5 Tips to Remember When Starting a New Restaurant
5 Tips to Remember When Starting a New Restaurant

When Starting a New Restaurant

Understanding the Catchment: One of the important things when you are starting a restaurant is to understand the catchment and where the gap is for a particular market. You may want to start an Indian restaurant but if there would be 20 Indian restaurants in the neighborhood it might not be the best idea. So, you need to find out where the gap is what that market requires and start your restaurant based on that.

Keeping the basic Right: Always ensure that the food is authentic, delicious and is on point and same goes for beverages. So, even if you have a lounge bar where 70% of the sales comes from beverages, the food is an important criteria to keep the customers coming back.

It’s all about Service. Service is an important part in the restaurant business because the customized service is one of the important parts. You can run a restaurant at 500 for two people and it could be 2000 for two people but service is the most important part because people need to feel comfortable coming to your place.

Keeping abreast with trend: No matter what is your concept and what are you serving, you always need to be in line with the trend. It is one the key factor in restaurant business by making sure that your restaurant concept is innovative by understanding the pulse of the market.

Finding the X factor:  It is very important to create the buzz about the brand. There has to be vibrancy to a place. You might have the best food, the best everything but if there is no X factor then it is very hard to run a successful restaurant.

What’s special about your Restaurants?

Being from the real estate fraternity my specialty is in space. I look at various spaces and see what is the best and the highest usage of the space. So, we had the World Trade Centre and it had the rooftop completely empty so I said what use we can do the best and hence came up with a rooftop restaurant. All over the world, the top most cities have the sky scrapper with large rooftop restaurants where people can visit the place and see entire city. So, I thought Bengaluru doesn’t have the one and the World Trade Centre is the highest point in the city so why not create a rooftop lounge for that space. Then, we found an empty space lying between the World Trade Centre and the Sheraton Brigade Getaway which was lying from last 6 years. Since, it was a long bridge it made sense for an art gallery. So, the concept of café came up combining art and understands millennial to understand art better combining the two together.  What keeps me going is that the spaces are utilized efficiently.

Way Forward

A lot of restaurant owners are being smarter about the capital investment that they are putting into their restaurant. So, the restaurants are becoming a little smaller, owners are being careful about how much they are spending on efficiency of a restaurant. They are coming up with wacky interior fit outs but they are making sure that they are not spending as much in terms of the lavishness of the restaurant. It’s more funky, more quirky and something that the millennial want. On the food perspective I am seeing lots of healthy perspective in the food.

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