A Cafe That Brings Out the Madness in You
A Cafe That Brings Out the Madness in You

Born and brought up in Delhi, Raghav did interior designing course from before he moved to Melbourne for his Master’s Degree. Being the official Dj for Delhi Daredevils, Kings 11 Punjab and the 2011 World Cup which India won, he took a step ahead towards hospitality biz serving mouth watering food with insane ambience. Excerpts from the interview:

What made you enter into the food biz?

My main motive behind opening Crack Pot Café was to provide an amazing ambience to people who are on a move now and then. This café is owned by me and Vaibhav Khandelwal who’s my partner –cum- friend. I had a little idea about how this industry works as my father’s construction company constructs the outlets for Starbucks, Café Coffee Day etc. Being into art pumped me to create an environment where people can find fun and madness in the air. I personally like to interact with customers in the café whereas Vaibhav prefer to look after the accounting part.

What were the design elements that popped up while you were setting up your café?

It’s very random. You will see a lot of photo frames, artworks and graffiti on the walls. Board games are another thing which we added to our café with brick walls, colorful chairs and musical instruments like Tablas and Guitars. I wanted to open a café where people can take break from their hectic life; relaxing and discovering their inner child and madness.      

What makes your café different from others?  

We believe in giving quality, service and experience to our customers. The kind of food, service and environment one can get here is a complete package. So, we are not just offering food, we are offering a package loaded with fun and complete satisfaction.

What are the various cuisines served at your café?

American, Italian, Lebanese, Continental and Thai are the various kinds of cuisines we serve. Our specialty includes lemon butterfish, grilled lemon butterfish, chicken stroganoff, lamb stew with cous cous and all our shakes and mock tails.

What’s an average footfall of your café?

The footfall keeps changing from weekdays to weekends. So on normal weekdays, the count touches to 65-70 people approx whereas it reaches to 90-100 on weekends.           

What are the various challenges and competition you feel while running this biz?

Frankly, I never think about any competitions. For me the only challenge was to understand this business completely. We face challenges every single day as we are not from this background. Every day is a new lesson for us where we commit mistakes and learn from them the next moment.

What are your expansion plans?

We are in talk with few people who are helping us in expanding our venture. We want to cover Pan India as a result to which we will be opening one in Bengaluru and another in Guwahati very soon.

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