80 per cent of our orders are placed through apps- Masala Box
80 per cent of our orders are placed through apps- Masala Box

How was the idea of delivering home cooked food initiated?

Five years ago when I was pregnant, I and my husband were out to look for healthy eat-out options and realised that there isn’t anything available. That was the time when I wonder how it would be if I could order in preservative and additives free food. That I would say was the moment the idea was formed in my head.

What was the initial investment done to go with this venture?

I don’t want to reveal the exact figures. Initially we were bootstrapping but later we raised a small friends and family round. Most of the investment was used for developing the tech and the apps.

What are the different types of cuisine served by you in your menu?

We have a dynamic menu that changes daily. We have served over 500 different varieties. The cuisine ranges from Indian to international but most of the demand is for traditional Indian food since it’s homemade.

What are the precautions you take at the time of packaging and delivery of food?

Packaging is one of our strong points. We did a lot of research to zero in on the current spill-free aesthetic packaging that we use. We make sure that the food is handled only by the chef who cooks it. Each box is sealed by the chef and opened only at the customers end to avoid contamination.

What are the challenges you face at the time of ordering and delivery?

Logistics was our biggest challenge; we have a distributed kitchen model wherein our chefs are spread across the city. So, collecting from different points and delivering to numerous customers was a challenge initially. We have overcome this by developing our own logistics management app and imparting good training to our in-house logistics team.

Who are your target customers?

Our target customer is anybody who lookout for eating healthy, clean and fresh food.

How to place orders on your portal?

80 percent of the orders are placed through our Android and iPhone apps. The rest of the orders come through our website www.masalabox.com.

What made you name Masalabox?

The inspiration for Masalabox came from the traditional masala box which my grandmother used which intrigued me as a little girl. We thought this name had a good recall value and also the dot com was available.

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