Samsung Electronics Announces Sustainability Vision for Mobile
Samsung Electronics Announces Sustainability Vision for Mobile

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has unveiled Galaxy for the Planet, the sustainability platform for its mobile communications business powered by its scale, innovation, and spirit of open collaboration, to take tangible climate actions across its business. Samsung has established an initial set of targets to be reached by 2025 to reduce its environmental footprint and lessen resource depletion from production to disposal of its Galaxy products.

TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics, said, “We believe that everyone has a role to play in providing innovative solutions that protect the planet for generations to come. Samsung understands our efforts need to match our scale, our influence, and the magnitude of the entire Galaxy ecosystem around the world. Galaxy for the Planet is an important step in our journey toward creating a more sustainable world, and we will do so with the openness, transparency, and collaboration that drives everything we do.”

Delivering Better Environmental Impact by 2025

Samsung believes the integration of sustainable practices across each stage of production is crucial to minimizing environmental impact and building a better future for communities around the world and the next generation of innovators. Samsung will work to achieve its initial goals by 2025, and it will aim to evolve its commitments to address new challenges beyond 2025. 

• Incorporate recycled material in all-new mobile products by 2025

To foster a more circular economy, Samsung is investing in new and innovative eco-conscious materials for its products. With the goal of using recycled material across all-new mobile products by 2025, Samsung will use various recycled materials within its products, taking their strength, aesthetics, and durability into consideration. 

• Eliminate all plastics in mobile packaging by 2025

Samsung is working towards the full elimination of single-use plastics from product packaging by 2025, reducing, removing, and replacing unnecessary resources and materials traditionally used in device packaging and incorporating eco-conscious solutions.

• Reduce the standby power consumption of all smartphone chargers to below 0.005W by 2025

Samsung is prioritizing energy-saving technology that increases energy efficiency and reduces power consumption. Samsung has successfully reduced the standby power consumption across all smartphone chargers to 0.02W, which is among the most energy-efficient in the mobile industry. To build on this progress, Samsung will work to achieve zero power standby consumption of smartphone chargers, targeting reduction to below 0.005W by 2025.

• Achieve zero waste to landfill by 2025

Samsung is minimizing waste generated at its mobile worksites, with the commitment to divert all waste from landfills by 2025. Samsung will also work to reduce e-waste on a global scale by optimizing the product lifecycle, improving product design processes, and through initiatives like Galaxy Upcycling, Certified Re-Newed, and Trade-In programs. 

Continuing Samsung’s Spirit of Openness

Samsung will continue to discover new ways to address the climate crisis and expand its role in accelerating progress to achieve sustainable development goals. The company is dedicated to reporting progress transparently and working with industry peers and partners throughout its sustainability journey.

Stephanie Choi, SVP & Head of Marketing of the Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics, asserted, “Samsung is committed to creating solutions that enable a better future for our people and our planet. However, we know we cannot do this alone, and the collective fight for the planet is not a competition. We strive for collaboration in everything we do, and our strategic partnerships across sectors, industries, and markets enable us to scale positive impact around the world – helping us achieve a more sustainable future.”

Samsung’s products are thoughtfully designed to minimize the impact on the environment during their entire lifecycle, including power-efficient semiconductor chips, sustainable packaging, energy-saving technology, and the ability to upcycle old devices. 

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Retail India News: Punit Balana Expands Product Portfolio with “Modern Jaipur"
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