cygnett Hotels and Resorts, aiming to become the leading and largest brand in India's midscale hospitality sector, unveils an ambitious expansion strategy for 2024.

Building upon the substantial growth experienced in 2023, especially in the North and North Eastern regions, Cygnett plans to solidify its market presence nationwide.

The performance of Cygnett in 2023 has established a new standard for the company. During the year, there was an increase of 15.6 percent in Average Daily Rate (ADR) and a growth of 15.1 percent in Revenue per Available Room (RevPAR).

These statistics highlight the brand's resilient operational strategies and its ability to respond effectively to market dynamics.

With occupancy rates averaging around 80 percent across most hotels, the brand's popularity and the effectiveness of its sales and marketing efforts are evident. 

As part of its strategic plan for the next two years, Cygnett intends to strategically broaden its footprint, focusing on regions with significant tourism prospects and thriving business environments.

Major markets targeted for expansion comprise dynamic urban centers and up-and-coming tourist hotspots, guaranteeing a varied and inclusive hospitality offering for travelers.

Presently, Cygnett Hotels manages a collection of 45 hotels and is projected to achieve more than 33 operational hotels by the conclusion of 2024.

The hospitality firm is set to strengthen its presence in North-Eastern India with the introduction of its Cygnett Inn brand in Tawang in March 2025.

This signifies a unique milestone as Cygnett becomes one of the few brands, alongside Taj, to establish a presence at an elevation of 3048 meters in the Himalayan region of Arunachal Pradesh.

Moreover, Cygnett hotels are scheduled to launch in key economic centers of Assam, including Guwahati, Barpeta, Nagaon, and Galahad, expanding the brand's footprint within the region.

 “I am thrilled to witness our brand's phenomenal growth in 2023, setting the stage for an even more ambitious 2024. Our expansion strategy not only underscores our commitment to establishing a pan-India presence but also highlights our unwavering dedication to redefining hospitality standards. I am happy that Cygnett continues to evolve, and we are particularly excited to introduce our new wellness brand, 'Ayurvyaas.' At Cygnett, we believe in offering not just accommodations but transformative experiences, with wellness taking centre stage.” said Sarbendra Sarkar, Founder, of Cygnett Hotels & Resorts.

 As part of its efforts to broaden its range of services, Cygnett is preparing to introduce its latest wellness and lifestyle brand, Ayurvyaas. The brand's first property, featuring 80 rooms, is scheduled to open in Chail, Himachal Pradesh, within the upcoming year.

Aligning with the company's vision of providing comfortable accommodations and exceptional hospitality across its brands, Cygnett's budget hotel brand "Cozzet by Cygnett" is expanding its presence in several strategic locations.

These include Jamshedpur, known as the steel city of India, Mahad, a prominent business hub near Navi Mumbai, the temple city of Puri, SIDCUL Haridwar, Chittorgarh, and Phalodi in Rajasthan.

Additionally, Cygnett is poised to diversify its brand portfolio by introducing new hotels in cities like Jaipur and Ayodhya, with Ayodhya slated to have its second Cygnett hotel and Jaipur preparing for its third Cygnett establishment.

In addition to expanding domestically, Cygnett Hotels is looking towards international markets, focusing on countries with substantial Indian diaspora communities such as Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, the UAE, and East Africa.




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Jaipur's InterContinental Hosts Mexican Food Fiesta with Chef Tania
Jaipur's InterContinental Hosts Mexican Food Fiesta with Chef Tania

InterContinental Jaipur has unveild a 11-day Mexican Food Promotion, offering guests the chance to explore a culinary highlighting the varied flavors of Mexico

Socorro, the all-day dining restaurant presents a Mexican buffet comprising an assortment of genuine dishes that has essence of Mexican culinary tradition.

During the food fiesta, guest can savor specially crafted Chef’s Choice Menu, featuring signature delicacies like Mexican corn soup, Cheese quesadillas, coated fish tacos, Chicken tinga Tostadas, and Esquites.

"We are delighted to introduce the authentic and vibrant flavours of Mexican cuisine to our discerning patrons. This culinary showcase has been meticulously crafted to guide our guests through a unique and memorable journey, immersing them in the exquisite world of Mexican gastronomy. Under the culinary expertise of Chef Tania, we assure an elevated dining experience,reinforcing our promise to provide unparalleled hospitality in the heart of the Pink City." said Nalin Mandiratta, Regional General Manager & General Manager.

Chef Tania's expertise in Mexican cuisine will enhance the dining experience at InterContinental Jaipur. As an added delight, attendees of the masterclasses will enjoy a high tea session with Chef Tania, offering a personal chance to discover the cultural narratives behind each culinary masterpiece.


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Ira by Orchid Hotels, Nashik Appoints Amol Dhurve as General Manager
 Ira by Orchid Hotels, Nashik Appoints Amol Dhurve as General Manager

Ira by Orchid Hotels is a recently established venue known for its outstanding hospitality and quality, has declared Amol Dhurve as its General Manager.

With an extensive career spanning more than twenty years in the hospitality sector, Amol Dhurve brings considerable experience and proficiency to his new position.

Throughout his tenure in the hospitality sector, he has been characterized by an unwavering quest for perfection and a fervent dedication to providing unmatched guest satisfaction.

His professional journey underscores an exceptional commitment to personal development and a steadfast dedication to leadership positions in prestigious establishments, both domestically and internationally.

Starting his academic path as a science student, Amol Dhurve followed his passion for hospitality by achieving his Diploma in HMCT, B.Tech in HMCT, and Higher National Diploma in Hotel Management from London.

He continued to refine his expertise with a Postgraduate degree in Hotel Management, in addition to obtaining notable certifications like the 2A certification course in fire and hygiene safety from the Royal House of England.

Additionally, he pursued an MBA in Finance and Marketing from APS University, an esteemed affiliate of Oxford University in London.

Throughout his illustrious career, Amol Dhurve has held significant positions at prestigious establishments such as Hilton Hotels across multiple locations in the UK, along with roles at Green King Pub, Paparazzi, and Beefeater Fine Dinner Restaurant. In India, he has been instrumental in launching key establishments including Nashik Sony Plaza, Pizza Hut Juhu Mumbai, and St. Laurn Hotel Shirdi.

During his time with Great Destination Hotels and Resorts, he led the opening of 17 hotels across the South region and Maharashtra as an Opening Corporate General Manager.

In his prior positions as General Manager at Tropical Retreat Igatpuri, Manas Lifestyle Resort, Mystic Valley Resort and Spa, and My Space Hotel Igatpuri, he exhibited outstanding leadership, strategic foresight, and operational proficiency.

He consistently achieved financial success, elevated guest experiences, and cultivated a culture of operational distinction.

Taking on his new position, Amol eagerly shares his excitement and commitment to advancing the heritage of Ira by Orchid Hotels, Nashik. He looks forward to utilizing his skills to enrich guest experiences, improve operational effectiveness, and establish the hotel as a symbol of hospitality brilliance within the area.

His selection as the General Manager highlights the hotel's dedication to enhancing its hospitality standards and solidifying its status as a top choice for discerning travelers.

His demonstrated history of effective leadership, financial expertise, and dedication to guest happiness perfectly align with the hotel's values of excellence and creativity.


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Le Méridien Mahabaleshwar Introduces Forest Lounge
Le Méridien Mahabaleshwar Introduces Forest Lounge

Le Méridien Mahabaleshwar Resort & Spa, a luxurious retreat surrounded by 27 acres of lush jungle, has announced the introduction of the Forest Lounge Experience.

This innovative check in concept has been carefully crafted under the expert guidance of Front Office Manager, Shantanu Budhalakoti.

The Forest Lounge is positioned in a spacious, airy setting which offers guests an instant immersion into the peace of the environment.

Beyond just a shift in check-in venue, this represents a deep rethinking of hospitality, showcasing the dedication to sustainability by aligning their operations with the natural beauty that characterizes the property.

In an ongoing mission to redefine luxury, brand is thrilled to present the Elite Butler Service and customized experiential check-ins within the Forest Lounge environment.

This tailor-made service guarantees that every requirement is fulfilled and ensuring a flawless and exceptional stay experience.

In this significant juncture, under the leadership of Anand Choubey, General Manager, Le Méridien Mahabaleshwar Resort & Spa embarks on a new chapter in hospitality.





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Anjali Naik Appointed as Director of Sales and Marketing at Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield
Anjali Naik Appointed as Director of Sales and Marketing at Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield

The Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield has introduced Anjali Naik as it’s newly appointed Director of Sales and Marketing.

With more than twenty years of expertise in the hospitality sector, Anjali is set to enhance the leadership roster, contributing significantly to the property's market expansion and revenue augmentation.

Anjali commenced her journey in the hospitality industry in 2002 as a Business Development Executive at K. Raheja Resorts & Hospitality Services Pvt. Ltd in Mumbai.

Later, she held the position of Sales and Marketing Manager at Intercontinental, The Lalit. In 2011, Anjali transitioned to Marriott as an Associate Director for Sales at Marriott Hotel & Convention Centre/ Courtyard by Marriott, Hyderabad.

She also spearheaded the MICE team nationwide, excelling in sales across various sectors including associations, intermediaries, and event management companies. Throughout her professional trajectory, Anjali has consistently demonstrated expertise and a dedication to excellence.

"We are thrilled to welcome Anjali to our team at Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield. With her profound expertise and extensive knowledge in the field, we anticipate significant advancements in our marketing initiatives. The team eagerly anticipates the positive impact Anjali will bring to their endeavours.” said Vivek Sharma, General Manager.

Anjali's proficiency extended to strategic development and meticulous planning when she assumed the position of Director of Sales for Weligama Bay Marriott Resort & Spa, Sri Lanka, where she also oversaw the Indian market for the hotel.

Throughout her tenure, she played a pivotal role in enhancing the brand's standing through strategic collaborations with leading airlines, travel agencies, and e-commerce platforms.

Apart from her expertise in marketing and sales, Anjali possesses skills in strategic planning, crisis management, establishing best practices for current and future objectives, attrition management, and employee supervision.

Her adeptness as a multitasker and pursuit of excellence, combined with her ability to manage multiple priorities with flexibility, are positioned to greatly contribute to the success of Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield in the coming years.




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MakeMyTrip and Goa Government Collaborate for Tourism Revival
MakeMyTrip and Goa Government Collaborate for Tourism Revival

In a historic move, the Government of Goa's Department of Tourism and MakeMyTrip have forged an unprecedented Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) today, marking a pioneering partnership between the public and private sectors.

This joint endeavor seeks to enhance tourism in Goa, aiming to transform it into a lively year-round destination that goes beyond its renowned sun, sand, and beaches.

Goa has become the pioneer in India by introducing the Regenerative Tourism initiative.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signifies a significant stride forward, introducing a range of inventive programs to spotlight Goa's hidden inland gems, its diverse cultural heritage and culinary customs.

The Tourism Minister of Goa conveyed profound pride in this partnership, highlighting the government's dedication to revitalizing Goa.


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Ekta Mahajan Appointed as Training Manager at DoubleTree by Hilton Gurugram
Ekta Mahajan Appointed as Training Manager at DoubleTree by Hilton Gurugram

Ekta Mahajan Assumes Role of Training Manager at DoubleTree by Hilton Gurugram Baani Square.

Mahajan is recognized as a vibrant hospitality expert. Her professional voyage commenced in 2014 as a Management Trainee with IHCL, progressing to roles in Learning & Development.

She subsequently contributed her expertise to multiple renowned hospitality brands such as Taj, Radisson, and Lemon Tree, assuming diverse responsibilities along the way.

"We are excited to have on board Ekta Mahajan as the new Training Manager. Honing skills of staff is extremely important for us as we are committed to delivering world class service standards. I am confident that Ekta will be able to infuse fresh energy in our training modules." said Jai Chugh, General Manager, DoubleTree by Hilton Gurugram Baani Square.

In her new position, Mahajan will oversee the strategic planning and implementation of effective training protocols.

Her duties will encompass identifying and assessing training requirements, nurturing talent, motivating teams, and optimizing operational performance.

"I am excited to be a part of DoubleTree by Hilton Gurugram Baani Square. Training is an extremely important aspect of an evolving field like hospitality. I hope that my experience will help the hotel to further enhance overall guest satisfaction," said Ekta Mahajan, Training Manager, DoubleTree by Hilton Gurugram Baani Square.

Regarding her education, Mahajan graduated in Hotel Management from Banarasidas Chandiwala Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology in 2014.

Presently, she is actively pursuing a Post Graduate Diploma in Training and Development.




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Retail India News: Saffola Broadens Gourmet Oats Selection for Discerning Consumers
Retail India News: Saffola Broadens Gourmet Oats Selection for Discerning Consumers

Marico has unveiled four delectable gourmet-style flavors in its Saffola Flavored Oats range. As a pioneer in the oats category, Saffola introduces two enticing sweet variants, Nutty Chocolate, and Apple 'n' Almonds, along with an extension to its savory offerings with the launch of Spicy Mexicana and Cheesy Italia.

This strategic move aligns with Saffola's steadfast commitment to delivering a delightful culinary experience to consumers while offering healthier food alternatives. Known as India's #1 Oats brand, Saffola Oats has consistently made oats accessible in flavors beloved by the Indian palate.

The introduction of sweet-flavored options, Nutty Chocolate and Apple 'n' Almonds, addresses an unmet demand for chocolate and fruity flavors in oats. Catering to diverse consumer preferences, these variants are positioned as an ideal breakfast choice, providing a hassle-free and convenient option for homemakers and working women throughout the day.

Saffola's Masala Oats range, known for its six savory flavors, expands with the fusion offerings of Spicy Mexicana and Cheesy Italia. These trending flavors in the snacking category showcase Saffola's commitment to culinary innovation, offering versatile and convenient choices that resonate with the conscious lifestyles of modern consumers.

With a quick preparation time of just 3 minutes, these four new flavors of Saffola Oats cater to health-conscious consumers, allowing them to satiate their hunger pangs with a burst of delightful flavors. Vaibhav Bhanchawat, COO - India and Foods Business (Marico Ltd), emphasizes the brand's dedication to providing wholesome and flavorful options without compromising health.

Bhanchawat stated, "We hope to satisfy the needs of modern consumers who constantly seek healthy convenience without compromising on flavor and taste. Our commitment to offering wholesome and flavorful options remains steadfast, ensuring that consumers across age groups can savor the delicacies of Oats on all sorts of occasions."

The new Saffola Oats variants will be available on leading e-commerce and online grocery platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, Zepto, Swiggy, and BlinkIt. Since 2011, Saffola has been a trusted name, blending innovation with trust and addressing diverse Indian taste preferences with "better for you" food items, marking a significant contribution to the retail landscape in India.


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Suba Group Introduces Click Hotel in Gujarat
Suba Group Introduces Click Hotel in Gujarat

The launch of Click Hotel in Mundra, Gujarat marks another significant move for the SUBA Group of Hotels.

It is situated in Mundra, which has India's largest private port, the location offers convenient accessibility by Road, Rail, and Air, with Bhuj & Gandhidham Airport just approximately 01 hour 20 minutes away.

“We are delighted to launch Click Hotel in Mundra. With the launch of Click Hotel, we look forward to serving guests for corporate as well as social gatherings and stays. Click Hotel, Mundra perfectly epitomizes the Click Hotel’s Brand’s core values - High Quality Sleep Comfort, Breakfast & Broadband (WIFI) coupled with immaculate service and unparalleled hospitality of international standards. The Hotel structure is entirely made out of shipping containers which has reduced carbon footprint caused due to construction. We shall also be using a sustainable approach by gradually replacing plastic water bottles with reusable glass bottles and encouraging guests to reuse linen and towels. These initiatives to promote green tourism here will also be implemented across all our other properties.” said Mansur Mehta, Managing Director, Suba Group of Hotels.

Mundra is also home to two prominent thermal power stations, namely the Mundra Ultra Mega Power Plant operated by Tata Power and the Mundra Thermal Power Station operated by Adani Power.

Additionally, the region is set to witness the development of an upcoming Solar Power Plant and one of the largest Copper Production Units, which will yield gold as a by-product.

“Our emphasis on sustainability is truly reflected in this hotel. We want to set a benchmark for being green conscious in our industry without sacrificing the comfort and amenities for our guests. Like the other Click Hotels in India, Mundra will also enjoy the best of services, as our empathetic approach helps win over our guests.” said Mubeen Mehta, CEO, Suba Group of Hotels.

Each property within the Group offers opulent accommodations along with a range of banquet and food and beverage amenities.

The brand is present in key metropolitan areas as well as tier 1 and tier 2 cities, the company ensures elegant and spacious rooms, ideal venues for weddings, events, and exhibitions, and an exceptional dining experience at renowned restaurants across all its establishments.




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Vaibhav Gautam Joins Pride Plaza Hotel Aerocity as F&B Director
 Vaibhav Gautam Joins Pride Plaza Hotel Aerocity as F&B Director

Pride Plaza Hotel Aerocity, New Delhi has Introduced Mr. Vaibhav Gautam as Director of Food & Beverages. With a wealth of hospitality experience, Mr. Gautam is poised to elevate guest satisfaction at this premier luxury destination.

Bringing a wealth of experience from esteemed positions such as Food & Beverage Manager and Associate Director at prestigious venues like Sofitel Mumbai BKC and The Khyber Himalayan Resorts & Spa, Gulmarg, Mr. Vaibhav Gautam boasts a strong foundation in hospitality.

His track record of success and significant contributions to renowned establishments positions him well to spearhead culinary experiences at Pride Plaza Hotel Aerocity.

With proven leadership abilities, Mr. Gautam is poised to enhance dining and beverage offerings, aligning seamlessly with the hotel's commitment to hospitality excellence.

The appointment of Mr. Vaibhav Gautam underscores Pride Plaza Hotel Aerocity's dedication to delivering outstanding services and elevating guest satisfaction.

The group oversees a diverse portfolio of hotels under various brands, such as the luxurious "Pride Plaza Hotel," centrally located "Pride Hotel" catering to business travelers, captivating "Pride Resort" destinations, mid-market segment "Biznotel by Pride" properties, and upscale serviced apartment stays under "Pride Suites."

The Pride Hotels Group currently operates in a wide array of locations including New Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Pune, Nagpur, Bengaluru, Chennai, Goa, Jaipur, Indore, Udaipur, Bharatpur, Mussoorie, Puri, Gangtok, Anand, Alkapuri, Manjusar (Vadodara), Sasan Gir, Dwaraka, Ambaji, Rajkot, Bhopal, Haldwani, Ranakpur, Rishikesh, Digha, and Rudraprayag, among numerous others.

Additionally, they have upcoming destinations in Daman, Bhavnagar, Surendranagar, Agra, Dwarka, Jabalpur, Gangtok, Bharuch, Nainital, Jim Corbett, Chandigarh, Dehradun, Lucknow, Varanasi, Rajkot, Kanpur, Neemrana, Mysore, Gurugram, Aurangabad, Halol, Yavatmal, Greater Noida, Motera (Ahmedabad), Lonavala, Ambaji, Veraval, Amritsar and more.



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Sterling Launches Athirappilly - Luxury and Nature's Harmonious Retreat in Kerala
Sterling Launches Athirappilly - Luxury and Nature's Harmonious Retreat in Kerala

Sterling Holiday Resorts, the forefront hospitality brand in India, unveils Sterling Athirappilly, a distinctive retreat that sets new standards for upscale hospitality in Kerala. This addition marks Sterling's 8th resort in the state, strategically offering a diverse portfolio covering hill stations, backwaters, jungle, heritage, and waterfront properties in prominent locations such as Alleppey, Anaikatti, Athirappilly, Guruvayur, Munnar, Thekkady, Vythiri, and Wayanad.

Nestled along the banks of the Chalakudy River and situated within a kilometre of the renowned Athirappilly waterfalls, Sterling Athirappilly stands as a contemporary architectural masterpiece seamlessly merging modern upper upscale accommodations with the serene allure of its natural surroundings.

The resort introduces lavish rooms and open-plan studio-style suites, each providing unparalleled views of the Chalakudy River and the lush Western Ghats. The accommodations boast exquisite furnishings, ensuring guests experience not only opulent interiors but also breathtaking vistas. From the elegant Indulge Suite featuring a Jacuzzi to the expansive 2-bedroom Presidential Suite with a waterfall-view balcony, every stay promises boundless comfort and excitement.

Sterling Athirappilly beckons guests to indulge in the finest South Kerala specialties and popular international favorites at the gourmet restaurant named Waterfront. This dining haven offers indoor seating and extends to a riverside patio, providing a delightful outdoor dining experience amid nature's beauty.

The rooftop infinity pool presents panoramic views of the waterfalls, the river, and the verdant hills, creating a serene oasis for relaxation. The Hornbill, a unique library-lounge adorned with literature on local flora and fauna, offers a tranquil space to unwind. For those seeking adventure, the resort provides guided nature treks and bird-watching trails led by an in-house naturalist.

Adding versatility to its offerings, Sterling Athirappilly can host business conferences and intimate destination weddings at "Confluence," a 1,000 sq ft conference room, and on the sprawling lawns. Sterling Athirappilly stands not just as a resort but as an experiential haven, inviting guests to embrace luxury intertwined with the raw beauty of nature in the heart of Kerala.

Vikram Lalvani, MD and CEO of Sterling Holiday Resorts stated, "Sterling Athirappilly marks a milestone for Sterling in our promise to deliver enhanced stay experiences for our guests, and also strengthening our portfolio across Kerala. We can provide guests with the entire gamut of holiday experiences in Kerala.

Cyriac Joseph, Owner of Cyriac Ventures shared, "I am delighted as we embark on this exhilarating journey with Sterling. 'Sterling Athirappilly: A Cyriac Venture' stands as a testament to our unwavering dedication to innovation and excellence. I am thrilled to witness the unfolding growth and success that awaits us on this exciting path.'


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Retail India News: Radisson Blu Udaipur Enhances Guest Experience with Game Galaxy Entertainment
Retail India News: Radisson Blu Udaipur Enhances Guest Experience with Game Galaxy Entertainment

Radisson Blu Palace Resort and Spa in Udaipur, a distinguished property within the global Radisson Hotels chain, has raised the bar for guest entertainment by introducing Game Galaxy, a dedicated gaming arcade within its premises. This strategic move aligns with the evolving demands of modern travelers and positions the resort as a multifaceted hub for leisure, recreation, and cutting-edge entertainment.

Spanning an impressive 10,000 square feet, Game Galaxy stands out as a pioneering gaming zone, a first-of-its-kind within Udaipur's hotel landscape. The arcade boasts a diverse range of indoor and outdoor games, with virtual reality (VR) games taking center stage. Classic favorites like bowling, car racing, and air hockey coexist with innovative offerings such as Thunder Hammer, Rotating UFO, and Ball Shooting Dinosaur Mini. The outdoor arena complements the indoor excitement, featuring activities like bungee trampoline and bull rides.

Game Galaxy caters to guests of all ages, offering competitive pricing ranging from INR 250-1000 for individual games, along with tempting unlimited gaming packages. The gaming facility is accessible to all staying guests, enhancing their overall stay experience. Additionally, the resort extends membership options to locals, further integrating the gaming arcade into the local community.

Somesh Agarwal, Chairman and MD at Radisson Blu Palace Resort and Spa, Udaipur said, “Our constant endeavor is to cater to our guests’ demands seamlessly. While we offer a plethora of recreational facilities, we wanted to upscale their experiences. With this objective in mind, we introduced the onsite gaming zone facility to help our guests reconnect with their inner child and explore the thrill associated with games. Game Galaxy adds to our existing high-end in-house facilities, and will provide them with novel ways to spend quality time with their loved ones while indulging in innovative entertaining activities.

The introduction of Game Galaxy not only reinforces the resort's dedication to delivering unparalleled experiences but also sets a new standard for entertainment in Udaipur. By integrating state-of-the-art gaming technology, Radisson Blu Palace Resort and Spa, Udaipur, continues to position itself as a dynamic destination that goes beyond traditional hospitality, offering a holistic blend of luxury, leisure, and immersive entertainment.


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Retail India News: Olio Pizza's 100th Locations Signals a Shift in India's Pizza Landscape
Retail India News: Olio Pizza's 100th Locations Signals a Shift in India's Pizza Landscape

Olio Pizza inaugurated its 100th location. In a mere two years, Olio Pizza has emerged as a dominant force in the market, revolutionizing the pizza experience for the GenZ demographic and achieving an impressive revenue run rate of nearly 100 crore.

From its modest origins, Olio Pizza has swiftly transformed into the go-to pizza choice across the nation. The brand's success is anchored in its contemporary appeal and unwavering commitment to quality, striking a chord with the younger generation seeking innovative and delectable culinary experiences.

Olio Pizza's expansion to 21 cities underscores its agility in adapting to the evolving preferences of GenZ consumers. With a diverse menu featuring fresh, high-quality ingredients, the brand has successfully captured the taste buds of pizza enthusiasts, earning widespread acclaim.

"This remarkable feat of opening 100 locations speaks volumes about the quality and authenticity of the pizzas that our customers appreciate. This milestone is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, as well as the overwhelming support from our loyal customers. We are grateful for the opportunity to bring Olio Pizza to more communities and share our passion for great food,” said Gokul Kandhi, Chief Business Officer, Curefoods.

Kshitij Budhani, Business Head, Olio Pizza said, “As we mark this milestone, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our loyal customers and dedicated team who have fuelled our rapid rise. Olio Pizza is not just a brand, it is a flavourful experience that resonates with our customers and innovation and unwavering quality that we cater to.

The 100th location opening signifies more than a numerical feat; it symbolizes Olio Pizza's unwavering commitment to delivering an unmatched pizza experience. As the brand continues to redefine the pizza landscape in India, Olio Pizza remains steadfast in its dedication to pushing the boundaries of flavor and innovation in the retail food industry.


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Retail India News: Aglio Pizzeria and Deli Sets the Standard for New York Pizzas in Mumbai and Pune
Retail India News: Aglio Pizzeria and Deli Sets the Standard for New York Pizzas in Mumbai and Pune

In the vibrant landscape of India's culinary retail experience, Aglio Pizzeria and Deli emerge as a beacon of culinary excellence, promising an elevated pizza encounter that transcends the ordinary. With a delectable fusion of authentic New York-style pizzas and deli sandwiches, Aglio introduces Mumbai and Pune to a gastronomic journey that transports taste buds to the bustling streets of Manhattan.

Founded by culinary maestros Nirvaan Thacker, Jai Sarvaiya, Anuj Solanki, and Advait Agnihotri, the same visionaries behind the acclaimed Lebanese brand Za’atar, Aglio was born during the 2020 lockdown. Recognizing a void in Mumbai's pizza market, the team set out to create not just pizzas but a gastronomic experience – a simply good pizza. Originally named Mozza, the kitchen quickly gained popularity on platforms like Thrive, Swiggy, and Zomato, expanding its reach to Pune in 2022.

Aglio's distinctiveness lies not only in its name but in the meticulous crafting of each dish. Topped with mouthwatering garlic butter and served with a signature garlic chili oil, every pizza and sandwich is a symphony of flavors. The unique blend of melty mozzarella and cheddar, coupled with freshly baked pizza bases, ensures a light and flavorful experience with every bite.

Chef Nirvaan Thacker emphasizes, “We source the finest local and imported ingredients to offer Mumbai and Pune an authentic New York-style pizza and deli experience unlike any other. Since the pandemic began, we've been delighted to share our passion for real pizza with the city, and we look forward to continuing to deliver slices of joy for years to come."

What sets Aglio apart is its commitment to variety. From classics like 'Little Flame' to gourmet delights like 'Manhattan,' Aglio's menu caters to diverse preferences. Noteworthy options include 'Waikiki' with grilled pineapple, sundried tomato, pickled jalapeno, onion, garlic confit, cheese, and buffalo mozzarella, and 'The Tuscan' featuring spiced chicken, onion, cherry tomato, cheese, buffalo mozzarella, and fresh basil. The sandwich selection, including the Aglio Grilled Cheese and Spicy Eggplant Marinara, adds to the culinary journey.

The menu's uniqueness extends to baguettes, served as a delightful side. Options like the 'OG Aglio Baguette,' 'Gourmand Aglio Baguette,' and 'Pork Pepperoni Aglio Baguette' complement the pizzas and sandwiches, offering a diverse range of flavors and sauces to elevate the overall dining experience.

In essence, Aglio Pizzeria and Deli redefines the pizza landscape, delivering not just a meal but an authentic New York-style culinary escapade to the comfort of your own space.


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Retail India News: Sunny Leone Transforms Culinary Landscape with ‘Chica Loca’ in Noida
Retail India News: Sunny Leone Transforms Culinary Landscape with ‘Chica Loca’ in Noida

In an exciting fusion of progressive world cuisine and a gourmet cocktail bar, Actress-Entrepreneur Sunny Leone introduces ‘Chica Loca by Sunny Leone’. The flagship outlet is poised to open its doors on the 22nd of January in partnership with Singing Bowls Hospitality, led by Sahil Baweja, at Gulshan One 29 in Noida.

"We are delighted to welcome 'Chica Loca by Sunny Leone' at Gulshan One 29. As the proud owner of GulshanOne29, I am thrilled to extend a warm welcome to this exceptional venture that unites progressive world cuisine and a gourmet cocktail bar, promising our visitors a delightful culinary experience. This collaboration seamlessly blends global influences with local favorites, adding to the eclectic mix in our mall and contributing to the uniqueness of GulshanOne29 as Noida’s premier food and entertainment destination," said Yukti Nagpal, Director of Gulshan Group.

Yukti Nagpal's warm reception underscores her commitment to creating a vibrant and diverse atmosphere within Gulshan One 29, where patrons can revel in a fusion of global flavors and the star power brought by 'Chica Loca by Sunny Leone.' This announcement marks a momentous occasion for Gulshan One 29 as a dynamic space evolving to exceed expectations.

Furthermore, the menu at Chica Loca reflects Sunny Leone's global travels and diverse experiences. Curated by Chef Vaibhav Bhargava, the menu presents unexplored flavors and innovative cooking techniques worldwide. The food offerings showcase a modern interpretation of multi-cuisine — Indian, Asian, Mexican, and Italian. This culinary fusion aims to introduce diverse flavors, blending global influences with local favorites.

Complementing the food menu, "Potions by Sunny Leone" offers a selection of cocktails, each with its unique tale and inspiration drawn from her Bollywood, travel, and personal experiences.

Sunny Leone stated, "Chica Loca is more than a place; it's an extension of my personality. It's where people can immerse themselves in glamour yet feel completely at ease. I can't wait for guests to enjoy their favorite artists while sipping their favorite cocktails and get a taste of my loca world."

Sahil Baweja, Director of Singing Bowls Hospitality said, "We aim to create an environment that mirrors Sunny's infectious energy and joyous persona. Chica Loca by Sunny Leone is our endeavor to create a blend of fantastic food, entertainment, and an unforgettable experience."

Spanning 7,000 square feet, the venue features a vibrant atmosphere encompassing a performance stage, a cocktail bar, and a sprawling terrace boasting breathtaking views. As an entrepreneur with business acumen, Sunny envisions taking this venture to major markets like Goa, Hyderabad, and Mumbai.

As the actress-entrepreneur inaugurates Chica Loca by Sunny Leone, it marks the commencement of a new era in gastronomy and entertainment for Sunny. The 22nd of January at Gulshan One 29 in Noida is poised to witness the unveiling of a venue that celebrates diversity, flavor, and the spirit of Sunny Leone's captivating world.


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