5 restaurant trends that are going to stay in 2021
5 restaurant trends that are going to stay in 2021

Restaurants have always played host to major life events. From casual lunches and dinners to weddings, people hold celebrations in these festive venues. Beyond providing food and drink, restaurants play a crucial role in the lives of people. Restaurants occupy increasingly significant place in shaping our overall economy and the nature and build up of our city /town. Now that the pandemic has changed the landscape of our lives in general, hospitality industry has been one particular industry that has made the most dramatic changes in the way it functions. Also, because this industry relies heavily upon human interaction. This pandemic also caused establishments to rethink concepts, tweak menus and adapt to the new normal.

We know for a fact that the year 2020 has been a roller-coaster ride in more ways than one. But now that the year is ending let’s talk about the trends that is going to stay in 2021.

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Ordering online has gone main stream: 2020 has been all about eating your favourite meal from your favourite eatery without stepping out of your abode and it is going to be the same for the upcoming year. The increase in number of delivery option apps is pushing this trend. Even as things return to normal, delivering food online is going to be a primary focus for all the restaurants and cafes.

Offering out of the box experiences for their patrons: Basic is considered boring for a reason. Restaurants now are looking for ways to attract customers by offering something out of the box, something different than others. Reason being, there are so many players out there in this industry. So for staying in demand one has to come up with new and innovative ideas and offers every now and then. Infact not just Gen Z or millennial even the elderly people are now searching for something new and unconventional every time they dine out. Going out for lunches and dinners is more so an experience, the customers are looking for entertainment sources at fine dining restaurants and cafes. Henceforth, the live music and stand up comedy concept along with edgy ambience is heavily in demand.

A healthy shift in their menu: Now that this year has taught us the importance of staying fit and healthy. People have started eating healthy more than ever before and they focus on building up their immunity even when they are dining out. As a restaurant or a cafe it is equally essential for them to consider the demand and introduce healthy options in their existing menu. Adding up healthy options to the menu is going to make them talk of the town because not many restaurants are doing so. Maybe they can think of introducing vegan options in their menu or protein filled meals for those fitness freaks.

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Hygiene is going to be on the highlight: Standard hygiene and basic cleanliness was always considered by food businesses. But post Covid the situation is a little different. Because now the restaurants have been vouching about their precautionary measures and how they are going out of their way to provide you with a seamless experience. Infact even the staff including the backend employees every is staying extra cautious about the health and hygiene. Waiters will serve the food wearing gloves and mask of course. Proper social distancing will be followed by keeping 2 metre distance between two tables. The surfaces are going to be cleaned once the guest leaves the tables thoroughly, sanitising countertops and door knobs to ensure safety. All these measures along with thermal screening is a must.

Limited period offers/ seasonal offers are becoming popular: Over the last few years limited period offers are trending in hospitality industry. Now it could be anything, maybe a BOGO offer or a festive special menu. Once the seasonal offer has run its course, it allows the restaurants to discover how much the product is going to be in demand if they include in their full time menu. Customers go crazy when they see words like “Limited time offers don’t last forever. Act now!”

Fun fact: these limited period offers gain more traffic than usual in any restaurant because people have this tendency that, if the product is exclusive for a specific period of time it must be something out of the world and this thought attracts customers even more.

And let’s not forget that great food followed by exceptional customer service will always be in trend, be it 2021 or any other year!

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