mCaffeine Expands Product Portfolio, Unveils Healthy Glow with 4 NEW Green Tea Face Serums
mCaffeine Expands Product Portfolio, Unveils Healthy Glow with 4 NEW Green Tea Face Serums

mCaffeine created a launch milestone last year with products we’ve never seen before, and they have kickstarted the new year with a ‘healthy and glowing skin’ resolution. The brand is expanding its Green Tea range with new active-infused serums, each targeted to give the skin a healthy and lasting glow. 

There are four serums in the range, namely Green Tea Face Serum with 15 percent Vitamin C, Green Tea Face Serum with 25 percent AHA, 2 percent BHA, 5 percent PHA, Green Tea Face Serum with 10 percent Niacinamide, and Green Tea Face Serum with Multipeptide. Even more interesting, they are bringing forth these products with an energetic brand film that conveys the essence of the brand and serums with its targeted tonality, aimed at the millennial and Gen Z audience.

With an everyday face at its core, via this brand film, mCaffeine tells us that in this fast-paced and pollution-ridden life, just glowing skin is not enough. Instead, our skin needs healthy and glowing skin and everyday treatments that can tackle the challenging internal and external factors that affect our skin adversely. Green Tea, with all its soothing properties, comes into play here with the best of actives like Vitamin C, Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid and AHAs, BHAs, and PHAs.

The presence of these Actives in accurate quantities makes them effective and an ideal choice for beginners. However, most serum users are concerned about the intensity of the product on their skin. Since the world of mCaffeine revolves around the superfood Caffeine, the brand thoughtfully formulated these serums with the goodness of Green Tea. The intrinsic soothing and calming nature of Green Tea that's loaded with the wholesomeness of Caffeine makes these serums the ideal everyday pick. 

Tarun Sharma, CEO, and Co-Founder at mCaffeine said, “Face Serums are an essential step in one’s skincare routine and each skin type needs some concentrated treatment, that helps target a skin concern. Hence, on popular demand, we’ve come up with not one or two but four different serums to choose from, based on each concern.

Tarun added, “Most people consume Green Tea for physical health benefits, but very few of them are aware that this amazing ingredient also has multiple skin benefits to offer. To appraise this our audience, we are launching a brand film. And, this time we roped in an everyday face to convey that anyone can get healthy glowing skin. And, that you don’t need hefty skin investments, but rather a simple addition to their skincare routine.

He also mentioned, New Year, essentially, couldn’t have been a better time to introduce these serums to the audience. As most people aspire to undertake new resolutions, they can meet their skincare goals with these products. The brand plans to reach out to more and more audiences with the help of a mix of macro, micro, and nano content creators, aiding the audience to update their skincare routine for good! 

mCaffeine has always been the one brand that has introduced unique personal care for its audience. It continues to marry innovation with experience, it is certainly going to get everyone ADDICTED TO GOOD!

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