6 catering trends to watch out this year
6 catering trends to watch out this year

The pandemic has hit the world hard. Catering industry has been one of the hardest hit by the health crisis that has engulfed India severely. It has forced the foreclosure of all businesses such as catering businesses. Now that the situation has somewhat come under control and improved, establishments have implemented protective measures to guarantee social distancing and enforce the use of protective equipment to prevent the spread of viruses and infection. Now, most catering services have resumed with due precautions.

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To get the catering business back on track, it's important to start adapting to the changes in the foodservice industry. It's important to emphasize single-use utensils and packaged boxed foods while enforcing social distancing norms that will keep both employees and guests safe. Listed are some catering trends that have been followed by all.

Intimate experiential dining: This trend act as a theme to a party or any wedding, a full detailed menu is being served according to the customers need, this trend has gone viral after the pandemic because of heavily focused on consumption of food at home in small numbers that dinning at home has been easier.

Healthy meals: One of the most powerful steps you can take to improve your health, boost energy levels, and prevent chronic diseases is to have a healthy meal including a plant-based diet which includes milk, eggs, or honey. This trend is currently highly in demand because people now want to eat foods in moderation. After all, they are more calorie-dense.

Menu curated by Celebrity chef: People nowadays want a celebrity chef to curate their menu, as they find it unique and trustworthy. Also, sometimes chefs curate their menu not only for serving purposes but to create a diploma among eaters.

Evergreen- Authentic food: There are always some of the evergreen food dishes which can not disappear even after so many years, food like Lahori, Old Punjab, Awadhi & South-East Asian. People are now leaner towards this food because they are traditional and taste like homely.

Supporting local: Catering must be done in a sustainable manner regarding several things like supporting local farmers and maintaining organic farming with support of indoor and outdoor farming, sustainable catering also means we should also use reusable and recyclable tableware.

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Focus on health and safety:  The health and safety aspect while doing the catering businesses has to be at top of the priority list, encouraging and stressing the use of masks and gloves should be mandatory for the caterers while having a personal kit of disinfectant, sanitizers will not only keep the things and service hygienic but will also give everyone a sense of comfort that things are being done in absolutely hygienic conditions.

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