Angels in my Kitchen to open 10 more outlets by next year- Bhupesh Kumar Jain, Co-Founder & Director, Angels in my Kitchen
Angels in my Kitchen to open 10 more outlets by next year- Bhupesh Kumar Jain, Co-Founder & Director, Angels in my Kitchen

What are the different types of expertise served at your bakery?

We are a chain of bakeries serving a very wide variety of bakery and patisserie items. Our main area of expertise is in international bakery and patisserie products.

What new product range you are offering for your customers? Which is the fastest growing product?

We constantly innovate and place new items on the menu, both from the bakery and patisserie sections. The latest product placed on the counter is a new pastry using banoffee base with cheesecake, which has been received very warmly by all customers. The fastest growing product is the relatively new Rainbow and Red Velvet pastries, which are sold out every single day.

What are the special cakes or deserts you would love to treat or recommend your customers?

From our product range, customers repeatedly ask for our special Belgian Chocolate Evasion, Walnut Fudge Brownies, Red Velvet Cake, Figure Friendly Fruit Cake, among a lot of other crowd pullers.

There are many bakery brands today. How much competition do you see with them?

We revel in competition and want more and more bakeries to open. The growth in the segment is of much more importance and the shift of customers from the traditional sweets segment is more valuable. One has to maintain quality and constantly innovate to ensure growth in the market. We have been operating in this area for 13 years now and we have grown as a company every single year.

What is your method of working, at the time when you get numerous online orders?

Our online orders are tracked very carefully, so that we avoid any chance of drop in service. We also do not try to garner too much online business now, as we are in the process of increasing our infrastructure to handle more business in this segment. It is very easy to make a promise online but very difficult to consistently fulfill them, especially keeping the short shelf life and temperature sensitivity of our products in mind.

Which section of market you love to focus?

The knowledgeable customer is our biggest asset. They appreciate our products and force us to continue innovating constantly. The corporate segment is also a focus area.

What is your expansion plan in terms of number of outlets or investment?

We currently have 10 outlets, which we plan to double within the next three years. All our expansion is internally funded.

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