Pride of Cows Follows Unique Approach to Provide Curated Buying Experience
Pride of Cows Follows Unique Approach to Provide Curated Buying Experience

Pride of Cows, a premium milk brand from Parag Milk Foods has kickstarted the season of festivities by collaborating as one of the associate partners at the Arjit Singh Ahmedabad concert performed on Christmas. 

Through this concert, Pride of Cows got a great sampling platform where it reached out to more than 25,000 relevant audiences. Pride of Cows, with their premium Single Origin products that have nutrition, flavor, and purity, brought their own unique sparkle to a serenading evening in the heart of Gujarat. 

It also participated as one of the partners at Jio Presents Hamleys Wonderland, India's largest family festival, which was held at Jio World Garden in Mumbai's BKC until January 1st, 2023.

“There is no one size fits all, each consumer is unique which is why we have launched a 360-degree marketing campaign that connects with them at all potential points of contact and engages them in a number of ways. Most dairy manufacturers today resort to telling their own stories through promotional videos to market their new products, but I wanted Pride of Cows to highlight the consumer journey. Today's consumers not only want customization, but they also want to know the source of their food and are opting for healthier options,” said Akshali Shah, Executive Director, Parag Milk Foods.

She further added, “Pride of Cows is a single-origin brand with the purpose of providing pure, safe, and wholesome nutrition to our customers, which is represented in our marketing activities as well. As a result of our individualized shopping experiences for our clients' journeys, we adopt an all-encompassing approach in our strategy to reach out to our target demographic.”

By placing itself in the center of cultural events and hosting some of the largest and most premium events in Mumbai and Ahmedabad, Pride of Cows, unlike other dairy enterprises, has been playing a key role in laying the cornerstone for community relations and becoming the go-to brand for people who enjoy the finer things in life. 

The brand, which debuted in Ahmedabad in October, celebrated its grand opening there with an Alan Walker concert and organized a number of Garba festivals throughout Navratri to appeal to both concertgoers and fans of traditional festivities catering to its diversified consumer base with varied interests. 

It has received an overwhelmingly positive response since its launch in Ahmedabad for its milk and other milk-based products that offer a premium experience with guaranteed purity.  Within a month, over 1,000 households have already placed orders and over 15000 liters of milk have been delivered.

The company has activated a 360-degree marketing campaign that reaches both traditional and modern mediums to communicate and provide an immersive experience to its target audience- Making it even more accessible and convenient.

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