A tale of turkey on demand - Dancing Turkey
A tale of turkey on demand - Dancing Turkey

From where did you source the turkeys for Dancing Turkeys?

We grow our own turkeys through contract farming to give the best quality turkeys to our clients in farms close to Bengaluru.

What is the supply chain process at your end?

From the farms we source fresh turkeys through a distributor channel and convert them into meat. We process the product and parcel them to our distributors in Bengaluru via channels like air, road and railways.

Are you listed with HORECA?

Yes, we are an active HORECA member and we currently supply our farm product across the country and follow the guidelines mentioned by HORECA.

Who are your clients? Can you name them please?

We have clients from restaurants and hotel industry, including Oberoi, JW Marriott and many other big hotel chains. We also supply turkey to other leading fine dine restaurants depending on the demand and need as Indians are still not much familiar with turkey.

What do you do to keep you products fresh and authentic?

Most of our products are made on demands, we do not believe in packing our products for so long. Hence, the freshness is maintained.

What is the investment scenario? Are you looking for any external accruals?

We are in touch with some people in food processing sector and direct investment communities and in a very short span of time we are planning to raise funds and investments in our favour.

Who do you think is your competitor in this category?

There is no player other than us in this sector who provides turkey and we specialise in providing a high grade of turkey so we don’t have any competitor who specialises like us in this sector.

What is your expansion plan?

We will probably go cheaper further. We are also planning to tie-up with health care, hotels, and hospital chains to make it a part of the nutritional meal.

Are you looking to tap the international market?

Yes, we are seeing a great potential in the Central Asian market, Northern African market, Central African market and a part of Southeast Asia.

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