Sober and Co. Expands Offline Presence, Opens Store in Hyderabad
Sober and Co. Expands Offline Presence, Opens Store in Hyderabad

It's time for Hyderabad to welcome India's first flavored carbonated mixer cum ready to drink with open arms. The Westin Mindspace Hyderabad has taken the courtesy to introduce Sober and Co in Hyderabad, the city of pearls. Customers can purchase the bottles at Daily Treats, which is located in the lobby of the hotel, or can try some lip-smacking cocktails at Cashbah and Mix curated using Sober and Co.

The homegrown, ready-to-drink brand collaborated with Devi Singh, who is famous for curating moody cocktails for moody people. A World Class Winner that ensured a variety of flavors are packed in the six variants offered by the brand. The flavor profile goes from tangy, pungent, and sweet to spicy, fruity, and electric. One of the best sellers, the Australian Sour packs the freshness of Green Apples with an aromatic tinge of rosemary. A flavor that goes very well with Whiskey and Gin. The Goan Mule, which takes us back to all those Goa memories, refreshes your palate with a mix of Kokum, black salt, and Ginger. A favorite amongst all those Tequila lovers.

There is something for coffee lovers as well, the Cuban Spritzer which combines coffee with cinnamon. All the Vodka people might just be thinking about an Espresso Martini at this point. Don't worry, they have got something for all the sweet tooth's out there, the sweetness of cranberries and blue curacao with a hint of lime- The Caribbean Punch. As the name suggests, whip up some punch bowls for your next house party!

The two most distinct flavors are the Mexican Mama and the Spanish Margarita. All we can say at this point is that you are not ready for this!

Anyway, the idea for the brand came about during the lockdown, after Nishant Kripalani and Sharan Kripalani made drinks at home for pals and they were a huge hit! The duo experimented with a variety of ready-to-drink beverages and cocktails and came up with some fresh flavors that mesmerized the crowd. The success subsequently got them to start their own business. After months of study, they discovered a market gap: there wasn't a carbonated ready-to-drink/cocktail mixer that was incredibly distinctive and would appeal to consumers. They wanted a mixer that will appeal to both types of individuals at a party - a mocktail person and a cocktail enthusiast. As the lockdown came to an end, they started working on the brand Sober and co. while curating 6 original, fresh, non-synthetic, and never-before-tasted flavors that were packaged as a ready-to-drink cum cocktail mixer with an expert judgment of a World Class Bartender Winner, Devi Singh.

The brand has created a successful presence in Kolkata, Mumbai, Kerala, Bangalore, and the northeast. The product is conveniently available in several big retail stores such as Nature's Basket (Kolkata, Mumbai, and Bangalore) and Spencers (Kolkata, Gurgaon, and Siliguri). Several restaurants and cafes have also collaborated with the brand with the sole purpose of expanding their menu with such exquisite flavors. They are also readily available on Amazon for anyone who is too lazy to step up but too enthusiastic to try.

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