4 Key Takeaways from Restaurant India Hyderabad
4 Key Takeaways from Restaurant India Hyderabad

Restaurant India hosted its Leadership Series and 2nd Edition of Hyderabad Conference and Awards on 5th Dec at ITC Kohenur. Restaurant owners, chefs, professionals, food-tech players, investors and the government officials came together to discuss and debate on the ongoing trend in the Restaurant Indutsry. Here are top 4 Trends from Restaurant India Hyderabad:

Know your Team Well: Restaurants today need professional people of high level, trained and qualified staff as it is very important to know who is the team that work with you. “A training facility by restaurant people is required since restaurant is very different from other sector, the training has to come from within the industry,” mentioned Mr. Jayesh Ranjan, Secretary, ITE&C, Govt of Telangana.

Focus on your ‘Core’ Product:  It is very important to know your core product as this is one item on your menu that’s bringing the business. “Most of the cities where we are essentially south of India and we don’t have to make lot of effort to localise it because Hyderabadi biryani is something which is loved by people across the globe. It is one product/menu which is on every Indian restaurant across the globe wherever you go. In that sense we had a huge benefit when we were planning to move out. As a restaurant company what we realised that you need to have a core product. We have 130 products on the menu but biryani is our core. So, when we planned to move, the first thing we did was to centralise the biryani process,” said Siddharth Arora, COO, Paradise Food Court.

Experience is the Key: “I think the trend has to relate to the experiences. For eg: I am running a Korean Pizza chain that was launched last year, if I would have launched this before COVID, I believe it wouldn’t be successful as Korean food became popular only after the popularity of K-drama and that’s helping me in picking up the trend looking at the customer demand,” pointed Mahesh Reddy, CEO, GoPizza.

Standardisation vs Customisation: Standardisation is playing a key role in the growth of quick service restaurant chains whereas if you are running a restaurant that is based on experience, customers are looking for customisation. “On overall perspective we work with QSR, restaurants and according to me we are at a very interesting time. All the QSRs, Cloud-kitchen wants to scale and they are looking at extreme level of standardisation whereas the customer is looking at an extreme customisation. So, it’s going to be an exciting stage where technology will bring standardisation and chefs over that standardisation will build customisation to cater to the customers,” mentioned Sanandan Sudhir, Founder & Director, On2Cook India.

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