Wakao Expands Product Portfolio, Unveils Jackfruit Sausages in India
Wakao Expands Product Portfolio, Unveils Jackfruit Sausages in India

Time to get your hand on some delicious and nutritious sausages, but with a vegan twist. Wakao Foods is a Goa-based sustainable startup that caters to ‘Ready to Cook’ and ‘Ready to Eat’ products in the Indian Market. 

Wakao's current jackfruit meat offerings i.e., Hot and Spicy and American Herb Sausage are ethically sourced, hand-picked from farms, and hygienically manufactured. Because of its versatility, meat-like texture, and nutritional value, jackfruit has been an obvious product choice (high in fiber, low in calories and fats). All Wakao products are free of preservatives, have a one-year shelf life, and do not require refrigeration.

Wakao Foods, a Goa-based sustainable start-up, is available across India and USA. After extensive traveling, in search of the superfood, we discovered that jackfruit is truly the jack of all tastes. It may be the delectable treat you seek, but it is not your typical sausage. The taste and texture are identical, but only because of the goodness of our Super Jack. Wakao's Hot, Spicy and American Herb Sausages are made with soy protein and the richness of Jack Fruit. This tasty, ready-to-cook option is a new source of balanced nutrition for vegetarians and health-conscious eaters looking to spice up their meals.

We would dearly love to spread Wakao worldwide. Simply to extol the virtues of the jackfruit and to promote healthy and sustainable living. In this way, we can cater to all the people who are aware of the healthy ingredients in the food on their plates and are aware of its nutritional content. We are scheduled to export our products to the USA in November 2022. We'll be accessible across the USA. As of January 2022, 10 percent of adults in the US over the age of 18 identify as vegan or vegetarian. 

Jackfruit is packed with nutrients. One cup (165 grams) of carbohydrates accounts for about 92 percent of the calories, with protein and a negligible amount of fat rounding out the composition. Additionally, jackfruit has a fair quantity of fiber and practically all the vitamins and minerals you require. Which makes it the perfect food to support your health and dietary lifestyle.

Rounding out its nutrition profile, Wakao products are fortified with protein and dietary fibers, making them a one-of-their-kind superfood. These vegan sausages, with natural flavor, ethically sourced and hand-picked from farms, and hygienically manufactured, are the best option for giving everyday diets more variety. It is suitable for curries, tacos, kebabs, burgers, and a variety of other dishes as it is easy to prepare and can be incorporated into a wide variety of cuisines.

Sairaj Dhond, Founder and CEO of Wakao Foods said, “Our vision is to offer handpicked natural products with a vision of benefiting the planet. Wakao's jack-fruit sausages will provide vegetarians, fitness enthusiasts, and people looking to make healthier food choices with a variety of products suitable for a variety of meals and cuisines. More importantly, we have a strong commitment to sustainable, wholesome food. Our mission is to provide our clients with food that has been ethically sourced and sustainably cultivated and is also fantastic for the environment.

Wakao Food products are manufactured in custom-built facilities in Goa. Priced between Rs 300 to Rs 800 for ‘Ready to Cook’ and ‘Ready to Eat’ packs, customers can buy their choice of Wakao Food products across India on the website, and select e-commerce platforms.

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